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Coolant pumps keep water circulated in order to provide optimum cooling.

Coolant pumps keep water circulated in order to provide optimum cooling.

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  • Brinkmann Pumps, Inc.

    Brinkmann Pumps, Inc. offers 50 and 60 Hz high-pressure pumps. These BFS, TFS, and FFS screw-spindle, immersion pumps are available with wear-resistant silicon carbide bearing housings and rugged spindles. These pumps run with only liquids, and they have applications for delivering filtered lubricating media like oil/emulsion cooling lubricants. They have pressure ranges from 10 to 2175 PSI and GPM ranges from 0.4 to 100.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers Dayton 4, 6, 12, 16, and 20 stage centrifugal pumps for solid end mill, reamer, boring bar, and indexable carbide-insert end mill applications. These pumps are available with viscosities up to 500 SSU, temperature ratings up to 180°F, speeds up to 3450 RPM, and discharge pressures up to 326 PSI. They are constructed from cast-iron, tungsten carbide, Viton, and stainless steel materials. Grainger also offers 8 stage centrifugal pumps with horsepower ratings up to 2 HP, voltages up to 230/460, and Amps up to 6.6.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers AMT coolant pumps, interchangeable suction & immersion coolant/oil pumps, heavy duty industrial coolant pumps, and 3/8" bronze recirculating coolant pumps. AMT heavy duty, industrial coolant pumps feature back vanes on the impellers, a dual volute design, a universal mounting system, and casings/columns constructed from cast iron materials. These pumps have discharge ports ranging from 3/4" to 1-1/2" NPT, viscosity ratings up to 500 SSU, temperatures up to 200°F, and flows to 67 GPM. They are available in single or three-phase TEFC motor designs, with horsepower ratings ranging from 1/8 to 3/4 HP.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates, Inc. offers MP Flomax, Aurora 420 Series horizontal split case, Aurora 380 Series in-line, Aurora 340 Series end-suction centrifugal, and Aurora 410 Series horizontal split case coolant pumps. Aurora 420 Series horizontal split case pumps feature a two-stage double suction split case design, a twin volute construction, dynamically balanced impellers, and double row outboard bearings. These pumps have discharge sizes ranging from 2" to 6", suction sizes ranging from 2.5" to 8", flows up to 1800 GPM, and pressures up to 1200 ft.

  • Halsted & Hoggan, Inc

    Halsted & Hoggan, Inc. offers Little Giant in-line and submersible multipurpose pumps. Model 1-AA submersible/multipurpose pumps feature a permanent lubrication design, epoxy coated cast aluminum housings, snap-off screens for easy cleaning, and applications for machine tool coolants, air conditioners, water displays, and statuary fountains. These pumps are available with up to 170 GPH, 1/4" MNPT discharges, 7' shut-off heads, 3' cords, and 90° elbow accessories.

  • AMETEK TIP (Technical & Industrial Products)

    AMETEK TIP (Technical & Industrial Products) offers Rotron brushless DC water circulation coolant pumps in a variety of sizes. Size 47 coolant pumps have water gallon capacities ranging from 18 to 26, input voltages ranging from 12 to 24 VDC, 60,000 hours of service life, and applications for construction vehicles, heavy-duty transit buses, off-highway equipment, and harsh environmental conditions. These pumps are seal-less, leak-proof, field-tested, and maintenance-free.

  • Tri-Rotor, Inc.

    Tri-Rotor, Inc. offers Series 20 & Series 20CP foot mounted and close coupled rotary piston pumps. These pumps feature RPM ratings ranging from 240 to 1800, 1-1/2" tapped ports, GPMs up to 30, and a foot mounted or close coupled construction. Model 20D solid head pumps have simple transfer applications, a fixed pin design, constant flow rates, and high viscosity ratings at full motor speed. Model 20CP mounted pumps are trouble-free, self-aligning, double "C" flanged, and they require no base plates.

  • Walrus America, Inc.

    Walrus America, Inc. offers TPHK Series multi-stage centrifugal coolant pumps for filtration, washing/cleaning, and industrial circulation system applications. These ISO 9001 certified immersible pumps feature Class F insulation, IP54 protection, a co-axial pump/motor design, and stainless steel working parts. They can handle nominal speeds up to 3500 RPM, 3-phase voltages up to 460V, operating pressures up to 142 PSI, heads to 280 ft, and flows to 75 GMP.

  • A B Industrial

    AB Industrial supplies machine tool/coolant pumps from the following manufacturers: Fuji, Toshiba, Teel, Gusher, Mitsubishi, AMT, Yasukawa, A-Ryung, and Hitachi.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. offers centrifugal coolant pumps with horsepower ratings up to 1/4 HP, voltages up to 230V, up to 20 GPMs, and RPMs up to 3450. These pumps feature TEFC motor types, NPT thread types, a 1 phase construction, and 1/2" outlets. They are constructed from Viton, plastic, carbon steel, and cast iron materials.


    CAT PUMPS offers machine tool coolant flushing systems. These systems promote tighter tolerances, better heat transfer, improved chip flushing, and higher speeds.

  • Hartell Pumps

    Hartell Pumps offers water circulation pumps with brushless/brush-style motors, ball bearings, and wire leads. These pumps feature brass/ryton housings, voltages ranging from 2 to 24V DC, lengths ranging from 7-3/4" to 9", and bracket/motor base mounting options. They are available in MNPT, flared tube, sweat, or quick disconnect pipe connections in sizes ranging from 3/8" to 5/8".

  • Gusher Pumps

    Gusher Pumps offers industrial coolant pumps and tank units in the following configurations: immersed types, flanged mount types, general-purpose tank units, Gusher-Rumanco pumps, and replacement centrifugal coolant pumps for imported machine tools. Gusher general-purpose tank units feature horsepower ratings up to 7-1/2 HP, NEMA foot mounted motors, optional baffles/chip baskets, and reservoir sizes from 10 to 200 gallons. These tank units can be used as auxiliary, portable, or permanent coolant systems.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pump & Supply offers Knoll and Brown & Sharpe rotary/high pressure machine tool coolant pumps.