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Saltwater pumps are designed for use most commonly in saltwater and brackish water marine applications.

Saltwater pumps are designed for use most commonly in saltwater and brackish water marine applications.

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  • Tsurumi Pump offers titanium 1/2 HP waterfall pumps, titanium 1 HP waterfall pumps, and stainless steel 1/2 HP sump pumps. Titanium 1/2 HP waterfall pumps have GPM ratings ranging from 14 to 90, temperature allowances up to 140°F, and they are constructed from NBR, silicon carbide, and Titanium materials. These pumps are ideal for corrosive, chemical spill containment, bilge pump, water fountain, and saltwater applications.


    CAT PUMPS offers waste saltwater re-injection pumps. 311 5-frame plunger pumps have RPMs up to 1190, pressures ranging from 100 to 1500, a triplex/positive displacement construction, and inlet/discharge port sizes ranging from 0.5 to 0.37. These pumps are constructed from NBR and 316 stainless steel materials.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers double diaphragm salt water pumps. G1F metallic design level-1 ball valve pumps have capacities ranging from 0 to 45 GPM, solids handling diameters up to 25", and 0.11 displacements per stroke. These pumps are constructed from stainless steel/aluminum materials, and they are designed to pump the following fluids: acids, caustic liquids, glycol, lubrication oils, condensate, drilling mud, salt water, and crude oil.

  • Ampco Pumps Company

    Ampco PUmps Company offers marine pumps for saltwater applications. These pumps range in flows from 5 to 1600 GPM, heads up to 350 feet, and they are available in nickel aluminum bronze, or Duplex 2205 stainless steel materials. Additional applications include: fire pumps, circulation, wash-down, refrigeration, condenser cooling, engine cooling, ballasts, bilge, reverse osmosis systems, distillation, etc.

  • Wanner Engineering

    Wanner Engineering offers saltwater pumps for driver assistance, undersea operation, and fishing boat applications. These pumps have the following features: a seal-less design, pressures allowances up to 170 bar, they can operate to depths to 1,640 feet, and they can handle solids up to 500 microns.

  • GPM, Inc.

    GPM Pumping offers saltwater pumping systems that are self-lubricated with the following liquids: chemicals, grease, oil, river water, salt water, water, etc. These systems can pump up to 12,000 GPM, they have split casings, and dual volutes. They are constructed from stainless steel and HDPE materials.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers saltwater pumps in a variety of configurations, including: marine, RV, flexible impeller, engine driven, and chemical.  Little Giant Magnetic Drive pumps have 1/10 HP power ratings, current ratings up to 1.7 Amps, PSI up to 30, and GPMs up to 14.2. These pumps are constructed from polypropylene materials, and they have the following applications: contamination, wear, elimination of seal-caused friction loss, mild chemicals, etc.