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  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver Corp. offers a variety of vacuum pumps, including: MSPX Series Multistage with internal exhaust silencer, MSP Series Multistage with external exhaust silencer, and Air Miser Multistage. MSPX Series Multistage pumps have operating temperatures ranging from -44 to 176°F, feed pressures ranging from 58-80 psi, and an optimum operating pressure of 72.5 psi. MSP Series Multistage have operating temperatures ranging from 14 to 176°F, an optimum operating temperature of 87 psi, and flows to 340 SCFM. Air Miser Multistage pumps can deliver 27" Hg at a pressure rating of 45 psi. Despite being small in size, they can deliver the performance of much larger pumps.

  • Edco USA

    Edco USA offers a variety of multi-stage vacuum pumps, including: Triple Base Classic Series, Quad Base Classic Series, Mini Classic Series, and Classic Series. Pumps range in size from 100 to 1200, and are made of stainless steel, nitrile, and viton materials. Classic styles include: RT, 2ES, 2S24D, 2PSB, 2PS, basic, etc. Other pumps offered include: AX, chip, dual base classic, etc.

  • Becker Pumps Corp.

    Becker Pumps Corp. offers 2 stage blower and 2 stage regenerative blower vacuum pumps. 2 Stage blower pumps have open flow rates of up to 251 CFM, a maximum vacuum of 171", and range in horsepower from 0.6 to 10 HP. 2 stage regenerative blowers have a maximum vacuum rating of 181" Wg, and a maximum open flow of 171 CFM. Both pumps feature: a 100% oil-less operation, a high performance capacity, an integrated inlet filter, a quiet/compact operation, etc.

  • Tuthill Corp.

    Tuthill Corp. offers KC Series and KTC Series vacuum pumps with applications for: leak detection, low pressure chemical vapor deposition, brake filling systems, evacuating refrigeration systems, silicon crystal growing, liquid gas storage, etc. KC Series pumps are two stage, two rotary piston vacuum pumps that feature: flows from 5 to 15 CFM, an ultimate vacuum of 0.2 microns, oil sealed design (eliminating metal-to-metal contact), adjustable gas ballast permits, etc. KTC Series vacuum pumps are two stage, triplex rotary piston vacuum pumps that feature: a high pumping speed at pressures below 10 microns, positive pressure lubrication, and a highly durable construction (even in dirty applications).


  • Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems

    Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems offers: Huckepack once through sealing rotary vane, and Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps. Huckepack once through sealing rotary vane pumps are rugged, two-stage high vapor tolerance pumps. Pumps have a maximum speed of 390 CFM, and a 0.5 Torr vacuum. Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are rugged, reliable, and ideal for wet process applications. Pumps have speeds up to 2950 CFM, and a 25 Torr vacuum. Single and two-stage configurations are available.

  • HullVac Pump Corp.

    HullVac Pump Corp. offers HVC Series double stage, rotary piston vacuum pumps. Pumps feature: a low blank-off at 0.0001 Torr, low vibration, and high gas loads at low vacuum levels. Pumps have motor ratings ranging from 1.5 to 75 Hp, and a maximum free air displacement of 960 CFM. Typical applications include: chemical vapor deposition, freeze drying, metallizing, roll coating, impregnation, potting, and vacuum furnaces.

  • Vooner FloGard Corporation

    Vooner FloGard Corporation offers VTS Series pumps in two configurations: VTS10 and VTS20. Pumps features include: a very high vacuum, two stages, a cone port vacuum configuration, and an ACFM from 500 up to 2,000. Materials include: 304 stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, and ductile iron.

  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies

    Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers VMax oil sealed multistage vacuum pumps for. Pumps feature a combination of a liquid ring vacuum pump in series with one or more mechanical vacuum air ejectors, condensers, or boosters. Applications include: the vacuum-packing of food products, sterilization, pharmaceutical, and chemical.

  • Ohio Medical Corp.

    Ohio Medical Corp. offers Two Stage Liquid Ring vacuum pumps. Pumps range in horsepower from 7.5 to 75 HP, they have a maximum average service liquid of 28 GPM, a maximum motor RPM of 1750, and can suction/discharge elements from 1 1/2 to 4". Materials include: cast iron, 60T AISI 420/316 stainless steel, silicon/carbon, viton/carbide, etc.

  • Ted Pella, Inc.

    Ted Pella, Inc. offers Dual Stage Rotary Vane vacuum pumps in three models: Model 100-3.5, Model 200-7, and Model 400-14. Pumping capacity is available at 6M3, 12M3, or 24M3. Features include: corrosion resistant, multiple voltage motors, anti-suck back design, virtually vibration free, an extremely quiet operation, etc. Applications include: vacuum ovens, vacuum furnaces, freeze drying, vacuum deposition systems, carbon coaters, sputter coaters, electron micriscopes, analytical instruments, backing pumps, etc.

  • Travaini Pumps USA

    Travaini Pumps USA offers Two Stage Liquid Ring vacuum pumps. Pumps feature: an oil free operation, a cool/dry discharge, a low noise level, scrubbing action of the seal water, standard mechanical seals, a vibration free operation, and a Travaini high efficiency liquid ring compressor. Available per-engineered options include: suction/discharge check valves, discharge/inlet flex connectors, vibration mounts, inlet isolation valves, inlet filters, etc.