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Multistage pumps are those that contain more that one impeller.

Multistage pumps are those that contain more that one impeller.

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  • Grundfos Pumps Corp.

    Grundfos Pumps Corp. offers a variety of multistage pumps, including: Dureitta Series end suction sanitary, CR Series pressure boosting, CONTRA Series sanitary, CMV Series centrifugal, and CM/CME Series non-self-priming end suction. Pump features include: high reliability, low noise, compact design, high-performance hydraulics, customized solutions, flexibility, energy efficiency, etc. Pumps have applications for: swimming baths, reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration systems, acid/alkali pumping, seawater systems, washing/cleaning systems, process water systems, surface treatment CIP, liquid transfer, air-conditioning, etc.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers G&L and T&T multistage pumps. Pumps have flows ranging from 5 to 1,400 gpm, and pressures up to 1,000 psi. Materials include: stainless steel, cast iron, 316 stainless, and duplex stainless steel. Applications include: boiler feeds, filtration, pressure boosting, water boosting, etc.

  • Taco, Inc.

    Taco, Inc. offers vertical multistage pumps. Pumps have temperature ratings of 250°F, and pressure ratings of 350 psi. Other features include: stainless steel components, zinc-plated hardware, an extra-durable shaft, an ANSI 300 flanged connection, a TEFC/ODP motor, multiple seal options, Teflon neck-rings, etc. Applications include: water distribution, water supply, water treatment, pressure boosting, boiler feed, cooling towers, etc.

  • Dickow Pump Co.

    Dickow Pump Co. offers Type HZSM/HZSMA multistage centrifugal pumps. Pumps have maximum transmissible power ratings of 150 kW (at 2900 rpm), maximum capacities of 1000 gpm (at 60 Hz), and heads up to 1500 ft (at 60 Hz). Applications include: filling storage tanks, offloading trucks, offloading rail cars, tank farms, liquified gas, refineries, etc.

  • Goulds Pumps, ITT Corp.

    Goulds Pumps, ITT Corp. offers Goulds 3600 API 610 (BB3) axially split multistage process pumps. These pumps feature pressures up to 4000 PSI, maximum temperatures of 400°F, heads to 9000 ft, and capacities to 8500 GPM. Pumps have applications for: mine dewatering services, descaling, power generation, pipeline, refining, oil production, etc.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates, Inc. offers Aurora PVM vertical multistage pumps for high pressure applications, including: car washes, chemical feeds, irrigation, jockey pumps, condensate returns, boiler feeds, etc. Pumps have a nominal rpm of 3450, and a maximum working pressure of 360 psi. Pumps have discharge sizes up to 2.5", flow rates up to 215 gpm, and a maximum motor power rating of 40 hp.

  • Lowara (ITT)

    Lowara (ITT) offers a variety of multistage pumps, including: TDB/TDV Series vertical, SVI Series submersible, HM/HMS/HMZ Series horizontal centrifugal, and e-SV Series vertical stainless steel irrigation. Pumps have heads up to 500 m, delivery up to 340 m3/h, a power rating of up to 355 kW, and a maximum operating pressure of 63 bar. Applications include: light industry-water, commercial-water, cooling/chilling, irrigation, water treatment, pressure boosting, industrial washing equipment, rain/water collection, water distribution, HVAC, golf/turf irrigation, etc.

  • Flowserve

    Flowserve offers vertical and nuclear vertical double case multistage pumps. Pumps have flows ranging from 265 to 13200 gpm, heads to 6560 ft, pressures ranging from 2900 to 3410 PSI, and temperatures from -328 to 660°F. Pumps have applications for: water treatment, snowmaking, LNG, industrial gases, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, distillation, dewatering and water supply, condensate extraction, catalytic cracking, nuclear service, etc.

  • The Pump Shop, Inc.

    The Pump Shop, Inc. offers Goulds multistage pump units in a variety of configurations, including: multistage centrifugal, high pressure vertically immersed booster, high pressure centrifugal booster, high pressure booster, SSV dual systems, vertical multistage, etc. Pump materials include: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

  • Ebara Fluid Handling

    Ebara Fluid Handling offers Model EVMU/EVMUG vertical multistage pumps in three sizes: 32, 45, and 64. Pumps have an initial hydraulic coverage to 100 GPM and a TDH of 8 ft. Pumps are made of cast stainless steel, cast iron, and 304 stainless steel materials. These pumps have applications for: HVAC, hot water, water purification, washing systems, reverse osmosis, fire fighting, municipal, industrial, agriculture, boiler feed, etc.

  • Johnson Pump, an SPX brand

    Johnson Pump offers multistage centrifugal pumps in vertical, horizontal, and self-priming configurations. Pump features include: an Atex certification, a mechanical seal, low maintenance cost, high pump efficiency, and a rigid/reliable construction. Pumps have a liquid temperature range of -20 to +120°C, a maximum head delivery of 340m, a maximum speed of 3,600 rpm, and a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar.

  • Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc.

    Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc. offers vertical multistage pumps for a variety of applications, including: industrial, OEM, HVAC, fire fighting, car wash, sprinkler installation, water treatment, boiler feeds, booster systems, marine, processing, etc. Pumps have heads to 1350 ft, a maximum RPM of 3450, horsepower ranges from 1/4 to 60 HP, a discharge of 4" and flows to 600 GPM. Pumps are made of 304/316 stainless steel, and cast iron materials.

  • Finish Thompson, Inc. (FTI)

    Finish Thompson, Inc. offers MSKC Series multistage, sealless, plastic, and horizontal pumps. Pumps have maximum flow rates ranging from 48.5 to 61 gpm, heads up to 98.5 ft, a suction port size of 1.50" and a discharge port size of 1". Impeller diameters range from 71.2 x 15.2 up to 98.5 x 21.3. Other features include: corrosion resistant polypropylene materials, leak-proof design, multiple impellers, a run dry ability, etc.