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Sump pumps are used to remove accumulated water that collects in sump pits in flooded buildings.

Sump pumps are used to remove accumulated water that collects in sump pits in flooded buildings.

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  • Liberty Pumps

    Liberty Pumps offers sump pumps such as pedestal sump pump, submersible sump pumps, and back up sump pumps. Pedestal sump pumps feature 1/3 hp, cast iron materials, heavy duty dual contact switch, high strength cast iron impeller and base, zinc coated steel column, and stainless steel shaft with corrosion resistance. The cast iron parts are coated with epoxy powder. Submersible sump pumps feature 4/10 to 1/2 hp and designs including high temperature, effluent, and cast iron. Back up sump pumps include battery back up emergency sump pumps, water powered back up pumps and water powered back up pumps with alarm.

  • BJM Pumps, LLC

    BJM Pumps produces several series of sump pumps for sump applications. The KB series consist of heavy duty dewatering and light slurry agitator pumps for washing sumps. J Series include waste water and dewatering sump pumps with electric and submersible designs and motor rating of 1/2 to 10HP. The JH series include waste water adn dewatering sump pumps for high head applications. They feature stainless steel motor casings, hardware and impeller shafts as well and other cast iron parts.

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC. is a distributor of industrial pumps. Sump pump products offered include features such as stainless steel, bronze and cast iron construction as well as 29" - 44" column height, 1-1/4", 1-1/2" or 2" NPT discharge, 200ºF maximum operation temperature, 30' maximum head, flow rates to 103 GPM and clog resistant impellers.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates distributes a line of sump pumps such as line shaft sump pumps and hydromatic pumps. Aurora line shaft sump pumps feature bronze fitted and iron construction, simplex or duplex vertical wet put, top mounted motor, float switch, above ground discharge pipe, and cover plate. Selection of hydromatic pumps include sump and sewage pumps with a power range from 0.17 to 2HP, 1 and 3 phase(s), and voltage range from 115 to 575 V.

  • Met-Pro Corp.

    Fybroc Div., Met-Pro Corp. offers vertical sump pumps in two series. Series 5500 of vertical fiberglass sump pumps with capacities to 5000 GPM, heavy duty bearing pedestal, sleeve bearing flush lines, axially split bearings, and semi open impeller. Series 5530 vertical dry pit sump pumps feature capacities up to 1100 GPM, heads to 375 feet, dry pit design and standard wrapped shaft.

  • Goulds Water Technology

    Goulds Pumps develops sump pumps in three series. THe JCU series feature submersible pumps built to handle abrasive slurries, heavy duty design of thick walls, replaceable suction liner, suction cover, integral strainer, three cast on legs, pump mounting, and optional slide rail. For pump sludges, solids and slurries, the HSU series feature submersible pumps, fully recessed impeller, concentric casing, integral support, heavy duty motor and integral discharge elbow. Used with slide rails, the HSUL series feature submersible recessed impellers, bolt-on legs, and flanged suction and horizontal discharge for use with pump sludges, solids, and slurries.

  • Tramco Pump Co.

    Tramco Pump Co. engineers industrial sump pumps for sump drainage, liquid transfer, dewatering and industrial process applications. The 500 series of vertical sump pumps is suited for suspension plate or self supporting stand with high thrust bearings, 1.5 and 2 inch discharges, mechanical shaft seal, and stainless steel and iron materials. The 2500 series of vertical sump pumps feature centrifugal design, semi open impeller, mechanical shaft seal, lubrication and 1 inch high accuracy shaft. The 3500 series of vertical sump pumps feature centrifugal design, semi open impeller, mechanical shaft seal, lubrication, thrust ball bearing, and 1.25 inch high accuracy shaft.

  • Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

    Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp. produces a line of SUMP-GARD, vertical centrifugal pumps. SUMP-GARD features heavy wall shaft sleeve as well as CPVC, PVC, PVDF, PP and non-metallic materials for corrosion resistance. SG series are thermoplastic vertical sump pumps in lengths up to 20 ft and flows up to 1450 gpm. The SGK series are cantilevered sump pumps with plastic sleeve, alloy steel shaft, immersed bearings and epoxy-coat cast iron motor bracket. SGL series are thermoplastic sump pumps, fluid contact isolation of shafts and couplings, and flows to 1450 gpm. The SGW series are centrifugal, vertical sump pumps suited for OEM and semiconductor applications and flows up to 220 gpm. The SGH series are integral sump pumps with plastic-sleeved stainless steel shaft, thermoplastic construction, and flows up to 175 gpm for corrosive and chemical applications. The SGV series are vortex sump pumps with clog free impellers, homogeneous thermoplastics and flows up to 900 GPM.

  • Zoeller Pump Co., Inc.

    Zoeller Pump Co. offers dewatering, effluent sump pumps in a variety of configurations. Water Ridd'r III 49 are submersible sump pumps with rugged cast iron motor housing, 3/8 inch spherical solids, stainless steel screws and hardware, and carbon and ceramic rotary seal. Mighty-Mate 53, 55, 57, and 59 series are sump pump with 2 pole mechanical switch, corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy finish, and carbon adn ceramic shaft seal. Aqua-Mate 72 and 76 feature thermal overload protection, non corrosive plastic motor housing, 3/8 inch spherical solids and 1.5"NPT discharge. Flow-Mate Series and High Head Flow-Mate series are effluent or dewatering submersible pumps for septic tank, low pressure pipe and enhance flow STEP applications. Dose-Mate Series feature durable cast iron construction, stainless steel lifting handle, carbon/ceramic seals and non-clogging vortex impeller.

  • American Machine & Tool Co.

    AMT offers industrial and commercial sump pump and submersible drainage and sump utility pumps. Industrial adn commercial sump pumps are produced in stainless steel, bronze and cast iron with stainless steel floats and shafts, carbon or bronze bearings, TEFC motors, single phase motors and NPT discharge port sizes. Submersible drainage and sump utility pumps are offered in stainless steel, cast iron and plastic construction, built in thermal protection, triple seal system, automatic float switch, and clog resistant impellers.

  • Stancor, Inc.

    Stancor, Inc. provides sump pumps in a variety of configurations. The S series includes dewatering pumps and slurry pumps with stainless steel seal housing, stainless steel cartridge type seal, stainless steel impellers and silicone carbide seal faces. Avenger series include plastic submersible utility and sump pumps, submersible multi-purpose sump pumps, sewage pumps and dewatering pumps. The SB series of plastic submersible utility and sump pumps feature rugged fiber reinforced thermal plastic body or thermal molded pump body of polypropylene. The SD series of submersible multi-purpose sump pumps feature high torque motors, thermal overload protection, stainless steel motor shaft and corrosion resistance.

  • Hydromatic

    Hydromatic distributes sump pump for residential, commercial and industrial applications. B/BV-A1 are sump pumps with up to 32 gpm with wide angle float switch and vertical float switch and cast iron/thermoplastic construction. B75-M1/B75-V1 are submersible sump pumps with up to 100 gpm, 3/4 HP and high impact resin and stainless steel construction. Submersible sump pumps feature with up to 64 gpm, single row ball bearing and carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. Submersible sump and effluent pumps feature with up to 60 gpm, continuous duty rated, single row ball bearing cast iron adn bronze materials, and carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. Pedestal sump pump is suited for drainage in basement with split-phase motors, corrosion resistant thermoplastic or cast iron pump housing and base, top screened inlet and adjustable float switch. Submersible high temperature sump pumps feature up to 100 gpm, cast iron motors housing, cast iron vortex impeller, and ability to pass 3/4 inch solids.

