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  • Met-Pro Corp., Dean Pump Div.

    The Dean Pump division of Met-Pro Corp. offers a variety of mag drive process pumps, including: RMA5000 Series air cooled hi-temp, RM5000 Series heavy duty hi-temp, and M300 Series ANSI chemical. Pumps have capacities to 1,200 GPM, heads to 600 ft, pumping temperatures to 750°F, and working pressures to 325 PSIG. Pumps are constructed from steel, 316 SS, Hastelloy C, and silicon carbide bearings.

  • Sundyne Corp.

    Sundyne Corp. offers ANSI/ISO and ISO 13709 magnet drive sealless centrifugal pumps. GSA/GSI ANSI/ISO magnet drive centrifugal pumps have flows to 1,630 GPM, heads to 656 ft, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 500°F. GSA/GSI pumps are used for services in the HPI, CPI, and specialty processing industries. ISO 13709 magnet drive sealless centrifugal pumps have heads to 490 ft, flows to 1,760 GPM, and temperatures ranging from -112 to 850°F. The ISO 13709 handles solids up to 1.5% w/w with 100 microns.

  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. offers seal-less magnetic drive pumps and seal-less magnetic drive pumps for highly corrosive materials. Seal-less magnetic drive pumps have fluid temperatures up to 150°F, viscosity up to 100 SSU, and horsepower ratings ranging from 1/70 to 1/8 HP. Seal-less magnetic drive pumps for highly corrosive materials can withstand up to 200°F, viscosity up to 100 SSU, and pH values to 11. Pumps are constructed from Nitrile, glass-filled polypropylene, uncoated ceramic, and alumina ceramic materials.

  • Pacer Pumps

    Pacer Pumps offers magnetic coupled centrifugal and drum/container pumps. Magnetic coupled centrifugal pumps have flow rates up to 145 GPM, a seal-less pump, and a compact design. Drum/container pumps have discharge pressures to 70 ft, flow rates to 35 GPM, 27" immersion lengths, and applications for: flammable liquids, water treatment chemicals, aggressive alkalies, and concentrated acids. Pacer pumps are constructed from the following materials: EPDM, SiC Viton, polypropylene, ETFE, alumina-ceramic, Ryton, Teflon, CPVC, 316 SS, etc.

  • Met-Pro Corp., Sethco Div.

    The Sethco division of Met-Pro Corp. offers stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps. Pumps have maximum heads ranging from 36 to 68 ft, maximum temperatures of 210°F, maximum flows to 100 GPM, and horsepower ratings from 3/4 to 2 HP. Typical pump solutions include: hydraulic fluids, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electroless nickel plating, solvents, alkaline solutions, etc.

  • Chempump, Div. of Teikoku USA, Inc.

    The Chempump division of Teikoku USA, Inc. offers sealless chemical pumps. G Series chempumps can pump fluids from 400 to 1000°F, they allow working pressures up to 5000 PSI, they have an automatic hydraulic thrust balance, a replaceable thrust surface design, a precision front, and rear bearings. Special applications include: canned motor drives, nuclear service, slurry service, lethal service, and submerged designs.

  • Liquiflo Equipment Co., Inc.

    Liquiflo Equipment Co., Inc. offers ANSI Groups I & II centrifugal pumps. MC-Series pumps have flow rates ranging from 175 to 770 GPM, a 420 ft maximum total heads, a maximum discharge pressure of 275 PSIG, and a maximum speed of 3560 RPM. These pumps are available in 7 ANSI sizes, they have NdFeB or SmCo magnetic couplings, and are available in an Alloy-C or 316 SS construction.

  • Roth Pump Co.

    Roth Pump Co. offers low-NPSH sealless magdrive pumps. Pumps have capacities from 4 to 180 GPM, differential pressures to 1500 ft, and an NPSHr of 1ft full curve. Pumps are constructed from Hastalloy C and non-magnetic stainless steel materials.

  • D.L. Thurrott, Inc.

    D.L. Thurrott, Inc. offers high and low pressure pumps for dosing, chemical feed, and chemical transfer applications. Pumps are available in sealless, sealed, plastic, metal, single stage, and multi-stage configurations.