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A liquid ring vacuum pump is a rotating, positive displacement pump powered by an induction motor. Water is fed into the pump, which is comprised of a rotating vaned impeller within a cylindrical casing. By centrifugal acceleration it forms a moving cylindrical ring against the inside of the casing. The liquid ring creates a series of seals in the space between the impeller vanes, forming compression chambers into which gas is drawn, compressed, and released through a discharge port. Single stage liquid ring pumps produce vacuum up to 35 torr, while two-stage pumps can achieve 25 torr. Applications include soil remediation, vacuum distillation, Vapor recovery systems, and formation of molded paper pulp products. Leading manufacturers: Gardner Denver Nash, Wintek Corporation, Graham, U.S. Vacuum, SIHI Pumps, Hi-vac

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  • Gardner Denver, Inc.

    Nash liquid ring vacuum pumps start with the 12-model CL design, which offers capacities ranging from 150 CFM to over 14,000 CFM. These units can be found in autoclaves, carburetor testing, chucking, condenser exhausting, container filling, and other like applications.

  • Ohio Medical Corp.

    Squire-Cogswell offers both 1- and 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps in different sizes. The single-stage comes in small or large. The small is available from 3 through 20 Hp, and is equipped with a NEMA motor flange and mechanical seal. The large features a dynamically balanced rotor supported by grease-lubricated ball bearings, with an impeller mounted in-between.

  • Vooner FloGard Corporation

    Vooner FloGard produces an array of liquid ring vacuum pumps, including single stage cone port and two stage cone port. The first group includes the 200-4,500 ACFM VG Series, as well as the 2,500-13,000 ACFM V4 Series. Two stage cone port options include the 500-2,200 ACFM VTS Series, which is subdivided into models: the VTS10 and VTS20.

  • Tuthill Corp.

    Tuthill carries AF A-Series and Kinney KLRC liquid ring vacuum pumps. A-Series units are single-stage with an axial flow design. Applications include chemical and pharmaceutical processing, soil vapor extraction, deaeration, and central vacuum systems. Capable of reaching 4 Torr vacuum, the KLRC pumps can pump wet mixtures and slugs of liquids.

  • Travaini Pumps USA

    Travaini liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed to operate perfectly even when high saturated vapors and solid particles occur in the inlet stream. Single-stage pumps come standard, vari-ported, vari-ported deep vacuum, and medium vacuum, with CFM ranges starting at 5 and going upwards of 2,200.

  • Combined Fluid Products Co.

    Combined Fluid Components stocks Titan Series liquid ring vacuum pumps. These single-stage units come in monoblock, motor-mounted, pedestal, or bare-shaft models, with capacities from 1.5 CFM to 1,200 CFM, and 0.25 HP to 100 Hp engines. Models up to 20 Hp feature AISI 316 stainless steel impellers standard, and all models are available in a variety of materials.

  • Cal Supply Company, Inc.

    Cal Supply Co. offers a line of liquid ring vacuum pumps for applications where high levels of liquids and solids are present, (e.g. medical vacuum applications). Primarily water-sealed, these pumps feature a flow range of 15 to 340 CFM, 25 Torr, 28.9 in.Hg, and Hp range from 5 to 25.

  • Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

    Dearing Compressor and Pump distributes Elmo Rietschle-brand liquid ring pumps for heavy duty, wet uses.  Stainless steel and ceramic materials ensure constant operation, minimized abrasion resistance and deposits and lime scale, and corrosion resistance.

  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies

    Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers Titan liquid ring vacuum pumps in a variety of configurations and capacities. Their selection includes single-stage pumps that are motor mounted (2 to 150 CFM), monblock (20 to 300 CFM), pedestal (20 to 300 CFM), and bare shaft (450 to 1,200 CFM), as well as the 1,050 to 28,000 CFM Maxima K large capacity pump. Two-stage varieties are available, as well, from 15 to 2,000 CFM.

  • Scales Industrial Technologies

    Scales Industrial Technology features liquid ring vacuum pumps for environments with high inlet particulates, wet or saturated air, and corrosive gases. The design utilizes water as a cooling medium to create and seal the compression chamber. Available with either water recycling packages or once-through systems, the liquid ring pump is compact and can be used in industrial and medical applications. Manufacturers sold and serviced include Airtech, Busch, Gardner Denver, Quincy, Travaini, and Nash Elmo.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pumps carries liquid ring vacuum pumps from Travaini, designed for operation when particles or high saturated vapors appear in the inlet stream. Pumps come either 1- or 2-stage (TRS/TRV and TRH models), with capacities from 5 to 2,000 CFM and medium, high, and deep vacuum levels (up to 29.5 in.Hg). Standard features include mechanical shaft seals and heavy-duty ball bearings, as well materials that includes bronze, iron, hastelloy, stainless steel and Ni-Resist.

  • Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems

    Busch manufactures the Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pump to move gases, vapors, and entrained liquids in wet and dirty process applications. Single- and 2-stage designs are available in a wide selection of construction material, with pumping speeds to 2,590 CFM and vacuum to 29 in.Hg.

  • Friatec N.A., Engineered Products, LLC

    Friatec's FGP Series, non-metallic liquid ring pumps are designed to handle corrosive applications, including chlorine gas, hydrochloric gases, and other corrosive gases. Construction materials include ceramic, titanium, hastelloy, zirconium, and glass-fiber reinforced PTFE. Suction capacities up to 600 m3/h and suction pressures up to 100 mbar are possible, as well.