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A diaphragm vacuum pump is an oil-free, positive displacement pump that operates using a flexible diaphragm which moves up and down to produce expansion/contraction cycles. During the down-stroke, the diaphragm moves downward to increase the volume of the pump head’s internal space, forcing air in through the inlet. Then, during the up-stroke, the diaphragm moves upward, decreasing the volume of the pump head’s internal space, increasing pressure, and forcing air through the outlet. Applications include composite plastic molding, driving aircraft flight instruments, ion implantation, electron microscopy, and trash compacting. Leading manufacturers: KNF, BUCHI, Dyanflo, Hargraves Fluidics, Air Dimensions, BrandTech, Cole-Parmer

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  • Air Dimensions, Inc.

    Air Dimensions manufactures Dia-Vac diaphragm vacuum pumps that are oil-free, leak-free and contamination-free. They come in several lines, such as the Micro Dia-Vac, with a maximum range performance of 0 to 13 LPM, 0 to 28 in.Hg, and 0 to 30 psig, and new Macro gaseous diaphragm sampling pump up to 13 SLPM, 23 in. Hg.

  • BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

    Ten models of Vacuubrand diaphragm pumps are offered by BrandTech Scientific. The MZ2CNT dry chemistry pump is a 5 Torr vacuum with 1.4 CFM and 38 LPM flow. The ME4C NT pump provides up to 52 Torr, 2.6 CFM, and 73 LPM for vacuum filtration, degassing, solid phase extraction, and other similar applications. The MZ2C NT+2AK combines a pump with inlet and outlet catchpots for solvent recovery.

  • Thomas Division

    Thomas manufactures nearly two dozen different diaphragm vacuum pumps, starting with the single-cylinder, oil-less 007 Series for nebulizers, aspirations, drink dispensing, and more, with capacity up to 0.65 CFM and vacuum to 23 in.Hg. The 107CX18 is part of the Motorless Series, and features permanently-lubricated bearings.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

    Pfeiffer Vacuum manufactures the MVP Series dry, oil-free diaphragm pumps with pumping speeds from 6 to 200 l/min. These units are ideally suited as backing pumps for the company's vacuum turbopumps, as well as for integration into compact systems.

  • Combined Fluid Products Co.

    Combined Fluid Products offers a variety of dry-running diaphragm pumps with two means of actuation: linear and vibrating armature.They can be used as vacuums or pressure pumps, for gases and liquids. Diaphragm pumps for gases begin with the Series 2002, which has a maximum vacuum of 10.4 in.Hg and maximum pressure of 5 psi. The 8011Z provides the highest vacuum (29.6 in.Hg), while the the 8010, 8015, 8010Z, and 8015Z provide the highest pressure (44 psi). Liquid diaphragm pumps are offered in five series, with a maximum suction height of 6 m H20, and maximum pressure height >50 m H20; freeflow ranges from 40 to 900 mL/min.

  • Ulvac Technologies, Inc.

    ULVAC Technologies manufactures several styles of diaphragm pumps. Rubber reciprocating, dry diaphragm pumps are available in three models (DAL-5S, DAP-D, and DAP-12S). Both single- and double-stage versions are available, with pumping capacities ranging from 5 l/min to 14 l/min for wide range of applications, including vacuum chucks, vacuum tweezers, and automatic packing machines.  The DA Series includes the DA-20D, DA-60S, and DA121D, each with a built-in thermal protector and pumping speeds up to 24, 72 and 145 l/min at 60 Hz. Finally, the chemical-type DTC Series is made with PTFE components for pumping corrosive gases and organic solvents, such as those found in evaporating systems, exhausts of gas transfer tubes, and laser-gas circulation. Top pumping speeds for the DTC-21, DTC-60, and DTC-120 are 24, 70, and 140 l/min, respectively.

  • Kurt J. Lesker Co.

    Kurt J. Lesker carries diaphragm pumps from a variety of manufacturers, include chemical-resistant units from KJLC and ULVAC. The pumps from KJLC are suited to applications where aggressive solvents and acid vapor are present, since their wetted parts are made from compounds of PTFE, PP, and PVDF. Their pumping and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced with electrical conductivity to prevent electrostatic loading and minimize risk of igniting gas mixtures. Ratings include 0.47 to 4 CFM at 60 Hz, and 1.5 to 6 Torr pressure. The company also stocks the DTC Series from ULVAC, in which only Teflon components are exposed to vacuum; these units offer up to 5 CFM, with an ultimate pressure of 7.5 Torr.

  • KNF Neuberger, Inc.

    KNF Lab offers Neuberger diaphragm pumps for deep vacuum with air and mildly corrosive gases. The N920KT and N920AT are 3-stage pumps differentiated by their wetted materials (pump head/diaphragm/valves): PPS/PTFE/FFPM for the N920KT and aluminum/EPDM for the N920AT. The former provides 20 lpm flow rate, 2 mbar vacuum, and 7.5 psig pressure, while the latter is capable of 21 lpm, 1.5 mbar, and 7.5 psig. These pumps are ideally suited for applications that need high suction power but low absolute pressures, and with integrated potentiometers, end-users can select their desired pumping speeds.

  • Ted Pella, Inc.

    Three types of diaphragm vacuum pumps are sold by Ted Pella Inc. The Model 3436 is a dry, single-stage pump for use with glass, polycarbonate, and steel vacuum desiccators; with 0.125 Hp, it offers 1.1 CFM, 25.5 in.Hg, and 60 psi. Other single stage options are the P102, which pumps up to 17 l/min, P198 (33 l/min), and P420 (70 l/min). Several double-stage diaphragm vacuum pumps are also available for a wide range of applications down to 8 mbar; choices include the P054 (9 l/min), P108L (18 l/min),and  P246 (41 l/min). Lastly, Ted Pella sells triple-stage pumps for applications down to 2 mbar; these include the P216L (36 l/min), P486L (81 l/min), and P750L (125 l/min).

  • Welch Vacuum

    Solid PTFE diaphragm pumps are available for chemical duty through Welch. The company features the Dryfast Collegiate, Dryfast, and Dryfast Ultra Series, with a cumulative CFM range of 0.9 to 1.2, and Torr range from 2 to 40. These products can be used for applications like evaporation, filtration, vacuum ovens, rotary evaporation and distillation, concentrators, gel dryers, and pumping harsh vapors and gases.

  • Labconco Corp.

    Labconco offers diaphragm vacuum pumps for use with CentriVap centrifugal concentrators, vacuum desiccators, and RapidVap vacuum evaporation systems. All their wetted parts are Teflon-coated for corrosion resistance, and their displacement capacities range from 27 to 88 l/min. Explosion-proof models are also available.