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Hydraulic vane pumps are instruments meant to handle low-to-moderate viscosity liquids such as LP gas, ammonia, solvents, alcohol, fuel oils, gasoline, and refrigerants. They come in both fixed or variable positive-displacement, and in single, double, or combination models. A range of configurations is available, including sliding vane, flexible vane, swinging vane, rolling vane, and external vane. Applications include aerosols and propellants, aviation service such as fuel transfer and deicing, auto and home refrigeration, and more. Advantages include dry priming, simple maintenance, and dependable suction characteristics over the pump’s lifteime. Leading manufacturers: Northman, Continental, Viking Pump, Corken, Grainger, Yuken Hydraulics

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  • Continental Hydraulics

    Continental Hydraulics designs and manufactures variable displacement, pressure compensated hydraulic vane pumps. The PVX model features capacities from 8 to 75 GPM, operating pressures from 200 to 3000 psi, and a heavy-duty one piece rotor. The PVR hydraulic vane pumps feature capacities from 4 to 70 GPM, operating pressures from 100 to 2000 psi, and a direct spring-operated compensator.

  • Metaris Corp.

    Metaris supplies three series of hydraulic rotor vane pumps, with optional flow controls covers and priority flow cover; and four series of industrial and mobile hydraulic vane pumps. The company's rotor vane series of pumps feature maximum rpms of 2200, 3400, and 4800, and maximum pressure up to 2000 or 2500 psi. The industrial and mobile vane pumps have a maximum rpm of 2400, and maximum pressure of 2500 or 3000 psi.

  • Hystar

    Hystar manufactures single hydraulic vane pumps and low-noise hydraulic vane pumps that feature a maximum rpm ranging from 1500 to 1800. Hystar pumps can be fixed displacement or variable displacement types, with maximum pressures of 2300, 2500 or 3600 psi.


  • Ningbo Wenkui

    Wenkui manufactures 11 series of single and double hydraulic vane pumps used for machine tool, plastic machinery engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, and agriculture machinery applications. The company's high pressure hydraulic vane pumps feature a rated pressure of 170kg, a maximum speed of 1800 rpm, and maximum pressure ranging from 160 to 175 kgf/cm2.

  • Yuken Hydraulics

    Yuken manufactures single, fixed-displacement hydraulic vane pumps for extra high pressure applications. These pumps feature a maximum operating pressure of 1020 or 3630 psi. The company also produces single, fixed-displacement hydraulic vane pumps for small size tools requiring low pressure and small flow rates.  The maximum operating pressure for those pumps is 730 psi. Combination, fixed displacement vane pumps, with an operating pressure of 1020 psi, are also available.