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Canned motor pumps are leak-proof, sealless pumps primarily used when pumping expensive, hazardous or environmentally sensitive materials.

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  • Chempump, Div. of Teikoku USA, Inc.

    Chempump's line of canned motor pumps includes slurry, refrigeration, nuclear, high temperature and general transfer pumps. All the canned motor pump types can be horizontally or vertically mounted, and are sealless and leakproof. The general transfer pumps range in sizes from fractional to 200 HP and feature a pumping temperature range up 1000F. The high temperature pumps work in temperature exceeding 400F, while the nuclear pumps meet CSA-Z299.3 and MIL-l-45208 standards.

  • Lawrence Pumps, Inc.

    Used in the chemical bulk storage and transfer pigment industry, canned motor pumps produced by Lawrence Pumps Inc. feature zero emissions and a design that incorporates rolling element bearings. The company also retrofits existing pumps.

  • Nikkiso Pumps America Inc

    Nikkiso Pumps America Inc. canned motor chiller pumps are installed in ammonia circulation systems, CFC/HFC circulation systems, and brine circulation systems. Designed for sealless, leakproof operation, the compact pumps are constructed from corrosion resistant materials and equipped with a close coupled motors. The pumps feature flows up to 300 GPM and heads up to 60 feet.

  • Buffalo Pumps, Inc.

    Buffalo Pumps-brand canned motor pumps are hermetically sealed and use an ANSI pump end with a back pull out design. Available in 13 sizes, the pumps are used in refrigeration and chemical process applications. Pump specifications include: capacity to 1500 GPM, heads up to 700 feet, RPM of 1750 or 3500, a temperature range from 100 F to 250F, and standard working pressure of 400 psi with up to 600 psi designs available.

  • Fluid Process Equipment, Inc.

    Fluid Process Equipment Inc. supplies canned motors pumps manufactured by Chempump. These sealless and leak proof pumps are used for hazardous, expensive, and environmentally sensitive fluids. Available in ANSI sizes, the pumps feature a compact design and no external lubrication.

  • MTH Pumps

    MTH Pumps designs canned motor regenerative turbine pumps with capacities up to 22 GPM. These sealless pumps feature heads to 350 feet, a temperature range of -84C to 150C, all stainless steel wetted parts, and standard NPT threads.

  • Illinois Process Equipment

    Illinois Process Equipment distributes MTH and Chempump-brand centrifugal sealless canned motor pumps used for heavy-duty applications including corrosive, volatile and other hard-to-handle fluids. The valves are found in high temperature applications up to 1000 F.