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  • Finish Thompson, Inc. (FTI)

    Finish Thompson offers magnetically driven centrifugal pumps available as sealless or sealless ANSI dimensional models. Depending on type, the pumps feature flow from 0 to 330 gpm, heads from 0 to 325 feet, nominal speeds of 1750 or 3500 rpm, and a fluid temperature range of -20 to 300F.

  • Price Pump Co.

    Price Pump Co. manufactures magnetic drive horizontal centrifugal pumps used in the OEM, industry, and agricultural markets. The pumps feature maximum flows up to 190 GPM, 65 GPM, 60 GPM, or 320 GPM; with heads up to 90 feet, 165 feet, 145 feet, or 150 feet.

  • Sundyne Corp.

    Sundyne Corp. manufactures API 610 and API 685 magnet drive pumps, sealless magnetic drive metallic ANSI ISO pumps, and non-metallic magnet drive ANSI pumps. The API pumps feature flows to 3,647 GPM and heads to 1,146 feet, while the metallic ANSI ISO pumps are used in high temperature, high viscosity, high pressure and hazardous applications. The non-metallic pumps have the ability to handle corrosives and solvents up to 250F.

  • Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

    Magnatex Pumps manufactures magnetic drive sealless ANSI process pumps that conform to ANSI B73.3 standards and are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The company also produces magnetic drive sealless polypropylene pumps that feature maximum flow up to 106 GPM and maximum head of 103 feet. Other offerings include magnetically-driven centrifugal pumps for low flow application, and PFA-lined magnetic drive pumps with maximum flow of 140 GPM.

  • Liquiflo Equipment Co., Inc.

    Liquiflo Equipment Co. manufactures Centry-brand sealed and magnetically-coupled centrifugal pumps and Endura ANSI magnetically-coupled centrifugal pumps. The Centry pumps can handle flows up to 160 GPM and heads up to 100 feet; and is available with threaded or flanged port configurations, and 316 stainless steel or alloy-C construction. The Endura pumps are used in within the chemical process industry.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates distributes Centran-brand magnetic drive centrifugal pumps including close coupled models. The G2 and G3 series of pumps feature liquid temperature ranges of 23F to 176F or -22F to 230F, specific gravity up to 1.8, and an ambient temperature range of -4F to 104F. The company also supplies motors for magnetic drive pumps.

  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions

    Ryan Herco Flow Solutions distributes magnetic drive centrifugal pumps manufactured by March, Webster, Jabsco, Iwaki, Aro, Micropump, and Barnant.

  • Illinois Process Equipment

    Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps distributed by Illinois Process Equipment are produced by Finish Thompson, Grundfos, INNOMAG, Isochem (Pulsafeeder), Micropump, and Truflo. The pumps are available in metallic and non-metallic materials and are capable of flows up to 1400 GPM.

  • Johnson Pump, an SPX brand

    Johnson Pump produces heavy duty or non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps with maximum capacities of 550 m3/h, 280 m3/h, or 30 m3/h. Designed for pumping hazardous, toxic, explosive, aggressive or valuable fluids, all the pumps feature maximum pressure of 3 bar or 16 bar.

  • Pacer Pumps

    Pacer Pumps designs and manufactures two series of magnetic coupled centrifugal pumps that feature flow rates up to 145 GPM or 29GPM. With casings and impellers that are constructed from polypropylene or ETFE, the pumps are used in a number of applications including photoprocessing, water and waste treatment, semiconductor, industrial chemical processing, high purity water, paper and pulp chemical processing, fume scrubbing and plating.