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  • Pro Series Pumps

    Pro Series Pumps offers backup sump pumps in PHCC Pro Series 1000, 1730, and 2400 configurations. Pumps range in flow/amp draw (at a 10 ft head) from 1,000 to 2,400 GPH, they have a DC 12 VDC, and maximum heads ranging from 15 to 17 ft. Pumps feature snap-on non-corrosive ABS Screen inlets, and up to 12 continuous hours of pumping time.

  • Liberty Pumps

    Liberty Pumps offers water powered SJ10 backup sump pumps. Pump have a 3/4" water inlet connection that accepts inlet supply pressures ranging from 20 to 100 PSI. Other features include: an electricity-free operation, compact/high efficiency design, high output flow rates, works off of municipal water supply, etc. The SJ10 will remove 2 gallons of sump water per 1 gallon used.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers backup sump pumps that are battery powered. Pumps feature a 12 VDC battery charger ranging from 0.4 to 28 Amps, and a 3100 maximum GPH of water at 5 ft of head. Pumps are made by PHCC Pro Series and Zoeller.

  • Zoeller Pump Co., Inc.

    Zoeller Pump Co., Inc. offers water powered emergency backup sump pumps. These pumps have a PVC construction, they remove up to 2 gallons per gallon used, and can get up to 80 psi. They are manufactured with noncorrosive materials, and they come completely pre-assembled with a corrosion resistant stainless steel float rod.

  • Pentair Water - Myers

    Pentair Water offers commercial grade backup sump pump systems for wastewater processes. These sump pumps have a variety of features, including: able to fit existing installations without changing pipes, they help to prevent mold, water and dust-tight sealing, 100% factory tested underwater, can be connected to car batteries or marine batteries, can be attached to an alarm, etc.