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A collection of distributors of pumps & pump products, searchable by state

A collection of distributors of pumps & pump products, searchable by state

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  • Progressive Pumps Corp.

    Progressive Pumps Corp. is a distributor of diaphragm, gear, centrifugal, mag-drive, drum, submersible, peristaltic, sanitary and metering pumps. Manufacturers include Ebara, Flux, Graco, Griffco, Liquiflo, LMI, March, and Myron L.

  • Lane Engineering Equipment Co. Inc.

    Lang Engineering are distributors of diaphragm, gear, centrifugal, positive displacement, metering, turbine and drum pumps. They carry Yamada, Standard, Isochem and Eco, Chempump, Eastern, Pulsatron, Procon, March, Tuthill and Price brands.

  • Pumping Solutions Inc

    Pumping Solutions offers diaphragm, barrel, drum, container, centrifugal, fire, fountain, gear, hose, tube, peristaltic, magnetic drive, metering, OEM/miniature, self-priming, submersible and turbine pumps. Manufactures include Burks, Flojet, Flux, Gore, Gorman-Rupp, Goulds, Iwaki, Price, Serfilco, Shurflo, Tuthi, Wilden, and others.

  • Burt Process Equipment

    Types of pumps offered by BPE include booster and transfer, centrifugal, diaphragm, drum, extrusion, gear, high pressure, magnetic drive, metering, oscillating, peristaltic, progressing cavity, piston, rotary, sump, submersible and vertical designs. Manufacturers include Aro, Abs, AMT, Ansimag, Blue-White, Blacoh, Eastern, ECO, Ebara, Eclipse, Flux, Finish Thompson, Fluid-o-Tech, Grundfos, GRI, Hayward, Isochem, Lutz, and many others.

  • Bykowski Equipment Co. (BEECO)

    BEECO are distributors of a wide variety of pumps, including aseptic, centrifugal, drum, barrel, diaphragm, high pressure, positive displacement, inducer, metering, rotary, self-priming and unloaders. Manufacturers include Ampco, Standard, Graco, APV & WCB.

  • Semler Industries

    Semler Industries offers pump and compressor packages for a variety of industries. Types of pumps include vane, gear, AODD, eccentric disc, progressive cavity, magnetic drive, centrifugal, piston, peristaltic, hose, submersible and more. Manufacturers include Blackmer, AMT, Graco, Griswold, ITT Marlow/Goulds, CAT, Haight, Price, Finish Thompson, and others.

  • Technical Equipment Sales Co (TESCO)

    TESCO offers pumps from AMT, Fluid-O-Tech, Gormann Rupp, Home Brewing, Jabsco, Lutz, March, Micropump, MP, Standard and Wilden. Marine, hot water and solar heating pumps are also available.

  • Central States Group

    Central States Group offers centrifugal and metering pumps, including ANSI process, Mag Drive, horizontal split case, sump, vertical turbine, high pressure multi-stage, submersible, stainless steel, and general purpose types.

  • Wagner Process Equipment

    TPM are distributors of submersible, immersible, sealless magnetically driven, canned motor, air operated double diaphragm, positive displacement, metering and sanitary pumps. Manufacturers include Durco, Flowserve, Grundfos, Gusher, Innomag and Scot.

  • Oliver M. Dean Inc.

    OMD sells pumps for sanitary/hygienic processing. They also stock pumps for chillers, water, chemicals, glycol, dosing, waste, and more. Types include centrifugal, rotary lube, liquid ring, progressing cavity, diaphragm, metering, drum and tote, sealless MagDrive, utility, and others.

  • Barrett Engineered Pumps

    Barrett is a distributor of pumps for industrial, irrigation, commercial, marine and municipal applications. Manufacturers include Yeomans, Gorman-Rupp, Peerless, Hydromatic, Raychem, Graco, Hydra-Cell, Grundfos, March, CAT, Roth, Amtrol, Cascade, Burks, Flojet, Goulds, Lawrence, FMC and Wheatley Hydronic.

  • Simonds Machinery Co.

    Simonds is a distributor of centrifugal, vertical turbine, sanitary, rotary lobe, wastewater, self-priming, axial flow, propeller, ANSI, solids handling, and dozens of other types of pumps. Manufacturers include American Marsh, Ampco, Barnes, Burks, FE Myers, ITT Jabsco, March, MP, Neptune, Oberdorfer, Rotan, and many others.

  • ePumps Inc.

    ePumps carries a wide variety of pumps, including ANSI, vertical, sump, slurry, multi-stage, rotary vane, chemical, regenerative turbine, LPG, submersible, positive displacement, diaphragm, high pressure, and many others. Manufacturers include Flowserve, Corken, Ebara, FMC, Graco, Hoss, Hydra-Cell, March, Weir, and more.

  • Phoenix Pumps, Inc.

    Phoenix are distributors of many types of pumps, including ammonia, API, canned motor, shredder, drum, end suction, gear, high temperature, lobe, metering, peristaltic, ANSI, sanitary, self-priming, vacuum, vortex, and many other types. Manufacturers include ABS, ARO, Baldor, BJM, Blackmer, CAT, Chempump, Dean, Ebara, Falk, Floway, Goulds, Isochem, and dozens of others.

  • Barish Pump Company, Inc.

    Barish offers a variety of pumps from many manufacturers. Types include bilge, chemical, dredge, filtration, drum, water, high pressure, HVAC, food process, metering, laboratory, petroleum process, sanitary, and many others. Manufacturers include Wilden, APCO, Almatec, AMT, MasterFlex, Barnes, Blackmer, Finish Thompson, Flux, Gorman-Rupp, Griswold, Grundfos, Hale, and others.

  • Cummins-Wagner Co Inc.

    Cummins-Wagner are pump distributors for the agriculture, asphalt and aggregate, biopharm, chemical, commercial, food and beverage, mining, petroleum, power generation, pulp and paper, wastewater and water industries.

  • Depco Pump Company

    Depco is a pump distributor for Ampco, AMT, Barnes, Burks, Calpump, CAT, Crown, Deming, Edson, Finish-Thompson, Flojet, Flotec, Fluid-O-Tech, Flux, Gianneschi, Giant, Gorman-Rupp, Goulds, Griswold, Haight, Hypro, Jabsco, Johnson, Little Giant, Lutz, March, Marlow, MP, and many others manufacturers.

  • Columbia Pipe & Supply Co.

    Columbia is a distributor of sump, sewage, circulating, pressure, boiler feed, condensate return, diaphragm and specialty pumps from AK Industries, American Marsh, Bell & Gossett, Goulds, Grundfos, Gusher, Larox, Little Giant, March, Spirax, Zoeller, and other manufacturers.

  • W.E. Marshall Co.

    W.E. Marshall is a distributor of a variety of pump types, including sealless, centrifugal, metering, progressive cavity, rotary vane, diaphragm, and others. Manufacturers include Ebara, Peerless, Toyo, Sunflo, Gorman Rupp, Corken, March, Hayward-Gordon, Nikkiso, and more.

  • Professional Pumps Inc.

    Professional Pump are distributors of Goulds, Warren Rupp, Tuthill, Seepex, Pulsafeeder, CAT, Dekker, March, Ebara, and other manufacturer's pumps.