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Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

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  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates distributes horizontal centrifugal pumps manufactured by Aurora and Smart Turner. The Aurora brand horizontal centrifugal pumps include ANSI, diagonal split case, end suction, and split case types.

  • Carver Pump Co.

    Carver Pump manufactures horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps for handling water, oils, and chemicals within marine, process and general industrial applications. The pumps are frame mounted or close coupled and feature 5", 7", 10", 11", or 13" impeller sizes. The pumps also feature hydraulic performance up to 2,500 GPM, and cast iron, bronze fitted, 316 stainless steel fitted, and 316 stainless steel construction.

  • Finish Thompson, Inc. (FTI)

    Finish Thompson manufactures horizontal centrifugal pumps that are constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel and plastic for maximum corrosion resistance. The pumps can be mechanically sealed or magnetically coupled.

  • Met-Pro Corp.

    The Fybroc Division of Met-Pro Corp. manufactures horizontal ANSI centrifugal pumps, horizontal close-coupled centrifugal pumps, standard horizontal centrifugal pumps, and recessed impeller horizontal centrifugal pump. The standard horizontal pumps features capacities to 325 GPM, heads to 340 feet, working temperature to 250F, and working pressures to 200 psi.

  • Aurora Pump

    Aurora Pumps manufactures horizontal flexible-coupled centrifugal pumps that are used in boiler feed service, condensate service, and low NPSHR applications. The horizontal pumps feature capacities up to 310 GPM, heads to 790 feet, and temperatures to 300F.

  • Schaerges & Vossler Pump Co.

    Schaerges & Vossler Pump Co. distributes horizontal split case pumps manufactured by Deming Pumps and Weinman. The Deming-brand pumps feature suction of 2" to 14" and discharge from 1-1/2" to 12". The Weiman-brand pumps are single-staged, multi-staged, or vertically-mounted types.

  • Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Formerly Dean, Fybroc & Sethco Di

    The Sethco Division of Met-Pro Corp. manufactures stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pumps used in chemical, laboratory and processing applications. The pumps feature maximum flow from 12 GPM to 105 GPM, and can handle temperatures up to 210F. The pumps also feature head from 48 feet to 72 feet.

  • GE Co., GE Oil & Gas

    GE Oil & Gas manufactures horizontal between bearings centrifugal pumps and horizontal multi-stage pumps. The between bearings pumps are used for boosting, transfer, circulation and feeding applications. The multi-stage pumps operated at speeds of more than 5,000 RPM and are driven by electric motors. Additionally the pumps are design with a back-to-back configuration to minimize axial thrust.

  • Johnson Pump, an SPX brand

    Johnson Pump develops and manufactures single stage and multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps used in the chemical/petrochemical, water handling, greenhouse, hygienic and marine industries. The single stage pumps feature maximum capacity of 850 m3/h, heads to 105 m, and maximum pressure of 1000 kPa. The multi-stage pumps have a maximum capacity of 100 m3/h, heads to 340 m, and maximum operating pressure of 4000 kPa.

  • Gator Pump, Inc.

    Gator Pump Inc. designs and manufactures horizontal trailer centrifugal pumps and compact horizontal trailer centrifugal pumps that feature maximum flows of 700 GPM, 1400 GPM, 2500 GPM, 3600 GPM, 5000 GPM, 7000 GPM, and 1500 GPM. Available with 540 RPM or 1000 RPM PTO drive, the centrifugal pumps are designed to supply large volumes of water using tractor, diesel, or electric power. The pumps also feature head of 20 feet, 50 feet, 60 feet or 70 feet.

  • Neptuno Pumps

    Neptuno Pumps manufactures horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for pumping clean or slightly polluted liquids. The pumps feature capacities up to 4,400 GPM, head up to 1,320 feet, power through 1000HP, pressure up to 590 psi, and temperature to 300F.

  • Paragon Pump Company

    Paragon Pump Co. manufactures split case horizontal centrifugal pumps, offered in 46 sizes. The pumps feature heads up to 656 feet, flows up to 80,000 GPM, and maximum operating temperature of 221 F. The horizontal pumps are used for cooling towers, air conditioning, power stations, industrial water supply systems, irrigation & drainage pumping stations, and fire fighting applications.

  • Corcoran R. S. Co.

    R.S. Corcoran manufactures horizontal, corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps for chemical processing industry, pollution control industry, and marine applications. Pump types include: close coupled, pedestal mount, self priming, vertical sump, small submersible, vortex, heavy-duty submersible, nuclear waste cleanup, in line, high inlet pressure, low flow high head, and high flow low head.

  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions

    Ryan Herco Flow Solutions supplies horizontal centrifugal pumps manufactured by Banjo, Multi-Duti, Price, Hayward, Pacer, Weber, Serfilco, Corcoran, Penguin, Finish-Thompson, and Goulds Pumps.

  • Serfilco

    Serfilco develops and manufactures 11 series of horizontal centrifugal pumps that feature performance of 10-70 GPM, 10-80 GPM, 20-120 GPM, 20-175 GPM, 400 GPM, 100-2400 GPM, 10-60 GPM, 10-160 GPM, 50-400 GPM. The various pumps feature CPVC, PVDF, PP, or Noryl construction.

  • Taco, Inc.

    Taco Inc. designs and manufactures horizontal split case centrifugal pumps that feature a maximum operating pressure of 300 psi and a double suction design that eliminates axial thrust and reduces bearing loading.

  • Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

    Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp. designs, engineers and manufactures horizontal centrifugal pumps rated for flows up to 1450 gpm, heads to 400 feet, and temperatures up to 275F. The various pumps can feature ANSI/DIN, self-priming, close-coupled, and integral pump/shaft motor designs.

  • Weir Minerals

    Weir Minerals develops 15 types of medium to severe duty, horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps used in mill applications.

  • Vissers Sales Corp.

    Vissers Sales Corp. distributes Vanton-brand horizontal centrifugal pumps. Used to handle corrosive, abrasive and other aggressive fluids, the pumps feature flows to 1450 GPM, heads to 400 feet, and maximum operating temperature of 275F.