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Vacuum pumps are used in a number of industrial and scientific applications to supply the suction to operate a pneumatic system.

Vacuum pumps are used in a number of industrial and scientific applications to supply the suction to operate a pneumatic system.

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  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies

    Dekker offers liquid ring and rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their liquid ring designs include single and two stage types, including their large capacity single stage vacuum models, with 1,050 to 28,000 CFM, variable discharge ports, no metal-on-metal contact, and low operating speeds.

  • HullVac Pump Corp.

    HullVac makes rotary piston and rotary vane vacuum pumps, and complete vacuum systems. Their rotary vane pumps include direct drive types, which offer 6 or 11 CFM free air displacement, 0.0001 torr trapped gauge ultimate pressure, motor rating of 0.5 or 1 Hp, an NW-25 inlet and NW-16 outlet, and is air cooled with an adjustable gas ballast.

  • BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

    Brandtech offers vacuum pumps including oil-free diaphragm, dry chemistry diaphragm, and rotary vane vacuum pumps for use with tert-butanol, light alcohols, dichloromethane, water, n-hexane, chloroform, toluene, and other solvents. Features include manually controlled PTFE diaphragm valve, GLP/GMP validation, and more.

  • Vooner FloGard Corporation

    Vooner FloGard vacuum pumps include single stage and two stage cone port, large and flat port plate, and liquid ring configurations. Their single stage cone port vacuum pumps offer low to high vacuum with 4-26" HgV and 300-23,000 ACFM. Their single stage flat plate design is for clean gas without hazmat carry-over, and is more efficient on higher horsepower.

  • Scales Industrial Technologies

    Scales Industrial Technologies sells industrial and medical vacuum pumps from Gardner Denver, Quincy, Airtech, Busch, Nash Elmo, and Travaini. Their industrial vacuum pumps include rotary screw, liquid ring, rotary vane, and environmental remediation systems. Their DPE systems include a self-contained water sealed liquid ring vac pump, while their SVE/Sparging systems use high performance regenerative blowers.

  • Ebara Technologies

    Ebara makes dry vacuum pumps including the EST series, a two-stage design for harsh and hazardous duty processes. This product has a pumping speed range from 88 to 1765 CFM, ultimate pressure at 50/60Hz of 20 mTorr/2.67 Pa, gas inlet and outlet of NW 40 type, 2kW of power at ultimate pressure and 5.5kW of max power, and 8 to 10 bearing seals.

  • Thomas Division

    Thomas makes vacuum pumps using WOB-L piston, rotary vane, diaphragm, peristaltic, linear, and articulated piston technologies, with free flow of 2.2 to 9.8 cfm, AC or DC voltage, max pressure of 100.1 to 124.7 PSI, and max vacuum of 27.5 in/Hg. These pumps are for use with air, gas, and liquid media types.

  • Vaccon Co., Inc.

    Vaccon makes Venturi vacuum pumps including their Max Series with a rectangular design. The VP80-200 offers high performance with a powerful vacuum up to 28" Hg, fast response, and is efficient with low air consumption. This pump uses a non-removable press-fit assembly, while the mid-series use interchangeable cartridge assemblies.

  • Air Dimensions, Inc.

    Air Dimensions Inc offers high vacuum pumps, including a double head design for 29.5 InHg / 10 torr and a quad head type for 29.8 InHg/3 torr. They also make hazardous area pumps that are explosion proof, including quad head models. Other designs include sampling, micro diaphragm, macro diaphragm, air driven, and others.

  • Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.

    Geotech Environmental Equipment offers rotary vane vacuum pumps, including oil-less and lubricated systems. Their Oil-less designs feature speeds of 3400 or 1800 RPM, 2 to 70 CFM of displacement, 90 or 120 Torr final pressure and a 0.25 to 5 HP motor at 60 Hz. These vacuum pumps offer direct drive, a low noise level, heavy duty construction, air-cooled design, and a built-in inlet filter on models with 1 hp or greater.

  • Cal Supply Company, Inc.

