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A type of positive displacement pump that uses a reciprocating action and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid.

A common type of air pump, a diaphragm pump - also known as a membrane pump - is a positive displacement pump that combines a diaphragm and non-return check valves to pump a fluid.There are three types of diaphragm pumps: ones where the diaphragm is sealed with one side in the fluid and the other in air or hydraulic fluid; ones where the mover of the diaphragm is electro-mechanical; and ones that utilize one or more unsealed diaphragms.

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  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates carries AirTran air-operated diaphragm pumps in a variety of diameters. The 0.25" bolted designs provide 0 to 4.3 GPM and are constructed from a variety of plastics, including Santoprene, polypropylene, Geolast and PTFE. The 0.375" bolted diaphragm pumps offer up to 9 GPM flow.

  • Wastecorp Pumps, LLC

    Wastecorp makes Mud-Sucker diaphragm pumps for pumping everything from mud in a hog pen to food processing waste. The FA Series is available in 1.5", 2", and 3" flapper valve styles for wastewater and slurry found in marine, food processing, and multipurpose pumping applications. The B Series of diaphragm pumps is for heavy duty applications such as petrochemical, mining and biodiesel.

  • ITT Flojet

    Flojet ITT offers a new addition to its line of diaphragm pumps, the G57C Kalrez. This air-operated, double diaphragm pump features shuttle valve check valves to supply up to 5 GPM, as well as air and CO2 pressures up to 100 psi. This product is also corrosion-resistant and able to pass solids up to 3.2 mm. The LF Series is a compact 6.4" long.

  • Ingersoll-Rand Co.

    Ingersoll Rand offers stall-free, ice-free diaphragm pump operation using a balanced air valve design and quick dump exhaust valves to divert cold exhaust air away from ice-prone components. The company offers metallic and non-metallic designs in compact sizes (0.25" to 0.75" ports) with flow rates up to 14.8 gpm.

  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions

    Ryan Herco Flow Solutions offers air-operated and electronic diaphragm pumps from a wide variety of manufacturers. Air-operated options include non-metallic, metallic, and sanitary AODD designs from Sandpiper, and metallic and non-metallic AODD styles from Aro with sizes from 0.25" to 3". Electronic diaphragm pumps are supplied by ITT Industries.  These Polypro EOD designs come duplex, triplex, or quad and offer flows and operating pressures up to 5 GPM and 80 psi.

  • Pulsafeeder, Inc.

    Pulsafeeder offers a variety of metering diaphragm pumps. Hydraulically-acuatated designs include the PULSA Series featuring 3-component check valves for added accuracy. The PulsaPro900 Series comes in a variety of packages and configurations for even high viscosity applications (3,000 centipoise). The PULSAR Series diaphragm pumps provides metering capabilities up to +/-0.5% of setpoint for steady state and repeatability, and +/-1% of full rating for linearity.

  • K/M Specialty Pumps and Systems, Inc.

    K/M Specialty carries both metallic and non-metallic models of EXPert Series air-operated diaphragm pumps. Metallic designs come in aluminum/stainless steel and aluminum/cast iron/Hastelloy/stainless steel combinations, with maximum flows from 12 to 275 gpm and a maximum solid size of 0.375". The non-metallic models are available in acetal/polypropylene/PVDF or polypropylene/PVDF, and provide a maximum flow up to 184 gpm and maximum pressure to 120 psi. Maximum solid is up to 0.25" and maximum dry suction life is 14 ft.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer carries diaphragm pumps from manufacturers Graco Husky, Hydracell and SandPiper. The Husky air-operated products come in either plastic or metal constructions, from Model 205 (0.25" diameter, 5 GPM) to Model 3275 (3" diameter, 275 GPM). SandPiper supplies air-powered double diaphragm pumps in configurations like standard duty, containment duty, heavy duty flap, heavy duty ball, high pressure, USDA, FDA, mining/construction, natural gas-operated, UL, dewatering, and wastewater.

  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    US Plastic Corp. carries a variety of self-priming diaphragm pumps. Air-operated, double diaphragm pumps are available for use with car wash chemicals, pigments, inks, paints, additives, and sanitizers. Made from a polypropylene body, these products offer flows to 5 GPM and pressure to 100 psi, with suction lift to 16.5' dry and 20' wet. Sandpiper products are also sold for use with abrasive and viscous liquids (up to 10,000 centipoise). Models are available with 4, 15, 25 and 45 GPM capacities.

  • Dewco Pumps & Equipment, Inc.

