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Condensate pumps are used to pump the condensate produced in an HVAC, refrigeration, condensing boiler furnace or steam system.

Condensate pumps are used to pump the condensate produced in an HVAC, refrigeration, condensing boiler furnace or steam system.

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  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown offers a range of condensate pumps including the Aurora 220, 340 and 420 series. In addition, Robert Brown has Smart Tuner ANSI centrifugal pumps, designed for continuous operation in chemical processing systems, regardless of clean, corrosive or abrasive chemical feeds with flows up to 6,000 USGPM.

  • has a range of condensate pumps and boiler feed systems. Single- and multi-stage air flow condensate pumps/tanks are made of welded corten steel, with optional gage glass on 20 gallon systems and standard gage glass on 40-500 gallon systems. Stainless steel boiler feeds/condensate returns are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 100 gallon, and all have gage glass, thermometers, discharge pressure plates, drip-proof 3500 RMP NEMA motors and are bronze fitted with mechanical seals rated to 225F.

  • Hartell Pumps

    Hartell has a variety of condensate pumps, including KT-15, KL-20, PAN12 and Nano mini-split. KT-15 have high-impact, corrosion resistant reservoir and a stainless steel shaft, and is designed for gas condensing furnace systems. KL-20 is a dual-inlet, corrosion resistant pump set with a low condensate drains. PAN12 pumps are designed for air conditioning coil drip pans, and have thermally protected motors. Nano mini-split condensate pumps are designed for smaller systems 50,000 btu's or less.

  • Roth Pump Co.

    Roth Pump Company features condensate pumps and pump transfer stations in different styles. 212F condensate pump stations give a full capacity return of condensate to boiler/deaerators in leaking trap and boiling systems, and can handle 190 gpm and TDH at 1750 rpm. In addition, Roth has a 250+F high temperature condensate returns for condensate between 200 and 400F, and can deliver between 15 and 150 psi depending on the system.  Condensate pump transfer stations are available for return rates between 3 and 60 gpm, and can deliver from 500 to 15,000 pounds per hour.

  • Liberty Pumps

    Liberty Pumps feature a variety of condensate systems, including LCU pumps, LCU pumps with safety switches and shallow pan condensate systems with a safety switch. Standard/safety switch LCU pumps have three intake holes and a high-impact ABS tank, while safety switch pumps feature fully automatic cycling and thermal protection. Shallow pan condensate pumps also feature three intake holes and a safety switch, but also have removable check valves and barbed/threaded discharge connectors.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial offers a wide range of condensate pumps, including automatic removal condensate pumps, tank condensate pumps, low profile circulating condensate pumps, heavy duty condensate pumps, compact submersible condensate pumps and vertical condensate pumps.

  • Sauermann NA Corp

    Sauermann has a complete range of condensate removal systems. Air conditioning condensate removal systems are available in ceiling, wall or floor mounted. For heating condensate systems, Sauermann offers gas condensing boilers, and for refrigeration, they have evaporators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and refrigerated display cases and cold store cabinets.

  • Armstrong International, Inc.

    Armstrong International has a complete line of custom engineered system solutions, in single pump capacities ranging from 350 to 75,000 pounds per hour. Pump traps and packages are available in cast iron, steel, ductile iron and carbon steel.

  • Franklin Electric Co., Inc.

    Franklin Electric features a wide range of Little Giant condensate removal pumps, including 1 gallon large reservoir systems, 1/3 gallon low profile systems, 1/2 gallon medium reservoir, mini-split/ductless and shallow pans in 1/12, 1/150 and 1/40 HP.

  • Kadant, Inc.

    Kadant distributes the Liqui-Mover pump, a steam-powered condensate pump that gives the same output as a centrifugal pump in two styles LMH and LMV. The LMH series is externally powered with/without electricity, and has a tank capacity of 89,000 lbs./hr. LMV systems are completely self-powered, needs no electricity to operate, and has a tank capacity of 14,370 lbs./hr.

  • Allied Pump Corp.

    Allied Pumps feature Allied Type VC condensation return units, with leakless operation, stainless shafts and receivers available in welded or galvanized steel, in single or duplex setups.

  • Shippensburg Pump Company, Inc

    Shippensburg Pump Co. has a wide range of condensate units including DS/DES, PEC, PES, SHEC, HT/ HT-PMV, Motive Powered FLOT/PK-FLOT and its Defender series LP, LPC, EC, EC-P and ECC.

  • ITT Domestic Pump

    ITT features floor mounted condensate pumps in rectangular steel, cast iron and rolled steel, underground condensate pumps in cast iron,  elevated condensate pumps with B or Centriflo pumps, as well as complete pumping stations in ASME steel.

  • Sterling

    Sterling features the 4100 and 4300 series steel condensate pumps with 3/16" heavy-gauge steel, as well as the 4200 series with cast iron receivers. The 4100, 4200 and 4300 series condensate pumps all feature motors operating at 3,450 RPM.

  • Skidmore Pump

    Skidmore Pumps offer condensate pump systems in rectangular steel, cylindrical steel, cast iron, with engines up to 3,450 RPM.