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Solids handling pumps are used for applications such as heavy slurry and waste water conveyance.

Solids handling pumps are used for applications such as heavy slurry and waste water conveyance.

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  • The Gorman-Rupp Co.

    The Gorman Rupp Co. offers: self-priming Ultra V & UltraMate Series, self-priming Super T Series, self-priming M Series, HS Series vortex impeller, and 10 Series end suction pumps. Pumps are made of cast iron, CD4MCu, ductile iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze materials. The maximum capacity ranges from 1,460 to 6,700 GPM, the maximum head ranges from 114' to 325', and the maximum solids range from 3" to 5". Pump sizes range from 1 1/2" to 12", and maximum temperature ranges from 160°F to 212°F. Other products offered by The Gorman Rupp include: T series, PA Series, RP Series, silent pumps, SF Series, JJ Series, JS Series, JD Series, JC Series, JSV Series, JT Series, JTV Series, D Series, etc.

  • Cornell Pump Company

    Cornell Pump Company offers: semi-open impeller, N & NH Series enclosed impeller, Delta Series Double Vortex impeller, and Chopper Pumps. Semi-open impeller pumps have applications for for manure and slurry applications,. N & NH Series enclosed impeller pumps have applications for 2" and larger spherical solids. Delta Series Double Vortex impeller pumps have applications for stringy material, rags and other difficult solids. Chopper pumps utilize a chopping action for heavy duty applications. The maximum flow offered is 40,000 GPM, the maximum discharge size is 30", and the maximum measured head is 450 ft. Other products offered include: close coupled solids handling pumps, vertical frame mounted solids handling pumps, horizontal FM Redl-Prime end suction centrifugal pumps, etc.

  • BJM Pumps, LLC

    BJM Pumps, LLC offers SV non-clog vortex impeller, SK explosion-proof shredder, and S Series single vane impeller pumps. Pumps have a motor rating range from 0.33 to 20 HP, a maximum GPM of 911, and a maximum head of 101'. Pumps ffeature a 304 stainless steel motor housing, NEMA Class F motor insulation allowing temperatures of up to 230°F, and a hardened cast iron pump construction.


  • Goulds Pumps, ITT Corp.

    Goulds Pumps, ITT Corp. offers CWX Series non-clogging pumps for large, stringy or fibrous solids applications. Pumps come in five sizes and two frame assemblies for maximum interchangeability. Pumps have capacities to 5000 GPM, heads to 350 ft, pressures to 175 psig, and solids to 4.5". Applications include: sugar processing, paper, mining, and general industry.

  • Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc.

    Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc. offers self-priming solids handling pumps for a variety of light to heavy-duty wastewater applications. These pumps are designed specifically for unscreened raw sewage or industrial waste applications. Pumps have flows to 2,750 GPM, heads to 140 ft, discharges up to 10", and 3" of maximum solids.

  • Flowserve

    Flowserve offers stainless steel/submersible MTX/MFX Series solid handling pumps. Pumps have single-channel/vortex impellers, continuous temperatures to 105°F, and solids to 2" in diameter. Pumps are made of Viton and 304L stainless steel materials. Applications include: waste water, residential, general purpose, fountains, effluent, drainage, commercial, agriculture, ag-chem, etc.

  • Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc

    Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc. offers Series 2100 industrial trash handling and solids handling self-priming centrifugal pumps. Pumps have 1300 GPM capacity, up to 112 ft heads TDH, up to 6" sizes, can handle solids up to 3" diameter sphere, and suction lifts to 25 ft. Pumps are made of cast iron, 316 stainless steel, and CD4MCu materials. Applications include liquids entrained with solids, pulp & paper,general industrial, meat packing, mining, slurries, raw sewage/sludge, wastewater and trash.

  • Innomag

    Innomag offers solids handling pumps in two configurations: the TB-Mag Series and the U-Mag Series. U-Mag Series pumps have heads to 165 ft, flows to 450 GPM, and a maximum torque of up to 14 HP.

  • Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

    Magnatex Pumps, Inc. offers Selles MagDrive pumps for solids handling applications. Product options include: MAXP Series, MPL/MP Series, MPH Series, MEP Series, MMP Series, Chemsteel SM Series, MPT Series, MTA Series, and ME Series. The maximum flow is at 2000 GPM, and the maximum head is 470 ft. Temperature allowances range from -100°F to 800°F. Applications include: high purity, corrosive fluid, high temperature, low flow, etc.