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  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers Gorman Rupp and American Machine self-priming diaphragm pumps. Gorman Rupp pumps deliver up to 130 GPM, they have port sizes ranging from 2" to 4", they are self-priming to 25 ft, and they have solids handling capabilities to 2 1/4" diameter. American Machine pumps deliver up to 90 GPM, maximum temperatures up to 180°F, they can handle 1 5/8" diameter solids, and they have 2" to 3" NPT suction/discharge sizes. These pumps are constructed from cast aluminum, cast iron, polyurethane, and thermoplastic materials.

  • Dewco Pumps & Equipment, Inc.

    Dewco Pumps & Equipment, Inc. offers Flojet self-priming diaphragms. 2100 Series/Duplex II pumps have voltage ratings ranging from 12 to 230 Volts, they can handle temperatures up to 130°F, and they deliver maximum working pressures up to 100 PSI. Other features include: a permanent magnet motor, self-priming capabilities, a ball bearing drive, a duplex diaphragm design, a built-in pressure switch, and UL recognition.

  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. offers self-priming AODD pumps and Sandpipe air operated self-priming diaphragm pumps. AODD pumps have flows up to 5 GPM, maximum pressures of 100 PSI, a 20' wet suction lift, and a 3/8" FNPT inlet/outlet. Pumps have applications for sanitizers, additives, paints, inks, pigments, wash solutions, etc. Sandpipe pumps have heads to 230 ft, a 1/4" FPT air connection, a maximum GPM of 45, and a maximum PSI of 100. Sandpipe pumps can handle viscous and abrasive liquids.

  • American Machine & Tool Co.

    American Machine & Tool co. offers self-priming diaphragm pumps. Pumps deliver up to 88 GPM, they are self-priming up to 20 ft, they allow up to 11 PSI, they have 2-3" port sizes, and horsepower ratings up to 5.5 HP. Pumps are constructed from polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, and cast aluminum materials.

  • Serfilco

    Serfilco offers self-priming air operated diaphragm pumps. Pumps come in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2", they have flows to 150 GPM, a patented lube-free air system, and self-priming/dry running capabilities. Pumps are made from nylon, 316 stainless steel, PP, PVDF, and aluminum materials. These pumps have applications for any product that pours, including viscous, abrasive, and chemically aggressive materials.

  • KNF Neuberger, Inc.

    NKF Neuberger, Inc. offers miniature self-priming diaphragm pumps. NF 100 Diaphragm liquid pumps have pressures up to 60 mWg, they can get flow rates up to 1.2 l/min, and have threaded ports available in 1/8" G or 1/8" NPT. NF 100 pumps have applications for ink jet printing, photographic development, sterilizers, filtration, food/toxicology, environmental/water treatment, medical/pharmaceutical, etc.

  • Metex Corporation Ltd

    Metex Corporation Ltd. offers self-priming diaphragm pumps. Pumps have fluid temperatures ranging from 50 to 140°F, maximum pressures of 36 PSI, a 40 Hz maximum pump frequency, and a maximum flow rate of 5 ml/min2. Pumps are constructed from PEEK and FFKM materials. Pumps have the following applications: lubricant dosing, replacement of syringe/peristaltic pumps, probe preparation, micro dosing, and continuous low flow.

  • Continental Pump Co.

    Continental Pumps offers self-priming diaphragm pumps. AMT 2" x 4 HP diaphragm pumps deliver up to 90 GPM, up to 11 PSI, they have a 2" to 3" steel suction strainer, and a 2" NPT port size. These pumps are self-priming up to 20 ft, they have a heavy duty gear box, and are designed for use with non-flammable liquids. Pumps feature polyurethane flapper valves, and a thermoplastic rubber diaphragm.

  • Robin America, Inc.

    Robin America, Inc. offers self-priming diaphragm pumps with applications for re-circulated water, seawater, viscous products, slurries, abrasives, and many other fluids. Pumps have the following features: a steel roll cage, a cast-iron inner casing, a large shock-reducing air cushion chamber, 3-inch discharge/suction ports, a hermetically sealed compression chamber, etc.

  • Lincoln Industrial

    Lincoln Industrial offers self-priming air operated diaphragm pumps. Pumps range in size from 1/4" to 2", a maximum free delivery ranging from 4 to 150 GPM, a maximum inlet air pressure of 125 PSI, and a 1/4" maximum suspended solids rating. Pumps are constructed from the following materials: aluminum, polyprop, Buna-N, Teflon, hytrel, santoprene, etc. Pumps have the following applications: kerosene, diesel, used oil, high abrasion materials, windshield washer, kerosene, etc.