    Dewco  is a distributor for Flojet self-priming pumps. The 2100 Series/Duplex II offers a duplex diaphragm design to eliminate shaft seal issues, and delivers up to 50 psi working pressure. It also includes a built-in pressure switch that automatically starts and stops the pump when the discharge valve is opened and closed. Models 2135 and 2130 offer additional pressure capability, with 70 and 100 maximum psi. The 5700 Series of diaphragm pumps features a stall-proof design with a patented shuttle valve and leak-resistant radial seals instead of O-ring seals.

  • Jaeco Fluid Systems, Inc.

    Jaeco Fluid Systems manufactures two families of diaphragm pumps. The JaecoFram 1 is an hydraulically-actuated metering design for accurate, leak-proof metering of difficult to handle liquids. Available in both simplex and duplex models, it has separate chambers for hydraulic fluid and gear lubricant to make use of the best medium for hydraulic pulsing and the best medium for gear lubrication. The second family is the Series E, a 3 to 500 GPD, electronically-pulsed metering diaphragm pump for low-flow applications.

  • American Machine & Tool Co.

    American Machine & Tool (AMT) makes cast aluminum diaphragm pumps with thermoplastic rubber diaphragms and polyurethane flapper valves. They are available in 2" or 3" NPT port sizes, and are self-priming up to 20 ft. Powered by B&S and Honda gas engines, Yanmar diesel engines, or 115 VAC weather-proof electric motors from 1.5 to 5.5 Hp, they can deliver up to 88 GPM and 11 psi.

  • Graco Inc

    Graco offers double diaphragm pumps, including nearly a dozen Husky models ranging from 1/4" to 3" connections. Materials include aluminum, polypropylene, acetal, PVDF, SST, iron and stainless steel.

  • Neptune Chemical Pump Co.

    Neptune manufactures hydraulic pumps for chemical metering in the process and agricultural industries. The Series 500 diaphragm pumps uses a variable oil bypass stroke adjustment to create better valve performance. The standard and economy models provide capacities to 18 gph and pressures to 1,100 psi, while the original offers capacities to 80 gph and pressures to 3,000 psi.

  • Wilden Pump & Engineering Co.

    Wilden specializes in air-operated double diaphragm pumps. Their product line includes the Advanced Series of plastic designs (Teflon, PTFE) from the 0.25" P25 with a flow rate to 4.4 GPM, to the 1.5" PX400 (119 GPM), to the 3" P1500 (207 GPM). In total, 11 models are available.  The Advanced Series of diaphragm pumps comes in die cast aluminum, stainless steel, and alloy C.

  • Yamada America, Inc.

    Yamada America features NDP Series air-powered double diaphragm pumps. The smallest unit is the NDP-5, a 0.25" port product that handles up to 3.4 GPM. The largest is the NDP-80, a 3" port diaphragm pump that handles up to 214 GPM. Several series of specialty and certified designs are available.

  • Progressive Pumps Corp.

    Progressive Pumps stocks diaphragm pumps from LMI, Durameter, Neptune, and Pulsafeeder. Solenoid and motor-driven designs from LMI can handle flows from 0.01 GPH to 300 GPH, with discharge pressures up to 300 psi. The EVA and EVA-1 diaphragm pumps from Durameter provide a flow range from 0.08 to 220 GPH, with pressures up to 3,500 psig.

  • The Bosworth Co.

    The Bosworth Company features its Guzzler 400 hand pump for bilge or fluid transfer application in marine or sanitation applications. With a Buna-N diaphragm, it can pump 10 GPM at a max pressure of 20 psi. Foot pumps with natural rubber diaphragms are also available, with max flows from 1.3 GPM to 2.7 GPM. Lastly, motorized configurations include the Guzzer 450 through 2800 Series, capable of flows to 6.7 GPM and 13.4 GPM.

  • The Pump Shop, Inc.

    The Pump Shop is a distributor of Yamada air-operated double diaphragm pumps, available in five sizes from 0.75" to 3". These products can accommodate continuous or intermittent use, high or low pressures, and clean or dirty air. They are also self-priming and operated by compressed air, making them safe and explosion-proof.

  • Almatec

    Almatec is a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic diaphragm pumps by Wilden and Mouvex. Types include the E-Series standard plastic units made from PE or PTFE housing with max. capcities of 0.9 to 48 m3/h, and the polymer-constructed A-Series capable of up to 32 m3/h. The Chemicor Series is made from stainless steel housing, and EPDM and PTFE diaphragms and ball valves.