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Piston pumps are positive displacement pumps used to move liquids or compress gasses.

Piston pumps are positive displacement pumps used to move liquids or compress gasses.

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  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. Ltd. manufactures a number of piston pumps. Types include constant-flow, high pressure HPLC gradient, dual solenoid, variable-speed, economical digital, high pressure gradient, isocratic dispensing, valved, valveless, and preparative digital gradient piston pumps.

  • Tri-Rotor, Inc.

    Tri Rotor Inc. manufactures foot-mounted rotary, close-coupled rotary, and rotary piston pumps. Options include 30, 40, 80, 100, 120, 200, or 220 GPM. The company also provides replacement parts.


    CAT Pumps manufactures triplex, high pressure piston pumps that feature suction capabilities up to 8.5 psi. The pumps are available with brass, stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze, duplex, titanium, and steel construction.

  • K/M Specialty Pumps and Systems, Inc.

    K/M Specialty Pumps & Systems distributes Tri-Rotor brand rotary piston pumps that feature flows of up to 30 GPM to 220 GPM, and optional flows from 20 GPM to 430 RPM. These piston pumps are available with 1 1/2" tapped ports, 2" tapped port, 3" flanged port, 4" flanged ports, and 4" top suction x 3" side discharge ports.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger distributes Dayton-brand piston pumps that feature hollow or solid shaft types, and maximum pressure of 500 psi, 800 psi, or 1000 psi.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Hydraulics designs and manufactures open circuit and closed circuit piston pumps for medium duty mobile markets and high pressure industrial applications. These piston pumps feature heavy-duty design, variable displacement, and a variety of configurations.

  • Ingersoll-Rand Co.

    Ingersoll Rand manufactures pneumatic piston pumps and hydraulic-powered piston pumps available as two-ball, four-ball and chop-check types. The two ball design are capable of transferring low to medium viscosity fluids from 0 to 25,000 cPs, while the four ball piston pumps are for higher volume and recirculation applications.

  • Clark Solutions

    Clark Solutions produces piston solenoid-operated, miniature piston pumps that feature maximum pressures of 5.8 psi, 11.6 psi, 14.5 psi, 26 psi, 29 psi, 200 psi, or 27.5 psi. The pumps also feature maximum flows of 83 ml/min, 2.4 GPH, 2.64 GPH, 21 GPH, 26.5 GPH, 17.2 GPH, or 250 LPH.

  • Dynex Inc

    Dynex/Rivett Inc. manufactures high pressure, hydraulic piston pumps that feature operating pressure from 6000 to 20,000 psi, and efficient pressure compensation to 8500 psi. The pumps also feature flows from 0,22 to 60 GPM at 1800 rpm.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    Fluid Metering Inc. designs and produces reciprocating piston metering pumps used in laboratory, analytical, industrial process, and OEM applications that require precision fluid control.

  • Graco Inc

    Graco Inc. manufactures industrial piston pumps for fluid transfer and supply in semi-viscous applications. The pumps feature flow rates up to 23 GPM and are available in double-ball and priming piston designs.

  • Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

    Moog Inc. designs and supplies radial piston pumps available in sizes 19, 32, 45, 63, 80, 100 and 140 cc per revolution. The pump's design permits continuous pressure to 4,000 psi with a 5,000 psi peak limit. Explosion-proof and digital control versions of the piston pumps are available.

  • QED Environmental Systems, Inc.

    QED Environmental Systems engineers extended-duty piston pumps for landfill pumping. Pump specifications include maximum flow rates of 2 GPM or 5 GPM, a maximum cycle rate of 40 cpm, and maximum air pressure of 120 psi.

  • Sauer-Danfoss

    Sauer Danfoss manufactures a line of piston pumps including closed circuit, automotive control, closed circuit high power, closed circuit medium power, closed circuit low power, and open circuit axial types. The standard closed circuit pumps feature pressure ranging from 210 psi to 310 psi, and displacement up to 147 in3/rev.

  • Xcor Aerospace, Inc.

    XCOR produces reciprocating and proprietary, propellant piston pumps that are a primary component of a number of rocket engines.

  • CDS-John Blue Company

    CDS-John Blue Company designs single and double piston pumps that feature maximum flows of 42 GPM, 34.2 GPM, and 21 GPM. Equipped with a 1 1/2" FPT inlet, the piston pumps also feature maximum pressure of 120 psi.

  • Motion Industries, Inc.

    Motion Industries distributes a number of piston pumps manufactured by Vickers, Eaton Hydrostatic, and Pumper Parts. The company also supplies piston pumps produced by Yuken, Wilden Pump, Cat Pumps Corp., Simplex, Aro, Justrite, Nordson, Parker Hannifin, Power Team, Rexroth Hydraulics, SKF, Videojet, and Wright Flow Technologies.

  • Cleaning Deburring Finishing, Inc. (CDF)

    Cleaning, Deburring, Finishing Inc. distributes triplex, positive displacement, reciprocating, and high pressure piston pumps manufactured by CAT Pumps.