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Many types of pumps can be ordered to specific size and output requirements for a variety of applications.

Many types of pumps can be ordered to specific size and output requirements for a variety of applications.

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  • Cascon, Inc.

    Cascon designs and manufactures custom engineered gerotor and gear pumps as well as other specialty hydraulic devices. These pumps are used in a wide variety of aircraft, aerospace, industrial chemical and gas turbine applications. Cascon specializes in rotary pumps for chemical metering, fuel metering, oil lubrication and other specialty hydraulic applications.


    Cat Pumps is a designer and manufacturer of triplex, positive displacement pumps that are designed for energy efficient operation with exceptionally long service life, dependable performance and low maintenance. These custom pumps include water jetting blasting pumps, stainless steel pumps, reciprocating pumps, process pumps, positive displacement piston pumps,l hydrostatic testing pumps, chemical injection pumps and high pressure pumps.

  • Hartell Pumps

    Hartell is a supplier of custom condensate removal pumps, magnetic drive circulating pumps, ice machine replacement pumps and waste water removal pumps as well as a full line of pump accessories. Hartell manufactures OEM engineered products for other companies to use as part of their designs. These include mag drive pumps, general circulation pumps, and direct current pumps.

  • Haight Pump

    Haight is a manufacturer of internal gear pumps, positive displacement pumps and custom OEM pumps for a wide array of applications. Haight's custom gear pumps are made form a variety of materials including ductile iron and various other metals and come in flange mounted and reversible configurations.

  • Canfield Custom Pumps

    Turbi-Float floating pump systems from Canfield Custom Pumps are designed utilizing the turbine bowl pump concept. This concept incorporates a multi-stage capability and self-priming submerged impellers. These pumps are used in moving surface water in applications including agricultural, flood irrigation, municipal and construction.

  • Iwaki America Inc.

    Iwaki America is a designer and manufacturer of engineered custom OEM pumps and accessories. These products are used in a variety of industries including liquid and gas handling, precision metering,  and chemical dispensing for biomedical applications as well as semiconductor manufacturing and coolant circulation in fuel cells.

  • Northern Pump, Div. of McNally Industries, LLC

    Northern Pump is a manufacturer of custom pumps including heavy duty gear pumps available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Northern Pump specializes in a modular design allowing for customizations to suit a wide array of applications.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Thermo Scientific is a custom OEM fluid handling solutions specialists that offers a variety of custom OEM pumps such as peristaltic tubing and hose pumps, vacuum/pressure pumps, and flowmeters. Thermo Scientific products serve customers in the food and beverage, medical, transportation, construction and building industries.

  • ITT Flygt Corp.

    Xylem offers custom OEM pump products for wastewater pumping applications including sludge pumping and wastewater influent as well as flood control and power plant cooling operations.

  • MTH Pumps

    MTH Pumps offers custom engineered products for OEM's and end users. Products include a wide array of custom pumps including sealless pumps, turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, regenerative turbine pumps and more for a wide array of industrial applications.

  • The Insco Group

    Insco is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of custom pumps including diaphragm pumps, boiler feed pumps, centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

  • McFarland-Tritan, LLC

    McFarland-Tritan, LLC offers custom pump packages including chemical injection pumps and systems, high pressure water jetting pumps, and hydrostatic testing pumps and systems.

  • Liberty Pumps

    Liberty Pumps is a manufacturer of custom engineered pump systems and factory assembled d components such as floats, brackets, guide-rails and even pre-mounted pumps.

  • Viking Pump, Inc.

    Viking Pump is a manufacturer of OEM custom pump products for a wide array of fluid pumping applications. Viking's custom pumps are designed and built to customer specifications and made using a wide variety of materials from steel to alloy c or alloy 20 with state of the art machinery.

  • Superior Engineered Systems

    Superior Engineered Systems is a producer of custom designed and manufactured packaged pump stations. SES offers custom pumps ranging from small portable units to full scale stations with integrated controls while also offering a broad array of ancillary components.

  • Dynaflo Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

    Dynaflo Vacuum Pumps & Compressors specializes in custom radial compressor pumps designed to reduce the noise and vibration associated with conventional diaphragm pumps. The compact and lightweight design offers a fully balanced radial array of 12 diaphragms for smooth flows up to 150+ lpm.

  •, LLC builds custom-engineered hydraulic gear pumps as well as piston pumps. provides parts, service and custom support for pumps from Barnes, Webster, Danfoss, Haldex, Vickers, Cessna, Eaton and Blaw-Know with over 16,000 parts in stock.