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A hydraulic gear pump uses a fixed displacement operating principle to move hydraulic fluid and enable heavy machinery to work. Attached to a diesel or gasoline motor, the pump draws fluid out of a reservoir and into its case, where two gears turn in opposite directions. As a result of this motion, fluid flows around the outside of the case from the inlet valve to the outlet valve, and into a pressurized tube that powers machinery. A single outlet valve can be split to power several hydraulic pistons and rotating motors. A crane, for example, can move its arm, turn, drive, and raise and lower its winch using a single hydraulic gear pumping system. Leading Manufacturers: John So. Barnes, Dynamic Fluid Components, Haldex, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

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  • Dalton Bearing & Hydraulic

    Dalton offers Prince hydraulic gear pumps. The SP20, 2 bolt "A" mount gear pumps range from 0.4 to 1.65 IN3 and includes PTFE composite bearings, non-symmetrical gears, alloy steel driveshaft & gears, pressures up to 3000 psi, and 5 drive shaft configurations. The SP25, 2 bolt "B" mount hydraulic gear pumps range from 1.14 to 3.871.65 IN3. The SPD2, plug-in style hydraulic gear pumps range from 1.14 to 3.87 IN3 and are special SP-25A series pumps with through shafts, internal splines and SAE A 2-bolt mount pads.

  • Doosan Mottrol

    Doosan Mottrol designs hydraulic gear swash plate pumps in three series. The T5VP2D series includes duplex swash plate pumps with high strength bearing, anti-wear design and compact size. The T5V series feature swash plate hydraulic pumps for construction and industrial equipments with low pulsation technology. The DPA series feature low noise and low pulsation technology with optional high pressure gear pumps.

  • Marzocchi Pompe

    Marzocchi Pompe has available four series of hydraulic gear pumps. Gear micro pumps feature 0.19 to 1.5 cc/rev and reversible rotation for industrial, mobile and automotive applications. 1P gear pumps feature aluminum pumps for mobile and industrial applications with 1.1 to 8.0 cc/rev reversible rotation and double pump designs. ALP hydraulic gear pumps are single aluminum pumps with 1.4 to 200 cc/rev, single rotation, and reversible designs.

  • Metaris Corp.

    Metaris provides hydraulic gear pumps for mobile and industrial applications. Bearing and bushing gear pumps feature 2400 maximum RPM. Specialty hydraulic gear pumps include Metaris MK20 and ML51 pumps with 2/4 bolt mounting flange and bi-rotational construction.

  • Ningbo Wenkui

    Wenkui provides hydraulic gear pumps. The CBTT series of gear pumps features a 1 to 2.5 inches in gear width range, and 2400 rpm. The CBG2 series of gear pumps feature aluminum alloy body, radial balance bushings and high load capacity bearings. The CBF/E5 series and CBF/4 series of gear pump include high strength aluminum alloy body, radial balance bushings, and anti-friction DU bearings for industrial applications.

  • Atos System Inc.

    Atos offers external gear pumps along with fixed displacement pumps. Type PFG gear pumps are fixed displacement external gear pumps with axial hydraulic balancing, pressure up to 230 bar,  and displacement from 1.4 to 52 cm3/rev. The gear pumps are applicatle for applications involving hydraulic oils or synthetic fluids.

  •, LLC builds hydraulic gear pumps for companies such as Barnes, Webster, Haldes, Eaton, and Cessna. A series of gear pumps feature pressure balanced wear plates, Teflon bushings, precision machined gears and shafts, cast iron gear plates, lightweight aluminum bodies and covers. A series features up to 3200 psi and .32 to 5.17 cubic inches while C series features .30 to 4.7 cubic inches and 3000 psi.

  • HYSECO, Inc.

    HYSECO, Inc. manufactures gear pumps in many designs with up to 3000 psi. Assembly selections consist of SAE 2 bolt, SAE 4 bolt, 6 bolt round, 4 bolt round and foot mounted. Gear widths of pumps range from 1/2 to 3 inches. Available flange mountings include Std. splined of 6 teeth, SAE splined of 9, 13 or 14 teeth, threaded end, Std. keyed, and SAE keyed.