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  • BJM Pumps, LLC

    BJM Pumps designs and manufactures 12 V submersible pumps are battery-operated and deliver up to 1,500 GPH or head up to 23'. Used for emptying pipe trenches, bailing out boats, and pumping flooded basements, the pumps feature non-metallic construction.

  • Cross Pump and Equipment Company

    Cross Pump and Equipment Co. supplies 12 volt submersible sump pumps manufactured by AMT and Gorman-Rupp. The pumps feature a 1.5" discharge port size and are constructed of aluminum with a cast iron impeller. Pump specifications include maximum liquid temperature of 104F, and maximum flow of 42GPM.

  • Lorentz

    Lorentz's 12 volt submersible solar pumps are used within 4" and 6" wells. Featuring flow rates up to 5 m3/h and lifts up to 20m, for 4" and 6" wells, the pumps are used for drinking water supply, livestock watering, pond managements, and irrigation applications. The pumps are also available as helical rotor or centrifugal types.

  • SCC Pumps, Inc.

    SCC Pumps Inc. produces 12 volt submersible DC centrifugal pumps used for RV and marine applications. Available with threaded discharge or barbed discharge connections, the pumps are constructed of FDA grade Ultraform plastic with a stainless steel motor shaft. Used for bilge or dewatering jobs, the pumps have amp draw of less than 2 amps.

  • Xylem Flow Control

    Xylem distributes Rule-brand 12 volt submersible pumps suitable for fresh or salt water jobs. With output of up to 2.8 gallons per minute at 14 psi, and amp draw of 2.8 amp, the pumps are used in water transfer, deck shower, or deck wash applications.