  • Pitbull Pumps

    Pitbull Pumps produces sump pumps for steel mills, power industry, pulp, paper, wood, automotive, grain processing, chemical and petrochemical industries. Their line of pumps can handle large solids up to 10 inches at low flows from 0 to 2000 GPM and high heads from 0 to 250 feet.  For handling sumps, pumps can match incoming flow rates, automatically pump at low flows and low internal velocity. Available construction materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy-20, Hastelloy and vinyl ester.

  • Robert J. Fitzmyer Co., Inc.

    Robert J. Fitzmyer Co. provides sump pumps by manufacturers such as Deming, Gorman-Rupp, Dean Pump, American Marsh, Weinman, OTS and Swaby. Deming and Weinman offers its general service vertical column sump pup for industrial applications such as drainage water and waste water and residential sump pumps with a stainless steel shaft and heavy duty seal. Dean Pump division provides high quality pumps for industrial adn chemical process applications. OTS pumps feature sump and submersible pumps in stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, and aluminum with cast iron impeller. Swaby offers its stainless steel sump pups for industrial applications and submersible sump pumps with non-clog and screen less units.

  • Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc

    Vertiflo delivers vertical sump pump with up to 3000 GPM and heads up to 250 feet as well as horizontal end suction pumps with up to 3000 GPM and heads up to 300 feet. The sealless vertical pump are suited for water, chemical, sewage and slurry applications with semi-open impellers and industrial, non-clog, immersible, vertical and cantilever designs. Dependable industrial horizontal end suction pumps are available in close coupled, vortex, base mounted and low flow designs.

  • Allied Pump Corp.

    Allied Pump Corp. offers vertical, submersible sump pumps. Allied 2SA sump pumps feature wet pit type, single or duplex, automatic, heavy duty, steel and cast iron basins, grease lubricated ball thrust bearings, grouting frames, and pit covers. They are suited for boiler blow-down, special liquids, effluent, drainage and seepage water applications. Allied Type LT (Laundry Train) sump pumps feature complete assembly, bronze fitted liquid end, stainless steel shaft, non-clog impeller, welded copper bearing and float switch motor mounting. These pumps are suited for waste water below sewer or cesspool level.

  • Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions (Formerly Dean, Fybroc & Sethco Di

    Sethco Div. Met-Pro Corp. produces sump pumps suite for corrosive, chemical, waste treatment, acids and alkalies, chromic acid wastes, salt water and fume scrubber applications. The UD-A series of CPVC and PVC sump pump are available in 4 models, up to 200 GPM, TEFC frame, stainless steel shaft, sealed heavy duty thrust bearing, mounting panel with corrosion resistant plastic, open casing design, and concentrically positioned impeller.

  • Pro Series Pumps

    Pro Series Pumps offers primary sump pumps, backup sump pump and combination sump pumps. PHCC Pro Series of primary pumps in various series include cast iron/cast aluminum sump pumps, cast iron/stainless steel sump pumps, cast iron sump pump and cast iron/stainless steel sewage pumps. The primary sump pumps feature permanent split capacitors, double carbon ceramic seals, upper and lower ball bearings, water cooling, thermal protection, removable strainer and cast iron impeller. The backup sump pumps feature unique monitoring system with alarm, automatic operation, dual float switches and easy installation. Combination primary and backup pump systems feature primary sump pump with AC power operation and two floats and backup pump with two floats.

  • Smart Turner Pumps

    Smart Turner Pumps produces vertical sump pumps in heavy duty designs. Impeller features uni-body and open design with vibration free operations. Optional or alternative designs include split shaft, liquid lubrication, extended shaft, cantilever and non clog designs.

  • Eagle Pump & Compressor Ltd

    Eagle manufactures industrial sump pumps in centrifugal single stage, rotary gear and centrifugal multi-stage designs. The sump pumps feature sealed bearings, stuffing box shaft seal, and float switches of Nema 1, 4, or 7. Typical applications include waste water transfer, hydrocarbon transfer, light oil transfer, waste oil sump evacuation, knock out tanks, and condensate transfer/boost.