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Part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply, a fire pump can be powered by electric, diesel or steam.

Part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply, a fire pump can be powered by electric, diesel or steam.

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  • Apex Pumps

    Commercial and industrial fire pumps provided by Apex Pumping Equipment include vertical inline, split-case, vertical turbine, and UL-listed residential types. The vertical turbine pumps feature capacities up to 5000 GPM and pressures from 50 to 350 psi. The pumps are designed to provide water to sprinkler, stand pipe, hydrant and chemical mitigation systems. The vertical in-line fire pumps feature a compact, self-contained design, and are used for industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

  • A-C Fire Pump Systems

    A-C Fire Pump Systems manufactures in-line, end suction, vertical turbine, split case, jockey, and skid fire pumps. The vertical turbine fire pumps are used in building systems, commercial buildings, light industrial, manufacturing, municipal water applications. These pumps feature capacity up to 5000 GPM and pressures to 350 psi. The in-line pumps are used in similar applications and feature working pressures up to 150 psi, with capacity of 1500 GPM.

  • Aurora Pump

    Aurora Pumps manufactures inline pumps, split case electric and diesel, and vertical turbine pumps for fire protection applications. The inline pumps feature flows from 50 to 1,5000 GPM, and pressure from 40 to 205 psi. The split case pumps feature flows from 250 to 5000 GPM, and pressures from 40 to 490 psi; while the vertical turbine pumps feature flows up to 45000 GPM and pressures up to 387 psi. All the pumps are for commercial and industrial use - with some used in marine and residential applications.

  • W.S. Darley & Co.

    W.S. Darley & Co. produces a number of fire pumps including portable, engine driven, front/rear mount, PTO-driven, and midship types. The company's PTO driven JMP series of pumps feature a two-stage design that allows for 500 GPM @ 150 psi, and pressures up to 600 psi. This series of pump is the choice of many wildland agencies including the California Department of Forestry and the US Forest Service. The company also produces compressed foam systems for firefighting applications.

  • CET Fire Pump MFG Co

    Portable fire pumps manufactured by CET Fire Pump include high volume pumps, mid-range pumps, high pressure pumps, high pressure volume pumps, and dewatering and floating pumps. The company's line of fire pump equipment also includes drop-in unit (skid units) and compressed air foam system (CAFS) units designed to discharge water only, air only, or compressed air foam from the same discharge outlet. These units fit into the back of a standard length pick-up truck body.

  • Hale Products, Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corp.

    Hale Products Inc. produces and distributes a line of fire pumps, CAFS systems, and foam proportioning systems. The company's engine driven fire pumps are available as skid units with or without manifolds, trailer units, and open cross mount units. The open cross mount units are ideal for wildland, ARFF, or pump and roll applications. The vehicle mounted fire pumps are available with GPM up to 3000 and are single stage manifolded midship, two stage manifolded midship, front mount unmanifolded, rear mount direct drive, single stage PTO driven, or two stage PTO driven types.

  • Patterson Pump Co.

    Patterson Pump Co.'s Sentinel series of fire suppression pumps are available with flows up to 5,000 GPm and pressures in excess of 390 psi. The company's line of fire pumps includes horizontal split case, vertical turbine, vertical in-line, and end suction types. The horizontal split case pumps are available with a high pressure, two-stage DMD option. All the pumps are UL and ULC/cUL listed, and FM and NYBSA approved.

  • Talco Fire Systems

    Taco Fire Systems produces ULR fire pump models that are fully NFPA 20 and NFPA 13R compliant. These pumps feature flow rates from 50 to 1500 GPM with pressure up to 160 psi. The company also distributes its G series of fire pump packages that includes electric vertical inline duplex systems, diesel vertical turbine systems, diesel and electric split case duplex systems, electric split case systems, and diesel split case systems. Each system features a jockey pump and flow meter, and up to 250 GPM to 1500 GPM.

  • Waterous Co.

    Waterous manufactures air rescue and firefighting systems, compressed air foam fire suppression systems, foam systems, portable fire pumps, and vehicle mounted fire pumps. The portable fire pumps feature maximum flow rates from 20 GPM to 140 GPM, and maximum pressure ratings from 105 psi to 400 psi. The vehicle-mounted fire pumps feature single stage or two stage drive types, with maximum pressure from 150 psi to 600 psi.

  • Peerless Pump Company

    Peerless Pumps distributes a line of fire protection pumps including fire pump systems, power plant fire pump systems, PVF inline fire pumps, offshore fire pump systems, integral and fractional horsepower fire pumps. The company also provides replacement parts for fire pump systems.

  • Rosenbauer

    Truck-mounted centrifugal fire pumps offered by Rosenbauer are used on airport, industrial, and municipal firefighting vehicles, and available as 500 GPM, 750 GPM, and 1250 GPM models. The pumps feature minimum pressure change and automatic priming.

  • Reddy Buffaloes Pump Company

    Reddy Buffaloes Pump Company designs and manufactures UL listed and FM approved fire pumps including horizontal split case, vertical inline, and vertical turbine types. The horizontal split case and vertical inline fire pumps feature tensile strength of 40,000 psi, while the vertical turbine pumps feature 316 stainless steel hardware.

  • The Fire Pump Co

    The Fire Pump Co. is a distributor of RuhRPumpen Inc. products including pumps used to fight fires with water (fresh or sea). The company's inventory of pumps includes labeled vertical turbine pumps and a full line of UL and FM certified 250 to 2500 GPM HSC pumps. Higher flow rate pumps that are capable of 6300 GPM are also available.