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A dry vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump that repeatedly expands its cavity, allowing gas to flow in from the chamber, seal off the cavity, and exhaust it to the atmosphere, all without the use of oils. There are two dry pump markets: industrial and chemical. Industrial-duty dry vacuum pumps include regenerative blowers, rotary lobe blowers, dry rotary vane vacuum pumps, and dry single-stage claw designs, and can achieve vacuum to 15 to 24” HgV. Chemical-duty dry vacuum pumps include screw, multi-lobe, and claw designs, and can achieve vacuum levels from 0.05 to 5 torr. Advantages of oilless vacuum pumps are elimination of contamination and increased safety, since there is no handling of oils or other fluids. Leading manufacturers: Welch, Edwards, Becker Pumps, ULVAC, Brandtech

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  • Air Dimensions, Inc.

    Air Dimensions Inc. manufactures a complete line of oil-free, contamination-free Dia-Vac diaphragm vacuum pumps. Choices include the Micro Dia-Vac pump, the company's smallest option with a maximum performance range of 0-13 LPM, 0-28 in.Hg, and 0-30 psi, and the newly added Macro Dia-Vac gaseous diaphragm sampling pump, with up to 13 SLPM, 23 in.Hg, and 29 psi.

  • BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

    BrandTech Scientific carries over 10 oil-free vacuum pump options, including the 0.88 CFM, 1.5 Torr MD1C vacuum pump (diaphragm type), and 1.3 CFM, 60 Torr ME2C model for degassing, vacuum filtration, and solid phase extraction. For applications involving industrial rotary evaporators, "mega" concentrators, and other demanding tasks, the MV10C and MD12C are available.

  • Thomas Division

    Thomas manufacturers a diverse line of oilless vacuum pumps. The WOB-L piston pump is best used for high pressures, offering a max pressure of 160 psi and max vacuum of 27.7 in.Hg, and is mainly used as a compressor. Dry-running diaphragm pumps are also available for use as either compressors or vacuum pumps; they have a free flow max to 3.2 CFM, max pressure to 41 psi, and max vacuum to 7.5 Torr. Other oilless options include articulated piston pumps (175 psi, 27.5 in.Hg), rotary vane pumps (14.5 psi, 26 in.Hg), and linear diaphragm pumps (10 psi, 13.9 in.Hg).

  • Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.

    Geotech Environmental Equipment sells DuraVane rotary vane dry vacuum pumps. These single-stage, air-cooled pumps are designed for use in the biotech industry and for environmental sampling in the lab. They are direct-driven with flange-mounted motors, and offer pump speeds between 1,800 and 3,400 RPM, final pressure of either 90 or 120 Torr, and displacement from up to 2 to 70 CFM, depending on the selected model.

  • Ebara Technologies

    Ebara Technologies designs and manufactures dry vacuum pumps for harsh applications like LPCVD, PECVD, CVD, and meta etch, and in industries where oil backstreaming is unacceptable. The EV-S Series offers energy efficiency for clean to light duty processes, with pumping speeds from 58 to 710 CFM. The PDV Series of portable dry vacuums provides a pumping speed up to 8 CFM, while the VOS Series yields one of the highest pumping speed to footprint ratios in the industry. The ESR Series of multistage pumps covers a pumping speed range from 35 to 1,625 CFM and is ideal for use with corrosive gases, while the EST and ESA Series are meant for harsh duty processes.

  • Cal Supply Company, Inc.

    Cal Supply Company provides several types of dry running vacuum pumps, from rotary vane, to rotary claw, to rotary screw. Their non-lubricated rotary vane pump is for general industrial use, with a flow range of 3 to 242 CFM and 25.5 inHg. The rotary claw vacuum pumps are for industrial applications where some particulates or liquids are present in the system; these pumps have flow ranges from 43 to 353 CFM, and 26 in.Hg. Finally, the company sells rotary screw vacuum pumps for pharmaceutical and process applications where high vacuum levels are required and no oil can be tolerated; these pumps offer flow range from 68 to 1,600 CFM.

  • Combined Fluid Products Co.

