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  • Apex Pumping Equipment

    Apex Pumping Equipment offers FPS 7000 skid mounted fire pump systems. These systems have compliance with NEC 70/NFPA 20, they are made up of UL listed/FM approved components, they are certified welded to ASME Section 9, and have 2rd party ETL/C-ETL labeled systems. These systems contain vertical turbine, horizontal split case, in-line, and end suction pumps; they also contain steam turbine, diesel engine, and electric motor drivers.

  • A-C Fire Pump Systems

    A-C Fire Pump Systems offers skid package fire pumps. Pumps feature UL listed/FM approved horizontal split case fire pumps, fire pump controllers, and diesel engines. Other features include a fire-piped fuel system, engine/stuffing box raw water drain connections, a single point connection, etc. These pump systems have applications for institutions, warehouses, commercial construction, government, pharmaceutical, and industrial plants.

  • W.S. Darley & Co.

    W.S. Darley & Co. offers fast attack skids with the following dimensions: 94"L x 48"W x 42"H. Skids feature 100' of 1" booster hoses, 1.5"/2.5" NST suction adapters, 200 gallon Pro-Poly tanks, and 13 HP Twin impeller Darley Davey pumps. Skids can perform from 20 to 120 GPM at 146 to 40 PSI. They are ergonomically designed and forkliftable to a standard pick-up bed.

  • CET Fire Pump MFG Co

    CET Fire Pump MFG Co. offers skid mounted fire pumps. Configurations include: Econo Pac, Skeeter Space Pac, Ready Pac, Attack Pac, and Forest Pac. Forest Pac skid units feature a lighted control panel, a 1.5 gallon integrated fuel tank, a 6.5 twin impeller fire pump, and a 200 fully baffled polypropylene water tank. These units range from 20 to 70 GPM at 125 to 10 PSI.

  • Waterous Co.

    Waterous Co. offers skid mounted portable fire pumps in a variety of configurations. These pumps have a pressure rating range from 15 to 400 PSI, and they have flow rates ranging from 20 to 400 GPM. Other pump features include: a skid-mounting design, specialized mounting capabilities, direct drive centrifugal, transfer & supply, etc. Pumps have applications for dewatering, pool maintenance, marine service, hand-line operations, wildland/attack fire supression, etc.