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Self-priming pumps are capable of clearing their own air passages (after becoming air-bound) in order to continue delivering pumpage without outside attention.

Self-priming pumps are capable of clearing their own air passages (after becoming air-bound) in order to continue delivering pumpage without outside attention.

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  • The Gorman-Rupp Co.

    Gorman-Rupp offers over 15 styles of self-priming centrifugal pumps. Everything from heavy duty solids handling to end suction limited solids to trash handling pumps for liquid manure applications is available.

  • Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Formerly Dean, Fybroc & Sethco Di

    Met-Pro are distributors of self-priming pumps, including ANSI chemical process pumps from Dean, self-priming corrosion resistant fiberglass pumps from Fybroc, and magnetic drive pumps Sethco.

  • Finish Thompson, Inc. (FTI)

    FTI offers four models of self-priming pumps with multiple impeller diameters allowing for enhanced hydraulic selection and application flexibility.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps are distributors of self-priming pedestal and diaphragm pumps from AMT and Gorman-Rupp, self-priming utility pumps and centrifugal pumps, and many models of Banjo and Wemco pumps.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates are distributors of many brands of self-priming pumps, including non-clog Hydromatic, Lutz JESCO MAGDOS and motor driven chemical metering pumps, Airtran diaphragm (air operated), and MP Flomax self-priming pumps.

  • Goulds Water Technology

    Goulds are manufacturers of two models of horizontal, ANSI chemical process, sealed, self-priming end-suction centrifugal pumps, as well as large solids handling and process pumps.

  • Schaerges & Vossler Pump Co.

    Schaerges & Vossler offer SP/Su Series self-priming pumps with impeller diameters ranging from 6 1/4" (158.75 mm) to 14 3/4" (374.65 mm), speeds ranging from 650 to 2150 rpm to 1150 to 2900 rpm, and max. solids of 1 1/8" (28.57 mm) to 3" (76.2 mm). They also offer Crown self-priming pumps and universal drive pumps (3", 4", 6").

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply are distributors of self-priming pumps from AMT, Goulds, and others made in the USA. Types include centrifugal and sewage trash self-priming pumps. ODP and TEFC motor types are available.  Many input voltages, amperage ratings (8/4 thru 47/24) and horsepower (1 thru 15 hp) ratings are offered.

  • Coker Pump & Equipment Co

    Coker Pump & Equipment carries self-priming pumps from Barnes, Burks, CH&E, Ill-Marlow, Price, and Weir & Pioneer. Flows to 7,500 GPM and pressures to 150 PSI are available. Types of self-priming pumps offered include waste water, sludge, slurry, sewage, sump, petroleum, fuel oil, acid and chemical.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pump offers self-priming pumps from Berkley/Sta-Rite, Hydromatic, Vanton and Marlow. Types include close coupled, frame mounted, submersible, grinder, plastic, centrifugal, vertical sump, and engine driven self-priming pumps.

  • Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc

    Vertiflo offers their Series 2100 trash handling and solids handling self-priming centrifugal pumps. Applications include liquids entrained with solids, pulp and paper, mining, meat packing, industrial, sewage, sludge, slurries, trash and wastewater. The Series 2100 self-priming pumps feature capacities to 1300 GPM and heads to 112 feet.

  • Friatec N.A., Engineered Products, LLC

    Friatec offers horizontal thermoplastic self-priming pumps (also available in magnetic drive) in polypropylene, polyethylene and PVDF for corrosive applications. Flows to 250 gpm are available.

  • Gusher Pumps

    Gusher Pumps offers their 8000 Series horizontal centrifugal self-priming pumps. Heads up to 130 feet at 1750 RPM and capacities to 1200 GPM are available. Applications include filtration, irrigation, dewatering, transfer, sump, agriculture, and others.

  • Tramco Pump Co.

    Tramco Pump are distributors of Gorman-Rupp centrifugal sump and sewage self-priming pumps, as well as OTS brand self-priming pumps. Other pump manufacturers include Viking, Griswold, Deming and Carver.

  • Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc.

    Crane Pumps & Systems offers Crown brand self-priming solids handling pumps in a broad range of centrifugal styles for light to heavy duty watewater applications. Features include heads to 140 feet and flows to 2,750 GPM.

  • Fluid Metering, Inc.

    FMI offers their CeramPump self-priming (up to 15') pumps with no valves to clog, leak, hang up or service. Flows from microliters to 4 liters/min. are available.

  • A B Industrial

    AB Industrial are distributors of self-priming centrifugal pumps. Manufacturers include Goulds, Vanton, Fybroc, Dean, Gorman-Rupp, and many others.

  • Pumping Solutions Inc

    Pumping Solutions offers self-priming pumps with capabilities up to 28 feet on some designs. There are over 30 models to choose from with horsepower ranges from 3/4 to 57 hp. Manufacturers include Serflico and Gorman-Rupp.