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Dispensing pumps are used to inject or otherwise tranfer a variety of liquids into a system at a certain rate ore pressure.

Dispensing pumps are used to inject or otherwise tranfer a variety of liquids into a system at a certain rate ore pressure.

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  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer's line of dispensing pumps includes a variety of high pressure, multi-syringe, single-syringe infusion and touchscreen syringe pumps for a variety of applications.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering Inc. is a manufacturer of dispensing and metering pumps, including the CeramPump system dispensing pump. This system was designed around a reciprocating piston metering pump with  valveless rotating for precise fluid control and features a chemically inert, single dimensionally stable, ceramic piston ensuring long term, drift free fluid control.

  • Randolph Austin Co.

    Randolph Austin Co manufactures a variety of dispensing pumps including standard fixed-speed pumps for use from the laboratory to industrial applications such as paper and pulp, printing, metering and fluid transfer. Other models include versatile peristaltic dispensing pumps and assemblies in a wide array of sizes.

  • Fluitron, Inc.

    Fluitron Inc offers a full line of dispensing pump products including a variety of high pressure syringe pumps like the Series MP hand pumps. These pumps cover a pressure range of 15,000 to 150,000 psi and come in five models. MP pumps from Fluitron can be used to dispense water, alcohol, oil and various other liquids.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering manufactures a variety of metering and peristaltic dispensing pumps. The Omegaflex variable speed peristaltic pumps feature a self priming, non-siphoning design and offer a variable speed drive systems. Nine ranges are available from 0.36 to 800 mL/min. Dual pumpheads can provide flows up to 1,600 mL/min.

  • Alemite Corp.

    Alemite manufactures a variety of dispensing pumps that are compatible with a variety of oils and gear lubes. These units attach directly to the original container and have a lever with two positions to adjust the delivery rate. The dispensing pumps can accommodate drum sizes ranging from 5 gallons up to 55 gallons.

  • Fishman Corp.

    Fishman Corp is a manufacturer of a variety of dispensing pumps including the AirFree series dispenser pumps. This series features handheld and bench top models used for a variety of medical and research applications. These pumps are designed to eliminate fluid waste and costly air compressors. Fishman's bench top SmartDispenser FG model can maintain fluid speeds between 0.023 & 3.086cc per second, while maintaining repeatability between dispense dots of +/-5%.

  • Graco Inc

    Graco Products is a manufacturer of dispensing pumps including electric dispensing pumps used for oil and anti-freeze in vehicles. These pumps are available with a 12 volt DC motor or a 115 volt AC motor. The 115 VAC units provide a 4.0 gpm flow rate for large equipment service with a flow rate of 2.3 gpm for automotive applications. The max. pressure is 400 psi for the 12 VDC units while for the 115 VAC units, it is 650 psi (45 bar).

  • Harvard Apparatus, Inc.

    Harvard Apparatus manufactures a full line of dispensing pumps including centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, shuttle pumps, peristaltic pumps and syringe pumps as well as a full catalog of dispensing pump accessories.

  • Ivek Corp.

    IVEK Corp. specializes in the design and manufacture of precision liquid metering and dispensing systems.Products include single channel and multiple channel dispensing pumps, liquid metering systems and silicone-free lubrication systems as well as a full line of accessories. IVEK's multspense 2000 series features multiple linear actuators controlled by a microprocessor-based control drive. These actuators operate precision ceramics to displace the desired fluid amount. Single controllers have up to 31 channels, and with additional controllers, can be interfaced to provide as many pumps or channels needed.

  • KD Scientific, Inc.

    KD Scientific manufactures the UltraSpense 2000 dispensing pump; an economical high performance dispensing system for 96 and 384 well plates. It is affordable, flexible, fast and accurate. This pump uses up to 2 deep well or low profile plates and spin columns and provides high precisions over a long lifetime. No calibration is required and the manifold height is easily adjusted.

  • The Lee Co.

    Lee Pre-Set and Variable Volume Pumps are the solution for automated chemistry systems. These pumps are designed for volumes ranging from 50 µl, 250 µl, 750 µl per full stroke and com in many custom configurations.

  • Watson Marlow Pumps Group

    Watson-Marlow is a manufacturer of filling and dispensing pumps including models for up to 250ml/3.5 seconds as well as multi channel dispensing pumps in a variety of sizes. Watson also carries the Flexicon brand of dispensing pumps.

  • Hydro-Pac

    Hydro-Pac high pressure pumps are available for a variety of industrial applications. These products include a variety of dispensing pumps including the Lil Critter series small pumps for pressures ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 psi with 3 or 5 hp and the FC Series large pumps for pressures of 10,000 to 200,000 psi and 10 to 200 hp.

  • JL White, LLC

    JL White, LLC is a manufacturer of precision dispensing pumps including peristaltic pumps with a flow range of 0.008 to 5400 mL/min  and differential pressures up to 22 psi. JL White also offers piston pumps, precision dispense pumps, vacuum pumps and controllers.

  • New Era Pump Systems, Inc.

    New Era Pump Systems is a manufacturer of dispensing pump products including a full line of precise programmable syringe pumps. These pumps are customizable and fully programmable and come in a variety of single channel and multi channel dispensing models.

  • PDC Machines, Inc.

    PDC Machines manufactures metering syringe pumps for use in applications requiring accurate injection of fluids regardless of viscosity into systems at a consistent and steady pressure and flow. PDC also offers pressure vessels, hydrogen equipment, magnetic stirrers and pilot plants.

  • Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.

    Sealant Equipment & Engineering manufactures a variety of dispensing pump products including 1-components dispense systems, 2-component dispense systems, pumps tanks and accessories. These pumps are used for a variety of adhesive dispensing applications and come in a large variety of sizes.

  • Valcor Engineering Corp

    Valcor is a manufacturer of a variety of pump products including dispensing pumps and metering pumps used for positive displacement applications to effect fluid pressure, density and viscosity. Valcor offers dispensing pumps in a variety of stainless steel models. All of these models feature Viton and Teflon seals, self priming positive displacement, single and multiple stroke capability, precise adjustable volume per stroke and have a pumping accuracy of± 2% .