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Designed to pump liquids at adjustable flow rates. These pumps will deliver a precise amount of liquid into a system over a give time period.

Designed to pump liquids at adjustable flow rates. These pumps will deliver a precise amount of liquid into a system over a give time period.

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  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates distributes air-operated diaphragm by Airtran, Lutz Jesco Magdos-brand and motor-drive chemical metering pumps, Centran-brand magnetic drive centrifugal, and Masterflex metering pumps.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering designs and distributes metering pumps in chemical (manual or micro-processor based), heavy-duty diaphragm-type injector, and dual-head injector configurations. Pump/tank metering systems are also available.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole Parmer provides a line of metering pumps that includes bellow pumps, diaphragm pumps, hydraulically-actuated diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston pumps, solar-powered feed verification pumps, and syringe pumps. The hydraulically-actuated diaphragm pumps feature maximum pressures of 150 psi, 175 psi, 200 psi, 300 psi, 350 psi, 900 psi, and 1100 psi - with a maximum flow rate of 183 ml/min.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC. is a distributor of industrial pumps. Metering pumps offered include precision, batch control, stroke counter and heavy demand models. Sanitary metering pumps are alos available featuring flow rates up to 35 gpm, twin retractable rollers for SIP and CIP operation, reversible operation, self priming operation and no internal back flow.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger supplies metering pumps manufactures by Pulsafeeder, Stenner, Chem-Tech XPV, Mec-O-Matic, and Control Company. The various metering pumps feature maximum flows of 5 GPM to 168 GPM, and maximum pressures ranging from 25 psi to 250 psi.

  • Randolph Austin Co.

    Randolph Austin Co. designs and manufactures peristaltic metering pumps that feature a flow rate range of .38 ml to .177 ml per minute. The company's metering pumps are used in biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications, and also feature precise metering against a discharge pressure of 43.5 psi.

  • Chempump, Div. of Teikoku USA, Inc.

    The Chempump division of Teikoku USA Inc. provides a line of diaphragm metering pumps that incorporate the latest electronic automated flow control, leak detection, and modular steady flow performance. The pumps are used in process and OEM applications.

  • Madden Manufacturing, Inc.

    Madden Manufacturing Inc. produces a line of diaphragm metering pumps used within industrial plants for injecting a controlled flow of acids, caustics and water treatment chemicals. Various metering pumps feature capacities of 1-7 GPH, 5-75 GPH, 96-180 GPH, and 7-180 GPH up to 250 psi, 300 psi, or 150 psi.

  • Pulsafeeder, Inc.

    Pulsafeeder Inc. distributes peristaltic and motor-driven diaphragm metering pumps along with metering pumps that are solenoid-driven electronically. The diaphragm pumps are design for precise metering at low volumes, while the solenoid-drive pumps are available with a variety of features including 20-4Ma or 4-20mA inputs, stop function, and external pacing.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering Inc. manufactures piston metering pumps used in laboratory, analytical, industrial process, and OEM applications. The metering pumps feature output accuracy of better than plus or minus 1 percent, and a "no valve" design that eliminates problems caused by valves - clogging and leaking.

  • Fishman Corp.

    Fishman Corp. manufactures handheld benchtop, benchtop automation, and automation system-type fluid dispensing metering systems.  The various metering systems are capable of dispensing volumes between 0.0009 and 30cc, 0.00045 and 30cc, and 0.00023 and 30cc - with fluid speeds between 0.00g and 0.771cc per second, 0.0011 and 1.543 cc per second, and 0.023 and 3.086 cc per second.

  • Ivek Corp.

    IVEK Corporation manufactures a family of liquid metering systems. The company's Digifeeder 2002 series of liquid metering pumps feature flow rates from 140 nanoliters per second to 5000 microliters per second. These pumps are used for diagnostic reagent metering for reel-to-reel membrane striping, continuous spray coating, and linear flow for the semiconductor industry.

  • Iwaki America Inc.

    Iwaki America manufactures a series of diaphragm metering pumps that are mechanically actuated with max. pressure of 225 psi and max. capacity of 114 GPH. Used for chemical feed applications, the pumps also feature stroke speeds of 48 SPM to 116 SPM.

  • Jaeco Fluid Systems, Inc.

    Jaeco Fluid Systems Inc. produces diaphragm metering pumps, packed plunger metering pumps, and agricultural injection metering pumps. The diaphragm metering pumps are designed for low-flow applications and are adjustable for a turn-down ratio of 10:1. The agricultural injection metering pumps are developed for industrial applications and designed to work 24-7.

  • Moyno, Inc.

    Moyno Inc. manufactures .5-5HP metering pumps that feature capacities from 0.1 to 4000 GPH and pressures up to 300 psi. Used in chemical processing, pulp and paper, general industrial, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage applications, the metering pumps have a 10:1 speed range, and are 1 or 3 phased.

  • seepex, Inc.

    seepex Inc. manufactures a line of progressive cavity pumps for various metering applications. Pump types include: standard, open hopper, dosing, food grade, vertical, wobble, and macerator.

  • Wanner Engineering

    Wanner Engineering designs and manufactures metering pumps that feature a 10:1 turndown ration, repeatability of 3 percent or better, flow rates from 0 to 2100 GPH, and pressures to 2500 psi,.

  • Watson Marlow Pumps Group

    Watson-Marlow Limited manufactures metering pumps that feature pressure ratings of 30 psi, 30-60 psi, 60-100 psi, and 60-230 psi. Available as non-washdown and heavy-duty types, the metering pumps have flow rates of 2 liters per minute up to 18 liters per minute.

  • Valcor Engineering Corp

    Valcor Engineering Corp. manufactures solenoid-operated metering pumps that feature stainless steel construction. Metering pump specifications include pumping accuracy of plus or minus 2 percent, the ability to handle volumes from .003 cm to 1.5 cm per stroke, and volumetric rates up to 180cm3 per minute.

  • Coker Pump & Equipment Co

    Coker Pump & Equipment distributes metering pumps manufactured by Neptune, Grundfos, and Hydra-Cell. The various metering pumps feature flows up to 5 GPM and pressure up to 1,100 psi. The pumps are used in chemical, feed, oil production and recovery, photographic, plating and electronic applications.