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OEM pumps are pumps designed to match or replace existing pumps or components from a specific manufacturer.

OEM pumps are pumps designed to match or replace existing pumps or components from a specific manufacturer.

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  • The Gorman-Rupp Co.

    Gorman-Rupp Industries manufactures a line of OEM customizable pumps including: magnetic drive, integrated magnetic drive, centrifugal, bellows metering, compact bellows metering, mini bellows metering, oscillating, and oscillating diaphragm pumps. Other OEM customizable pumps available include peristaltic, piston diaphragm and gear pumps.

  • Vacuubrand, Inc.

    Vacuubrand manufactures diaphragm pumps for OEM applications. These pumps feature a 24 VDC drive, speed variable from 400 to 2200 min, a compact design, and flexible mounting positions. The pumps are used for OEM solutions in laboratories, analysis and industry.


    CAT Pumps manufactures industrial, triplex high pressure piston and plunger pumps for OEM applications including process and heavy-duty cleaning applications. Piston and plunger OEM pump types include stainless steel, flushed, CO2, and foam firefighting. The pumps are available with a variety of drive types including belt, flexible coupling and bell housing, direct, clutch, and gearbox.

  • Tecan Cavro

    Tecan Carvo produces a line of OEM pumps including a 60 mm stroke OEM syringe pump, a compact high performance 30mm stroke syringe pump, a continuous flow diaphragm pump, and an eight-roller, one-channel peristaltic pump for continuous flow applications.

  • Watson Marlow Pumps Group

    Watson Marlow manufactures a number of OEM pumps including its 400A series peristaltic pump, which is one of the smallest low-flow pumps on the market for up to 30 ml/min. The majority of the company's OEM pumps feature a compact design, 1 to 8 channels, and the ability to pump up to 200 ml/min to 340 mil/min.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer distributes Air Cadet-brand miniature OEM vacuum/pressure pumps that feature maximum vacuum of 5.9" Hg and free air capacities of 0.5 lpm, 1 lpm, and .4 lpm.

  • Verderflex

    Verderflex designs and manufactures panel-mounted tube pumps for OEM applications. These peristaltic OEM pumps feature maximum flow rates from 60 ml/min to 4,000 ml/min, AC or DC motors, and light or heavy-duty designs. The various OEM pumps are used in printing, packaging, chemical dosing, washing machine, vending machine, air conditioning unit, and water treatment system applications.

  • Hartell Pumps

    Hartell Pumps manufactures four types of OEM pumps: condensate pumps, wastewater pumps, ice machine pumps, and circulating pumps. The company's pumps are used in the HVAC, medical, research laboratory, food and beverage, and wastewater industries. The circulating pumps are available with DC brushed and brushless motors, or AC sleeve bearing motors - with 3/8" to 5/8" pipe connections.

  • Weldon Pumps

    Weldon Pump designs and develops a number of OEM pumps - hydraulic pumps and vane pumps - for a range of applications including: emergency fuel boost, priming injected engines, lubrication, fuel transfer, airborne, carbureted engines, marine, automotive, circulating, small turbine, anti-icing, propeller unfeathering, and ground support equipment.

  • Pioneer Pump, Inc.

    Pioneer Pump manufactures OEM portable pumps including centrifugal pumps, self-priming pumps, and hydraulic submersible pumps. The standard centrifugal OEM pumps and hydraulic submersible pumps feature head up to 700 feet and flow rate of 20-18,000 GPM. The self-priming pumps feature head up to 200 feet and flow rate of 20-3,500 GPM.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering Inc. designs OEM pumps that feature displacement from 0 to 1280 microlitres per revolution, 1 percent accuracy, and 0.5 percent precision over millions of cycles. The OEM pumps are available as motorless pedestal, miniature adjustable, sub-microliter dispensing, and variable displacement types.

  • KNF Neuberger, Inc.

    KNF Neubereger designs and manufactures liquid micro OEM pumps, liquid mini OEm pump, and liquid OEM metering pumps. All three OEM pump types are diaphragm pumps that are chemical resistant and intended for use in aggressive corrosives. The pumps are constructed of PTFE or polypropylene.

  • Iwaki America Inc.

    Iwaki America manufactures OEM pump products for a number of applications including: liquid/gas handling, precision metering for biomedical instrumentation, chemical dispensing and circulation in semiconductor manufacturing, coolant circulation in fuel cells, laser chillers, safe handling of aggressive fluids for chemical process, and general industrial requirements.

  • The Bosworth Co.

    Bosworth Company designs and manufactures industrial OEM pumps including hand pumps, motorized pumps, and foot pumps. The motorized pumps feature 115 VAC gear motors with speeds from 16 to 100 RPM, and flow rates from 1.8 GPM to 11 GPM. The pumps also have a maximum pressure range of 3-11 psi, and the ability to accomodate 1/2" to 1-1/4" hoses.

  • RolaTec Pump Co.

    Rolatec Pump manufactures OEM peristaltic hose pumps that feature positive displacement flow at 20 psi head pressure. At 400 RPM with 3/* ID tubing the flow rate of the pumps is 6 liters/min. These OEM pumps are used for inks, chemical and abrasive slurry transfer, paints, dispensing food products, corrosive chemicals, glues, coatings and sterile fluids.

  • KD Scientific, Inc.

    KD Scientific engineers microliter and milliliter syringe pumps for OEM applications. The KDS 900 microliter pump feature 0.5 ul to 50/60 ml syringes and plus or minus 0.5 percent accuracy. The KDS 910 milliliter pumps feature minimum linear force of 25 pounds over an entire range.

  • New Era Pump Systems, Inc.

    New Era Pump System Inc. manufactures OEM syringe pumps, double OEM syringe pumps, and custom designed OEM syringe pumps. The standard OEM syringe pumps operate on a 12 VDC power source, hold one syringe up to 60 cc, and feature maximum flow rates of 25.49 ml/hr to 2120 ml/hr.

  • Anko Products, Inc.

    Anko Products manufactures four OEM peristaltic tubing pump models. The company's most popular OEM peristaltic pump - model 800 - are for beverage machines, chemical injection, water treatment systems, and seed coating equipment. These pumps feature flow rates from .4ml/min to 987 ml/min, and are available with four different tube sizes and in 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 12 DC or 24 DC.

  • Viking Pump, Inc.

    Viking Pump custom manufactures OEM pump types including internal gear pumps, external gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps, and vane pumps.

  • Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

    Magnatex Pumps Inc. manufactures centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, and magnetic drive pumps for OEM applications. The company's line of metallic and non-metallic pumps feature maximum flows from 20 GPM to 5000 GPM, and maximum head from 95 feet to 720 feet.