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Before pumping waste to a central sewer system, a grinder pump will grind the waste into a fine slurry.

Before pumping waste to a central sewer system, a grinder pump will grind the waste into a fine slurry.

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  • K/M Specialty Pumps and Systems, Inc.

    K/M Specialty Pumps and Systems' line of grinder pumps includes submersible centrifugal grinder pumps, standard grinder pumps, high performance grinder pumps, and positive displacement grinder pumps. The submersible, positive displacement and high performance pumps feature discharge sizes of 1-1/4" NPT and maximum liquid temperature of 140F. The standard pumps are available with discharge sizes of 2" HPT, and a semi-open 5 vane impeller.

  • Goulds Pumps, ITT Corp.

    ITT Goulds-brand 1-1/2" and 2" discharge submersible grinder pumps are for high head and pressure sewage system applications within the industrial, commercial and municipal industries. The company's 1GD dual seal submersible grinder pumps are for high head sewage applications where a gravity system is not practical.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates Inc. is a supplier of Hydromatic-brand submersible sewage grinder pumps available with power ranging from 2 HP to 7.5 HP. The pumps are single or three phased and feature speeds of 1750 RPM or 3450 RPM.

  • Hydromatic

    Hydromatic designs and manufactures submersible grinder pumps including positive displacement pumps and 3-7.5 HP explosion proof pumps. The 3-7.5HP pumps feature ambient temperature operation of 140F, 50Hz or 60 Hz RPM, and dual seals. The company also produces complete grinder systems.

  • Keen Pump Co., Inc.

    Keen Pump's line of 1 HP - 7.5 HP grinder pumps includes high head, high flow, high pressure, and high performance models geared to handle residential, commercial, or industrial sanitary waste and reduce it to fine slurry. The company also produces large submersible grinder pumps and residential submersible grinder pumps.

  • BJM Pumps, LLC

    BJM Pumps-brand electric submersible shredder pumps are explosion proof for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous locations. The pumps feature impellers for municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater applications, and feature three seal motor protection. Pump specifications include: motor rating from 1 HP to 20 HP, maximum GPM from 95 to 911, and the ability to handle solids from 2" to 3.5" in diameter.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial distributes grinder pumps manufactured by Zoeller, Omnivore, Little Giant, Liberty, Dayton, and Goulds. The pumps are available with discharge of 1-1/4" NPT, 2" NPT, or 1" NPT - with 1 or 2 HP. The pumps feature maximum head ranging from 101 feet to 185 feet.

  • Liberty Pumps

    Available as 2 HP units, grinder pumps manufactured by Liberty Pumps are used in commercial and residential sewage applications including individual or group homes, motels, schools, shopping centers, lakefront developments, and systems requiring high pressure sewage pumping. The submersible, two-stage high head, and duplex grinder pump types feature a cutting system used for shearing solids into small particles prior to being passed to the discharge by impeller under high pressure.

  • Moyno, Inc.

    Moyno Inc. produces a line of grinder pumps including annihilator grinders, 400 series grinders, max-flow annihilator grinder systems, pipeliner grinders, and edge grinder cartridges. The company's 400 series grinder pumps are positive displacement type pumps that feature capacities to 15 GPM and pressures to 100 psi. The pumps are used in marine septic system, campground, bilge oil transfer, laboratory testing, and domestic, industrial and public sewage handling applications.

  • Vogelsang


    Vogelsang's bio-cut pump and in-line grinders can grind a variety of fluids, and feature high throughput within a small and compact design. The company's rota-cut in-line grinders protect downstream pumps and lines from blockage and damage.

  • Zoeller Pump Co., Inc.

    Zoeller Pump Company manufactures a line of grinder pumps that includes turnkey grinder systems, progressive cavity grinder pumps, and positive displacement grinder pumps. The progressive cavity pumps are available as 1 HP or 2 HP models, and feature 1-1/4" NPT discharge. The 820 series grinder pumps feature integral control , 1-1/4" NPT discharge, and maximum operating temperature of 130F.

  • Brinkmann Pumps, Inc.

    Brinkmann Pumps Inc. manufactures cutter pumps suited for cutting aluminum chips or similar materials and for pumping these materials along with coolant fluid. The pumps are equipped with a 45-degree flange connection; and available with flow at head of 150, 200, 250, or 300 GPM, and power of 5.4 HP, 7.4 HP, 10 HP, or 13.4 HP.

  • Pentair Water - Myers

    Pentair Water - Myers produces submersible automatic grinder pumps for the residential, light commercial, residential/heavy commercial markets. These centrifugal-type pumps are single or dual sealed and feature heads up to 138 feet or 150 feet - with flows up to 70 GPM. The company also produces a grinder pump for hazardous locations that features an explosion-proof rail package.

  • ITT Flygt Corp.

    Small and medium centrifugal grinder pumps by ITT Flygt USA are used for sewage pumping in stations and treatment plants, and within industrial and manure handling applications. The pumps feature capacities ranging from 0 to 6,000 gallons per minute, and are available as explosion proof models and with a number of impeller types.

  • Delta Environmental Products

    Submersible grinder pumps by Delta Environmental Products feature a semi-positive displacement single seal centrifugal, dual seal centrifugal, or dual seal centrifugal explosion-proof design. The pumps feature a cutter that can exceed 10,000 cuts per second. Available as UL and CSA-listed types, the pumps are primarily used in low pressure sewer systems.

  • F & Q Pumps, Inc.

    F&Q Pumps manufactures submersible grinder pumps for grey water pumping, sump emptying, and septic effluent and sewage water disposal. The pumps are available as 1 or 3/4 HP models with 2" side discharge, and feature pumping capabilities of up to 100 gallons per minute.

  • BPH Pump & Equipment

    BPH Pump & Equipment Inc. distributes shredder pumps manuactured by Ampco, BJM, CAT, Flux, Hypro, Iwaki, Jabsco, Lutz, Moeller, Oberdorfer, Price, Webster, and Yamada.

  • Murray, Jim Inc.

    Jim Murray Inc. supplies grinder pumps manufactured by Barnes and Little Giant. The various pumps feature discharge of 1-1/4" NPT, 2 HP, and RPM of 3450.

  • Emmons Pump & Control, Inc.

    Emmons Pump & Control Inc. distributes submersible sewage pumps manufactured by Hydromatic, and Tsurumi and BJM-brand submersible sewage and cutter pumps.

  • Pumping Solutions

    Pumping Solutions distributes ABS-brand grinder pump system, effluent pumps/sewage ejectors, and submersible pumps. The pumps feature manual or automatic operation and are UL-listed and CSA approved.