    Cal Supply sells vacuum pumps from Champion and Elmo Rietschle, including rotary vane, liquid ring, rotary lobe, regenerative blowers, rotary claw, and rotary screw designs. Their rotary vane vacuum pumps include a dry running non lubricated design with flow range of 3 to 242 CFM, 112 Torr, and 1.2 to 15hp, as well as a recirculated oil-type with 7-903 CFM flow range, 0.5 torr, 29.9 in.Hg, and 0.6 to 50 hp.

  • Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

    Dearing Compressor sells vacuum pumps from Elmo Rietschle, including rotary vane, liquid ring, screw, side channel blowers, and claw types. Other products include Cycloblower helical screw positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps, Sutorbilt rotary lobe models, and DuroFlow rotary flow designs with oil-free air delivery, dual splash lubrication for continuous operation, and a flex-mount design for horizontal or vertical mounting.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr sells rotary vacuum pumps from Busch and Travaini, including oil-less and once-through sealing configurations. The PVL 150 offers 0.5 torr absolute, nominal capacity at 60Hz of 103 ACFM, oil recirculation system lubrication, inlet mesh filter, check valve, gas-ballast valve, water vapor tolerance of 20 Torr, 6.6 lb/h water vapor capacity, oil charge of 2.5 quarts, and 3hp of motor power.

  • MVP Vacuum, Inc.

    MVP sells vacuum pumps from Alcatel, Edwards, Precision, Leybold, Kinney, Stokes, and Welch. Their Precision models offer L/M of 25.5, 150, 500, and 736; 0.9 to 17.7 CFM, and are single phase, two-stage designs. Their Edwards vacuum pumps are two stage designs in single or three-phase models, with 1/3 to 11 HP, in d/d or PMBG style, with 2.0 to 210.0 CFM.

  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilders & Welding Services

    This company offers new and used vacuum pumps from Welch, Edwards, Alcatel, and Leybold, as well as parts you may need including rotors, kits, stators, plates, and oil filters. Their Welch products are belt driven, and offer 25 to 2800 L/M, 0.9 to 99.1 CFM, 1/3 to 7 1/2 HP, and are two-stage configurations.

  • Westmoor Ltd., Industrial Div.

    Westmoor, Ltd. manufactures a variety of rotary vane positive displacement vacuum pumps. Dry air models are designed for vacuum or pressure applications with its dry, oil free and pulsation free components. Air flows from 7 to 140 cfm at 1/3 to 15 hp. Vapor oil pumps also feature pulsation free air for vacuum applications and harsh environments. Its components include adjustment free oil lubricators. Features include air flows from 7 to 230 cfm at 1/3 to 15 hp.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver distributes electric and compressed air powered vacuum pumps, as well as a wide range of accessories from Busch, Becker, Rieschle, Thomas and Gast. Air powered vacuum pumps are offered in single stage and multi-stage designs in multiple series. Several designs include miniature plastic, miniature aluminum with inline design, internal filter, internal silencer, high flow and clog free, screw on external filter, and adjustable.

  • Becker Pumps Corp.

    Becker produces vacuum pumps that include oil flooded, rotary dry screw, Variair rotary vane, and oil less designs. Oil-flooded rotary vane models feature up to 29.9 in.Hg, direct drive, semi-synthetic oil, multi-stage oil separation system, gas ballast, high efficiency, and open flow from 4.6 to 440 cfm.

  • Gardner Denver, Inc.

    Nash produces several series of vacuum pumps. Classic liquid ring types are built with monoblock designs, pedestal mounting, and various cfm ranges and materials. Liquid ring designs feature a 20 to 23,000 cfm range, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, two stage, explosion proof, and up to 29 HgV. The 2BE4 series of vacuum pumps feature 1,500 to 19,000 cfm, top and side inlet arrangements, polyisoprene-lined body, and corrosion and erosion resistance.

  • KNF Neuberger, Inc.

    KNF Lab provides PFTE, deep, aluminum/neoprene, PowerDry, and stainless steel construction vacuum pumps. High performance, deep models are diaphragm designss for slightly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapors. They are built with PPS, PTFE, FFPM, aluminum and EPDM materials.