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Hands pumps are manually operated pumps. Most hand pumps have plungers or reciprocating pistons, and are positive displacement.

Hands pumps are manually operated pumps. Most hand pumps have plungers or reciprocating pistons, and are positive displacement.

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  • Star Hydraulics, Inc.

    Star Hydraulics is a manufacturer of foot and hand pumps. Types of hand pumps available include single speed, two speed, double acting, manifold mount, stainless steel, and pumps with four-way valves for use with double-acting cylinders. Reservoirs, hydraulic jacks and hydraulic cylinders are also available.

  • Doering Company

    Doering is a manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge style hand pumps. These are screw in cartridge style hand pumps designed for industrial applications. Six models are available to produce pressure up to 10,000 psi / 689 bar and up to 10,000 psi / 689 bar operating pressure. Displacement ranges from .100 cu in / 1.6 cc to .601 cu in / 9.8 cc.

  • Great Plains Industries, Inc.

    GPI is a manufacturer of fuel transfer hand pumps. They offer nearly a dozen models of hand pumps. GPI's Deluxe models move fluid on both the push and pull stroke. Their Rotary hand pumps deliver 8 to 10 gallons per 90 to 100 revolutions. LP-50 lever pumps are designed to fit tanks or 55-gallon barrels with 2 inch NPT threads.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is an online distributor of hand pumps from many manufacturers, including drum, fuel transfer, grease, high force hydraulic air powered, lubrication, oil, marine and RV hand pumps.

  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    US Plastic is a distributor of hand pumps from Guzzler, Pump All and Beckson. The Guzzler brand are large volume hand pumps. Pump All hand pumps are to be used with temperatures not to exceed 80°F. Beckson industrial hand pumps come with 3 ft. or 6 ft. discharge hoses. US Plastic also carries Beckson alkali and detergent transfer pumps.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer is a distributor of AMT piston hand pumps. These hand drum pumps can handle compatible liquids with a maximum 5000 SSU viscosity at minimum 60ºF liquid temperature. Maximum temperature is 158 F. Motor speed is 25 oz/stroke. The discharge port is 1" NPT.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC is an online supplier of hand-operated drum pumps from GPI, Jabsco, Lincoln, NuLine, Pro-Lube, Wesco, Industrial Products, and American Machine and Tool. Just some of the hand pump types available include plastic siphon, rotary, lever action, high viscosity, gear lube dispensers, vertical lift, acid transfer, and many more.

  • Rintoul's Hand Pumps

    Rintoul's, based in Ontario, is a distributor of hand pumps from Guzzler, Oasis, Sigma, Crank and Monitor. Guzzler hand pumps can be used to prime an electric water pump. Oasis makes a variety of pumps for shallow and deep well applications. Crank makes rotary vane hand pumps.

  • Lab Safety Supply, Inc.

    LSS offers over two dozen hand pumps, from polyethylene siphon pumps to petroleum pumps. Other types of hand pumps include drum, lever action, high viscosity, rotary, piston, high flow, and cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel pumps.

  • New Pig Corp.

    New Pig is an online distributor of hand pumps. There are nearly two dozen types of hand pumps available, including stainless steel drum, nylon, polypropylene, piston, "goat throat", T-handle, lever action, rotary, high flow, heavy duty, 55 gallon, and others.

  • TR Engineering, Inc.

    TR Engineering is a manufacturer of hydraulic hand pumps available as self-contained or modular units. These hand pumps can attain working pressures of 20,000 PSI. Options include stainless steel design, special seals, and pump's designed to customer specs.

  • Perma-Type Rubber

    Perma-Type Rubber are manufacturers of medical rubber products such as rubber bulb hand pumps. There are over a dozen rubber bulb hand pumps to choose from in latex, neoprene and PVC. Options include air release valves, airflow control valves, check valves, valve-less design, and more.

  • Freund Container & Supply/A Div. of Berlin Packaging

    Freund is an online distributor of Beckson FDA compliant hand pumps. Four hand pump models are available and all are 12" long, have a 12" polyethylene dip tube, and pump at 5 ounces/stroke. Drop-in models offer either a 9" discharge hose or a spout outlet.

  • Fluitron, Inc.

    The Fluitron MP hand pumps offer a pressure range of 15,000 to 150,000 psi, come in five models, and are suitable for many fluids (tap water, distilled water, alcohol, synthetic oil, etc.). Volume for these hand pumps ranges from 20 cc to 1 L, and flow measurement ranges from 1 cc/hr to 10,000 cc/hr.

  • Northern Tool & Equipment

    Northern Tool & Equipment is an online distributor of hand pumps, including cast iron, rotary, lever action, 5 gallon, barrel, multi-use, rotary, drum and pail, chemical and biodiesel, piston, heavy duty, two-way, and other types of hand pumps.

  • Blackmer, Inc.

    Blackmer is a provider of sliding vane, hand pumps for transferring or dispensing non-corrosive liquids from barrels, drums, vats or tanks for industrial, agricultural or construction applications. These hand pumps feature a capacity range of 7 to 28 gallons (26 to 95 lts.) and fluid viscosities up to 30,000 ssu (6300 Cs).

  • Hydratron

    Hydratron hand pumps were developed for the pressure testing market with wetted parts manufactured from stainless steel. These hand pumps are suitable for either oil or water service. Power packs can be supplied with either single or dual pumps fitted. Maximum working pressures of 10,000 PSI (700 Bar) are available.

  • Bison Pumps

    Bison are manufacturers of hand water pumps for well water applications. These are hand operated deep well hand pumps made of stainless steel and install on top of your well casing.

  • Anti-Seize Technology Industries, Inc.

    Anti-Seize Technology is a manufacturer of heavy-duty rotary hand pumps and compound/heavy fluid pumps. Rotary hand pumps are designed for medium to heavy cutting fluids, oils, solvents and process liquids. Fluid pumps handle compounds, oils, and greases, and come with a crank handle for hand operation.

  • Halsted & Hoggan, Inc

    Halsted & Hoggan are distributors of hand pumps from Monarch and Jabsco.