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Meter concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, trailer pumps and tower mounted placing boom used for large construction projects.

Meter concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, trailer pumps and tower mounted placing boom used for large construction projects.

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  • Alliance Concrete Products

    Alliance Concrete Products manufactures concrete pump trucks and line trucks from 63 meter to 25 meter models. The concrete pumps are designed for shotcrete and small slab pours and feature booms with reaches of 27.2 m and 40.2 m. The various pumps are capable of a number of volumes include 28 cubic meters and 109 cubic meters per hour, with pressures including 783 pis and 900 psi. The company also distributes used concrete pumps and produces pump parts.

  • CIFA USA, Inc.

    CIFA USA Inc. is a supplier of meter concrete pumps, trailer pumps, truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, and tower mounted placing boom used for large construction projects. Some of the company's pump trucks feature 32, 40, or 52 meters of reach.

  • Concord Pumps

    Concord Pumps offers self climbing placing booms and large concrete pump. The climbing placing booms provide concrete distribution solutions for high rise applications, massive plants, and infrastructure projects including bridges and dams. The booms feature 365 degrees of rotation, a 5" pipeline diameter, and 40HP of power. The company's line of concrete pumps includes one of the largest concrete pumps in the world, which features maximum output of 237 cubic yards per hour, 29 strokes per minute, and a 5-section Z fold boom.

  • Multiquip, Inc.

    Multiquip Inc. is a manufacturer of ball valve concrete pumps and hydraulic swing-tube concrete pumps. The hydraulic pumps are used with shotcrete, masonry block fill, slabs, footings, lightweight, basements, decks, compaction grouting, and blend mixes. These pumps feature concrete piston face pressure of 800 psi or 1100 psi. The ball valve pumps can handle maximum aggregate sizes of 1/2 inch and can pump up to 25 cubic yards per hour. These pumps are used for small aggregate concrete pumping, masonry grout, shotcrete, and pressure grouting.

  • Putzmeister America

    Putzmeister America produces truck-mounted line pumps, large trailer pumps, concrete placing systems, and concrete boom pumps. The truck-mounted roll-and-fold boom pumps are available as 42, 58, and 61 meter models. The large trailer pumps are ideal for concrete high rise, long distance conveying, and tunnel construction applications. Placing system types include separate placing booms, specialized placing systems, placing conveyors, deck placers, and hydraulic placers. The company also distributes Thom-Katts trailer pumps.

  • Reed Concrete Pumps

    Reed Concrete Pumps manufactures three series of concrete pumps that feature outputs from 30 to 40 cubic yards per hour, 20 to 70 cubic yards per hour, or 50 to 90 cubic yards per hour. The pumps are capable of handling harsh pea gravel mixes up to big rock concrete.

  • Schwing America, Inc.

    Concrete pumps manufactured by Schwing Inc. include boom pumps, stationary pumps, and separate placing booms. The company's S 17 boom pump feature pipeline diameter of 5", vertical reached of 55' 2", and concrete output of 124 cubic yards per hour. The ball valve stationary pumps are used to pump grout, lightweight concrete, flowable fill, shotcrete and slurries. The placing booms are available with a variety of mounting options including zero elevation frame, self-climbing, clamp style floor frames, wall truss, lattice tower, foundation frame and ballasted frame.

  • Olin Engineering, Inc.

    Olin Engineering Inc. designs and builds ball valve concrete pumps used for placing grout and pumpable concrete mixes that contain aggregate up to 1/2" in diameter. The company also produces "S valve" concrete pumps for placing concrete, pressure grouting, wet process shotcrete and mortar mixes.

  • Gunite Supply & Equipment

    Gunite Supply & Equipment manufactures a line of dry-mix concrete equipment including gunite machines, gunite mixers, shotcrete machines, shotcrete mixers, rotary guns, rotary gunite machines, bowl guns, gunite batch plants, shotcrete batch plants, and predampeners.

  • C & C Pumping Services Inc

    C&C Pumping Services Inc. refurbishes concrete pumps including boom pumps and small line pumps manufactured by Putzmeister. The provides service to clients in Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

  • Cole & Lambert, Inc.

    Cole & Lambert distributes Putzmeister-brand truck-mounted boom pumps and trailer pumps to clients in Southern New Jersey, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

  • International Block Machines

    International Block Machines-brand trailer-mounted concrete pumps feature maximum volume output ranging from 31 cubic yards per hour to 74 cubic yards per hour. Other pump specifications include: maximum pressure of 1150 psi or 1130 psi, and maximum aggregate sizes of .75" or 1.5".

  • Irving Equipment LLC

    Irving Equipment LLC is a supplier of Concord concrete pumps and used concrete pumps manufactured by Putzmeister, Schwing, and Concord.

  • Cross Enterprises

    Cross Enterprises is an Eastern U.S. distributor of Schwing-brand concrete pumps.

  • Cessco Inc.

    Cessco Inc. is a supplier of Mayco-brand concrete pumps including ball valve and hydraulic swing tube types. The ball valve concrete pumps are used for placing up to 1/2" minus aggregate pump mixes.

  • Monolithic Dome

    Monolithic manufactures peristaltic concrete pumps used for building monolithic domes. The company's GHP 1500 concrete pump is a 3 cubic yard per hour shotcrete machine. The GHP 2000 concrete pump features a 20 HP Honda gas engine, a hydraulic cooling systems, and a pump speeds of up to 6 yards per hour.