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  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole Parmer Instrument Company Ltd. manufactures miniature OEM vacuum pumps that feature free-air capacities of 0.4 LPM, 0.5 LPM, and 1 LPM; and pressures of 6.8 psi and 5.8 psi. The pumps have power requirements of 3 VDC or 6 VDC, and are used for lab applications.

  • Virtual Industries, Inc.

    Virtual Industries Inc. supplies miniature 6- and 12-volt vacuum pumps that feature canon or Maxon motors, and 6 psi, 7 psi, 9 psi, 12 psi, 15 psi, or 18 psi. The pumps also feature stroke of .05", .06", and .09" with operating capabilities of 500, 600, 800, 1200, 1100, 1000, 900, 700, and 1300 mL/min.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver designs and builds aluminum and plastic-bodied miniature vacuum pumps. The aluminum-bodied pumps feature a maximum vacuum level of 26 mm Hg, and supply pressure of 72.5 psi. The plastic-bodied pumps are used in robotic applications, feature operating temperature of -10 to 80C, and a maximum vacuum level of 26 mm Hg.

  • Dynaflo Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

    Dynaflo Vacuum Pumps and Compressors engineers and builds a line of miniature vacuum pumps that feature maximum vacuum of 22, 23, 27, and 16 in Hg. The pumps also feature maximum pressures of 17 psi, 6 psi, and 30 psi. Maximum flow of each pump ranges from 0.3 LPM to 124 LPM.

  • Vaccon Co., Inc.

    Vaccon Vacuum Products designs miniature cylindrical venturi vacuum pumps that can generate up to 28" Hg and 99LPM of vacuum flow. The pump's single stage design allows ingested contaminants to flow through the pump without clogging, which ensures continuous operation.

  • Air Dimensions, Inc.

    Air Dimension Inc. designs a line of miniature/micro Dia-Vac vacuum pumps that feature maximum performance ranges of 0-13 LPM, 0-28 mm Hg, and 0-30 psig. The pumps are available with general purpose shaded pole or bush/brushless DC motor options. Single head, elevated double head, two-stage heated head, double head diaphragm, heated head, elevated head, and solid Teflon diaphragm pump types are available.

  • Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

    Dearing Compressor and Pump distributes miniature vacuum pumps manufactured by Elmo Rietschle. The company also stocks an inventory of pump parts and repair vacuum pumps.

  • Combined Fluid Products Co.

    Combined Fluid Products is a distributor of miniature vacuum pumps manufactured by Becker, Dekker, Pneumofore, and Thomas. Vacuum pump types include oil-less rotary vane, oil-less diaphragm, linear, piston, liquid ring, and rotary vane.

  • Edco USA

    EDCO USA designs and manufactures multi-stage miniature vacuum pumps that feature a 1/2" NPT or 1/2" BSPP base and nitrile or vitron seal materials. The company's vacuum pumps feature a modular pump designs that allows filed expansion/conversion of pump capacity.

  • Millipore Corp.

    Millipore develops miniature vacuum pumps for filtration and other laboratory applications. Featuring a diaphragm design, the miniature pumps feature maximum vacuum of 6 L/min, and a hose connector for 4 mm I.D. tubing.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

    Pfeiffer Vacuum manufactures a line of single-stage, miniature rotary vane pumps for low and medium vacuum applications. The pumps feature speeds of 25 to 1,000 m3/h and low ultimate pressure of up to 0.2 mbar. The miniature pumps are used within industrial, electron beam welding, lamp manufacturing, surface coating, vacuum drying and degassing, leak detection, and gas recovery applications.

  • Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.

    Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc. manufactures compact, miniature rotary vane vacuum pumps that are single-staged and either lubricated or oil-less. The pumps are used for biotech industries and environmental sampling in the lab, or for applications such as glass and stone cutting with high inlet water vapor content.

  • Ohio Medical Corp.

    Squire-Cogswell manufactures miniature rotary vane vacuum pumps and miniature single stage, liquid ring vacuum pumps. The rotary vane pumps feature a 2 HP to 7.5 HP motor, with free air capacity ranging from 21 to 163.8 CFM. The single stage, liquid ring pumps are equipped with an extended shaft and a NEMA motor flange, and are available with 3HP to 20HP motors.

  • Ulvac Technologies, Inc.

    ULVAC Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures miniature belt-driven rotary pumps and miniature direct drive rotary pumps. The belt-driven pumps feature pumping speeds of 56.5-247 CFM, 6.5-13 CFM, and 11-34 CFM. The direct drive pumps feature pumping speeds ranging from 6 CFM to 336 CFM.