    Combined Fluid Products provides oilless rotary claw, rotary vane, diaphragm, linear, and piston vacuum pumps. The WOB-L piston pump offers performance at high pressures (160 psi), mainly for use as a compressor, while the articulating piston pump offers volume flow of 9.8 CFM and max pressure of 175 psi. The dry running diaphragm pump adapts well to different gases and can be used with equal effectiveness as a compressor or vacuum lump; actuation methods include both linear and vibrating armature. Rotary vane and rotary lobe vacuum pumps are also available, with max flows of 21 and 2 CFM, and max pressures of 23 and 2 psi.

  • Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

    Dearing Compressor and Pump offers dry vacuum pumps from Elmo Rietschle, including the S-VSA and S-VSB dry running screw vacuum pumps for chemical and pharmaceutical processing use, V Series rotary vane pumps for packaging, printing, and woodworking, and C Series claw pumps for central vacuum systems, industrial applications, and environmental engineering. Specs for the S-VSA and S-VSB include maximum suction capacities of 424 and 1,500 CFM, while the V Series pumps range have capacity ranges up to 89 CFM, ultimate vacuum of 25.5 in.Hg, and psi up to 22 for continuous operation. C Series pumps, meanwhile, provide vacuum up to 27 in.Hg for permanent operation and pressure up to 32 psi.

  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies

    Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps. The RVD002L pump features 2 CFM capacity and 0.25 Hp engine, and ends with the RVD100L pump that has a capacity of 100 CFM and 7.5 Hp engine. These motor-mounted units are heavy duty and compact, and can also operate as low pressure compressors. Additional product features include air-cooled design, direct drive, and low noise level.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pump & Supply offers a selection of dry operating vacuum pumps, including rotary vane, rotary claw, and rotary screw configurations. The available rotary vane pump is the Busch Seco oilless vacuum pump, made from ball bearings that are sealed-for-life, and dry carbon self-lubricating composite vanes. The Busch Mink is the dry rotary claw, positive displacement pump; it is available in single- or two-stage, and can be used in printing, pneumatic conveying, soil remediation, and applications where dust particles create problems. Finally, the Busch COBRA single-stage, direct driven, rotary screw pump is designed for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries. It requires no intercoolers, and is more easily maintained than most other types of vacuum pumps.

  • Westmoor Ltd., Industrial Div.

    Westmoor Ltd. features Conde dry air pumps. These completely rebuildable units offer air flows from 7 to 140 CFM, vacuums from 0 to 20 in.Hg continuous or 24 in.Hg intermittent, and pressures from 0 to 12 psi continuous, or 15 psi intermittent. Specific choices include the Conde Models 2, 3, 6, and 12, which are available in direct drive or belt drive, and come with motors that range from 0.33 and 10 Hp.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    ANVER offers its PMP Series dry rotary vane electric vacuum pumps for quiet, yet durable performance. These pumps do not emit oil fumes, and are therefore appropriate for food, medical, electronic, and printing applications where product purity is important. All available models offer a maximum vacuum of 20 or 25 in.Hg, and maximum pressure of 10 or 14 psi, depending on whether use is continuous or intermittent. Pump rotation speeds range from 1,200 to 1,750 RPM, and drives are either direct or belt driven.

  • Becker Pumps Corp.

    Becker Pumps Corp. offers a variety of sizes and models for oilless vacuum pumps, all of which are direct drive and continuous duty rated, and include vacuum regulators and discharge silencers. The smallest model is the VT 4.4, with 2.8 CMF open flow, 0.3 Hp, and 25.5 in.Hg. The KVX line begins with the KVX 3.60, a 39 CMF, 4 Hp, 27 in.Hg pump; the KVT 3.60 offers the same flow and vacuum, but less horsepower. The most powerful models are the VTLF and VXLF 500 SK, which both offer 353 CMF, 22.5 in.Hg, and 24 Hp.

  • KNF Neuberger, Inc.

