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Pumps utilizing fluid pressure and motion via a reciprocating piston in a cylinder. Plunger pumps are also known as reciprocating pumps.

Pumps utilizing fluid pressure and motion via a reciprocating piston in a cylinder. Plunger pumps are also known as reciprocating pumps.

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  • Annovi Reverberi (AR) North America, Inc.

    AR North America offers plunger pumps in the following configurations: misting, medium duty triplex, medium duty axial radial, industrial stainless steel triplex, industrial duty triplex, hot water (up to 185°F), and car wash triplex. XM Series stainless steel pumps are constructed from corrosion-resistant SAE 316 stainless steel materials, and they have applications for waste water odor control, seal gland flushing, and reverse osmosis water desalination. These pumps come in flow ranges from 0.5 to 3 GPM, pressures to 1500 PSI, speeds to 1750 RPM, and solid/hollow shaft styles up to 24mm.

  • Wastecorp Pumps, LLC

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers PE Series medium duty, HPX Series trailer mounted, HPE Series heavy duty, and EHPE Series severe duty plunger pumps. HPX Series trailer mounted plunger pumps feature 160,000 PSI tensile strength shafts, heavy duty cast iron plungers, 4" 125 lb discharge/suction flanged hose connections, and up to 1800 Yanmar diesel RPMs. These pumps perform hydrostatic/pump performance testing, and they are designed for mobile sludge pumping in catch basins, sewage, oilfields, etc.

  • Jaeco Fluid Systems, Inc.

    Jaeco Fluid Systems, Inc. offers JaecoPak packed plunger and Jaeco Hi-Flo heavy duty plunger metering pumps. JaecoPak packed plunger metering pumps feature a rugged/streamlined construction, maintenance-free operations, simplex to duplex field conversions, and accuracies to ±0.5% at a steady rate. Optional features include: spring-loaded single/double ball check valves, 440 hardened plungers, and purge-port plugs. These pumps are constructed from Viton, PTFE, neoprene, Alloy 20, and 316 stainless steel materials.


    CAT PUMPS offers industrial duty triplex plunger pumps. These pumps are highly efficient, dependable, low-pulsating, field-proven, and versatile. They have GPM ratings ranging from 0.13 to 240, PSI ratings ranging from 100 to 10,000, and they are constructed from duplex stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze, and brass materials.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers plunger pumps in a variety of configurations. Model 1MCX7 high-pressure/triplex pressure pumps come with over-sized bearings/connecting rods, stainless steel valves, precision die-cast crankcases, and forged brass manifolds (with high-grade head bolts). These pumps feature continuously lubricated seals, concentric ceramic plungers, temperature ratings up to 140°F, and discharge pressures up to 4000 PSI. They have applications for cooling misting, sewer jetting, pressure washing, car washing, and high-pressure water applications.

  • Glauber Equipment Corp.

    Glauber Equipment Corp. offers general plunger pumps for pressure wash, car wash, industrial, and desalination applications. These pumps have GPM ratings ranging from 0.5 to 112 and pressure ratings ranging from 5800 to 20,300 PSI. Pumps have a durable, ISO 9001 compliant construction.

  • BPH Pump & Equipment

    BPH Pump & Equipment offers high-pressure plunger pumps for a variety of applications, including: oil processing, chemical, reverse osmosis, pressure cleaning, car washes, etc. These pumps are dependable, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, and easy to install. Pumps can reach up to 7,000 PSI, and they feature liquid/heavy-duty drive ends. They are constructed from ceramic, stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze, brass, chrome plated, and forged brass materials.

  • Ultimate Washer

    Ultimate Washer, Inc. P56 Series, P200 Series, P300 Series, and P400 Series Giant triplex plunger pumps. The P56 Series features self-adjusting packing systems, solid ceramic plungers, flows up to 6.1 GPM, and discharge pressures up to 2320 PSI. These pumps come in 22mm shaft diameters, dual 1/2" BSP inlet ports, dual 3/8" BSP discharge ports, and maximum temperatures up to 160°F.

  • General Pump

    General Pump manufactures plunger pumps for pressure cleaning, vehicle wash, sewer jet, oil, gas, mining, and misting applications.