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  • New Era Pump Systems, Inc.

    New Era Pump Systems, Inc. manufactures fully programmable and customizable syringe pumps in single, double, six and eight syringe models. New Era also offers a full line of accessory products including disposable, glass, and stainless steel syringes.

  • Chemyx

    Chemyx manufactures syringe pumps for research and industrial use. Models like the Chemyx Fusion touch syringe pump feature advanced technologies like a high precision fluid dosing controlled by a touch screen. The Fusion series from Chemyx are available in three models with flow rates ranging from 0.0001 ul/min up to 102ml/min.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer manufactures multi- and single-syringe infusion pumps for a variety of applications. Other syringe pumps from Cole-Parmer include high pressure and touchscreen types.

  • KD Scientific, Inc.

    KD Scientific syringe pumps are ideal for delivering accurate and precise amounts of fluids for a multitude of syringe pump applications, including infusing calibrant into a mass spectrometer or reaction chamber, long term drug infusions to animals and general infusion applications.

  • Kent Scientific

    Kent Scientific Corp offers a variety of programmable precision syringe pumps for medical research applications. The KSC line of precision and programmable syringe pumps contain advanced infusion, infusion/withdrawal and push-pull pumps.

  • Fluitron, Inc.

    Fluitron's line of high pressure systems includes the SP series motor-driven, positive displacement pumps designed specifically for the precise injection of catalysts and other fluids into high-pressure systems. These pumps can operate at a pressure range of 500 to 60,000 psi and with volumes of 20 cc to 1 L.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering Inc is a manufacturer of dispensers and metering pumps including a variety of pipetting, syringing and diluting pumps. Syringe pumps from Fluid Metering, Inc. are designed to dispense fluids accurately with high accuracy using synchronous motor drive with a max flow of up to 276 ml./min.

  • Harvard Apparatus, Inc.

    Harvard Apparatus manufactures a full line of syringe pumps and peristaltic pumps including an MRI compatible syringe pump, a 10-syringe feeding system pump, and nanomite injector syringe pump as well as a full line of syringe pump accessories. These pumps are used for a variety of applications including mass spectroscopy, chromatography, drug & nutritional infusions, calibration, dispensing, microdialysis and LC/HPLC.

  • PDC Machines, Inc.

    PDC Machines designs and manufactures rugged metering syringe pumps used for accurate injection of fluids of any viscosity into systems at a constant flow and constant pressure. Models include duplex syringe pumps with computer controls for precise fluid injection. These pumps provide continuous flow rate and output pressure.

  • IITC Life Science

    IITC Life Science develops and manufactures liquid handling products including a variety of syringe pumps infusion pumps and specialized syringe pumps with withdraw and infuse capability. OEM syringe pumps are available for life science and industrial applications and dispensers for 96/384 well microplates.