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Progressing cavity pumps are positivie displacement pumps tht transfer fluid via volumetric flow from a spinning rotor.

A type of positive displacement pump, a progressive cavity pump – also referred to as a progressing pump – transfers fluid through fixed-shape cavities while its rotor is turned. This allows the volumetric flow rate to be proportional to the rotation rate. Progressive cavity pumps are used for food and drink, oil, slurry, sewage, sludge, viscous chemical, fluid metering, and well drilling applications

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  • seepex, Inc.

    Seepex Inc. manufactures standard progressive cavity pumps that feature flow rates of 0.132 GPM to 2,2000 GPM, and pressures up to 720 psi. The pumps have a high self-priming rate, a large spherical entrance port, and provide steady, low-pulsation pumping.

  • Bornemann Pumps Inc.

    Bornemann Pumps manufactures progressive cavity pumps used for conveying tasks within the chemical, petrochemical, food, cosmetic, paper, building construction, and mining industries. The pumps feature capacities of 4-1,100 GPM, bar up to 80, and psi ranging from 180 to 1,160. Types of progressive cavity pumps available include universal, compact, submerged, and high pressure.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates' Liberty Process progressive cavity pumps come in 3 configurations: AP Series (long coupled foot mounted), APM Series progressing cavity motor (wobble stator), and the L Series foot mounted progressive cavity pumps (long coupled). All pumps come in either cast iron or stainless steel casing, and have a maximum differential pressure ranging from 50 to 255 psi. Pumps are made with stainless steel, cast iron, natural rubber, viton, Buna-N/Nitrile, and chrome plated hardened carbon steel materials. AP and APM Series pumps have a maximum capacity at 1750 rpm of up to 53 gpm. L Series pumps range from 0.26 to 65.2 gallons per 100 revolutions.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes variable-speed progressive cavity pumps that feature an AC VFD drive or 1/2 HP AC motor. These progressive cavity pumps also feature 2.13-78 GPH, 0.5 to 0.75 GPM, 0-65 GPH, or 0-130 GPH depending on model.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger distributes progressive cavity pumps manufactured by Netzsch. The various pumps are available with 1/3, 1/2, or 7/8 HP motors; and 565 RPM, 600 RPM, or 1105 RPM.

  • Continental Pump Co.

    Continental Pump Co. manufactures four progressive cavity pump models that feature maximum GPM of .55, 3, 10, 24, 46, 100, 130, 190 250, 360, and 1920; and maximum pressures of 15, 60, 75, 120, 150, 180, 225, 360, and 450psi. The company's CG progressive cavity pump model is designed to handle heavier applications of industrial waste, sewage, slurries, and polluted liquids.

  • Netzsch Pumps North America LLC

    Netzsch Pumps North America LLC manufactures progressive cavity pumps that feature a low shear rate on fluid being pumped, and a flow that is proportional to the pump's operating speed. The pumps also feature low, medium, and high pressure pumping capabilities, along with the ability to handle high viscosity and solids content.

  • Advanced Rotary Pump Systems Inc

    Advanced Rotary Pump Systems Inc. distributes a full line of progressing cavity pumps manufactured by R&M Energy Systems and Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems Baker-Hughes.

  • Liberty Process Equipment

    Liberty Process Equipment supplies more than 11 styles of progressive cavity pumps. The Liberty series of progressive cavity pumps feature flows from a fraction of a gallon up to 250 GPM. All the pumps are available in 1, 2, and 3 stages for discharge pressures of 75, 150, and 225 psi.

  • Moyno, Inc.

    Moyno Inc. designs and develops progressive cavity pumps that feature positive displacement, non-pulsating performance, a temperature range up to 240F, and pressures to 75 psi or 600 psi. The pumps also feature capacities from .02 to 66 GPM or .01 to 900 GPH. The standard pump models are used in abrasive chemical, slurry, marine septic system, nitric acid, paint and ink, and laboratory testing applications.

  • Monoflo Incorporated

    NOV Monoflo manufactures progressive cavity pumps used for handling slurries, viscous, shear sensitive or two or tri-phase mixtures. The pumps are also designed to self prime and suction lift up to 28 feet, and feature a low running speed for abrasive applications.

  • Tarby

    Tarby designs progressive cavity pumps and PC pump replacement parts. The company's various progressive cavity pumps feature flow rates up to 500 GPM, 400 GPM, 100 GPM, 750 GPM, or 300 GPM. The pumps also feature pressures up to 175 psi, 760 psi, 150 psi, 500 psi, and 300 psi.

  • Watson Marlow Pumps Group

    Watson Marlow Pumps Group manufactures progressive cavity pumps that feature a narrow applications band to prevent premature wear, unlimited dry running, good abrasive handling, and low maintenance requirements.

  • BPH Pump & Equipment

    BPH Pumps & Equipment distributes BJM and Lutz-brand progressive cavity pumps used in high pressure applications including oil, sewage, slurry, chemicals, wastewater, food and drink, and groundwater. The various pumps feature maximum flow of 4.8 GPM, 6.8 GPM, and 46 GPM.

  • Colfax Corporation

    Colfax Corporation distributes progressive cavity pumps manufactures by Allweiler and Tuschaco. The self-priming, rotary positive-displacement pumps are used in sewage and environmental engineering, chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper industries.

  • Fluid Research Corporation

    Fluid Research Corp. provides progressive cavity pumps including metering, positive displacement, and dosing types. The company's pumps are used within the food, adhesive, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • KGO Group Ltd

    KGO Group Ltd. manufactures progressive cavity pumps that are capable of pumping viscous polymers, slurries, sludges, high solid compounds, and abrasive materials. The company also provides spare parts and components for Moyno, Tarby, Seepex, Allweiler and Netzsch-brand progressive cavity pumps.

  • Kudu Industries Inc

    Kudu Industries Inc. manufactures progressive cavity pumps engineered to handle heavy, medium or light oil; coal bed methane; and dewatering applications.

  • PCM Pumps

    PCM Pumps manufactures progressive cavity pumps available with capacities up to 240 m3/h and 45 bars. Designed to handle fragile, abrasive, and viscous fluids - including fluids with solids -, the pumps provide steady, low-pulsating pumping.

  • Torqueflow Sydex

    Torqueflow Sydex manufactures progressive cavity, positive displacement pumps that feature flows from 50 L/h to 200 m3/h, and 48 bar of pressure.