    KNF Lab supplies an array of oilless vacuum pumps for use with air and mildly corrosive gases. Using Neuberger diaphragm technology, the diaphragm vacuum pumps are offered for high/deep suction power; the N920KT and N920AT offer vacuums of 2 and 1.5 mbar and flow rates of 20 and 21 LPM, respectively. While wetted materials on these products are PPS/PTFE/FFPM and aluminum/EPDM, Model UN035 is available in stainless steel. Single and parallel head units are available, as are 2- and 3-stage pumps; flow rate among the models is as high as 56 LPM, vacuum as much as 29.5 in.Hg, and pressure as great as 60 psi. The final option is the full PTFE vacuum pump for aggressive vapors and gases; these single and parallel head pumps provide up to 20 psi pressure, and can also come in 2-stage for deeper end vacuum performance.

  • Ohio Medical Corp.

    Various models of dry rotary vane pumps are available through Squire-Cogswell. The D1, D2, and D15 are 1- to 2-Hp models meant for continuous operation up to 25 in.Hg. Each pump is equipped with an integral vacuum relief valve, 10m inlet filter, and vibration isolators, and is suited for applications where oil and water are objectionable. Other models offer the same features listed above, but with broader pressure capacity (such as the 27 in.Hg D3, D5, D5L, and D75 pumps) or more horsepower (such as the 10 Hp D10).

  • Tuthill Corp.

    Tuthill supplies Kinney dry screw vacuum pumps for applications such as chemical and pharmaceutical processing, solvent recovery, crystallization, etching, sputtering, and vapor recovery. Product features include a variable pitch rotor design to reduce power consumption up to 30% as compared to fixed pitch designs; flows from 60 to 1,600 CFM; a space saving C-face motor design that eliminates the need for motor coupling and guard; and operation <90dB(A). Five models are available: SDV120, SDV200, SDV320, SDV430, and SDV800.

  • Ulvac Technologies, Inc.

    ULVAC Technologies sells several series of dry pumps, including scroll pumps, diaphragm pumps, and rocking piston pumps. With pumping speeds from 47 to 1,050 CFM, the LR Series (uniformity of low temperature distribution) and HR Series (uniformity of high temperature distribution) effectively use compressed heat to create durability even under strenuous processes like CVD, etching, etc. The ER Series, with pumping speeds of 47 to 670 CFM, is an energy-efficient unit ideal for LPCVD and other environments that require corrosion resistance. Next, with 3.8 to 18 CFM, the DIS/DVS/DISL Series scroll dry vacuum pumps can be applied in vacuum drying systems, helium leak detectors, and adsorption and transport systems. Three series of diaphragm pumps, and one series of rocking piston pump, are also available.

  • Kurt J. Lesker Co.

    Kurt J. Lesker Co. carries a variety of dry, mechanical vacuum pumps from a handful of leading manufacturers. Within the standard series are units from Adixen, Edwards, Leybold, Pfeiffer, ULVAC, and Varian, with CFM as low as 2.1 (Varian IDP-3) and as high as 22 (Adixen ACP 40). Chemical pumps are also available, including standard models from ULVAC and Leybold, and PTFE-protected pumps from KJLC. Both standard and chemical pumps are offered in various configurations, including scroll, rotary lobe, rotary piston, diaphragm, and screw.

  • Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems

    Busch provides a variety of dry vacuum pumps, including both rotary screw and rotary vane options. The COBRA dry rotary screw vacuum pump is designed for process applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and semiconductor markets, providing pumping to 385 CFM and vacuum to 0.0075 Torr. And with sealed-for-life bearings and self-lubricating carbon composite vanes, the Seco dry rotary vane vacuum pump offers pumping to 88 CFM and vacuum to 74 Torr.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

    An assortment of dry vacuum pump models are sold by Pfeiffer Vacuum. The oil-free MVP diaphragm pump can be used in chemical or leak detection processes, providing uncontaminated pumping of gases up to 160 l/min. The rotary piston OnTool DryPump is designed for use in semiconductor technology, laboratory applications, and the coating industry, while the XtraDry piston pump can be used in mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, and assorted robotics. Lastly, the HeptaDry offers an oilless screw pump option with speeds from 100 to 600 m3/h.