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  • ACD, Inc.

    ACD, Inc. offers liquid CO2 pumps in the following models: CP/AC & DCP/DAC centrifugal, TC34 submerged, and AC32 sealless. Models CP/A & DCP/DAC centrifugal pumps feature inducers for low NPSH requirements, a strong intermediate construction for operational/installation imperfections, and a rugged/hydraulic design for high speed continuous duty. These pumps have applications for laboratory research, pipeline backup, liquid storage transfer, and trailer/truck off-loading.


    CAT PUMPS offers brass or 316 stainless steel liquid carbon dioxide pumps for a variety of applications, including: coal bed methane recovery, foam/gel manufacturing, machine tool cooling, carbon sequestration, lipid extraction, etc. These pumps have pressure ranges from 400 to 5,000 PSI and flow ranges from 0.5 to 48 GPM. Pumps also feature special seals for cold temperatures, inverted manifolds for vapor entrapment prevention, and optional glycol flushing to prevent freezing.