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A rotary vane vacuum pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of a cavity in which rotor with mounted-on vanes rotates. It works as the vanes slide into and out of the rotor, creating seals along the edges and separate vane chambers. As the vane chamber on one side is filled with fluid coming from the inlet, it forces fluid out of the other chamber. Common uses for rotary vane vacuum pumps are high pressure hydraulic pumps and automobiles, which use them for supercharging, power steering, and automatic transmission. The pumps also drive gyroscopic flight instruments like attitude and heading indicators, and evacuate refrigerant lines in air conditioners and laboratory freeze dryers. Leading manufacturers: US VAcuum, Rietschle, BrandTech Scientific, Gast Manufacturing, Busch, Becker

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  • Thomas Division

    Thomas offers a comprehensive line of rotary vane pumps, starting with the G01 maintenance free, oil-less pump with capacity up to 0.06 CFM, vacuum to 8.6 in.Hg, and pressure to 4.1 psi. A more powerful option in the G Series is the G08, which has capacity to 0.5 CFM, vacuum to 24.5 in.Hg, and pressure to 20.3 psi.

  • BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

    BrandTech Scientific offers four models of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The 4.1 CFM RC6 Chemistry-HYBRID uses a uniquely designed diaphragm pump to reduce oil changes by up to 90%. The compact RZ2.5 offers 1.6 CFM pumping capability for small freeze dryers and centrifugal concentrators, especially with high-boiling point solvents. The RZ6 is also a compact unit pumping 4 CFM.

  • HullVac Pump Corp.

    HullVac manufactures two series of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The HDV Direct-Drive Series comes in two models: the HDV6 has a free air displacement of 6 CFM and motor of 0.5 Hp, while the HDV11 is rated to 11 CFM and 1 Hp. The HBV Belt-Drive Series also comes in two models: the HBV10 has a free air displacement of 10 CFM and 0.75 Hp motor, and the HBV18 is rated to 18 CFM and 1.5 Hp.

  • Combined Fluid Products Co.

    Combined fluid products offers oil-less and oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. Oil-less pumps from Becker are applicable where oil-flooded vacuum pumps would emit excessive oil aerosols, or regenerative blowers can't reach a deep enough vacuum.

  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA, Inc.

    Oerlikon Leybold manufactures 10 lines of rotary vane vacuum pumps, each subdivided into a number of families. The TRIVAC NT line starts with the NT5 1-phase dual voltage motor family, which offers pumping speeds of 5.2 m3/h at noise levels <49 dB, and ends with the more powerful NT20 and 25 families. A small compact pump is also available in the S1,5; this rotary vane pump offers a 1-phase, 230 V motor capable of nominal pumping speeds up to 2.3 m3/h. Other pump combinations exist, including the 2-stage, oil-seated TRIVAC E, the 3-stage TRIVAC D, and the SOGEVAC family of 3-phase pumps, both with and without gas ballasts and/or oil filters.

  • Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.

    Geotech Environmental Equipment offers DuraVane oil-less and lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. The oil-less pumps are air-cooled pumps with no internal lubrication (single-stage); they are designed for the biotech industry and environmental sampling in laboratory environments, and displace between 2 and 70 CFM, depending on model number. The lubricated rotary vane pumps are single-stage that use oil-recirculation; some are specially lubricated for effective application in saturated air environments, such as stone and glass cutting. Amongst the different models, they can move between up to 2 and 710 CFM.

  • Cal Supply Company, Inc.

    Cal Supply Company produces recirculated oil-type rotary vane vacuum pumps for general industrial use where oil can be tolerated. These pumps provide a flow range between 7 and 903 CFM, and 0.5 Torr. They also manufacture dry running, non-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps with a flow range between 3 and 242 CFM, and 7-706 CFM once-through, oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps for process and chemical applications where gases or vapors cannot be allowed to accumulate within the vacuum pump.

  • Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

    Dearing Compressor & Pump Co. distributes Elmo Rietschle V-Series dry running and oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps with wide performance ranges. The oil-lubricated line is modular, and offered in both air or water cooling options, as well as in 1- or 2-stage designs. Capacities for these pumps can exceed 800 (V-VWZ Model) or 900 CFM (V-VC Model). The dry pumps are offered in compact, medium, and large sizes, as well as in vacuum, pressure, and combination models, with a cumulative capacity range from 2 to 90 CFM.

  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies

    Dekker Vacuum Technologies manufactures four families of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The lubricated type starts with the 2 CFM, 0.2HP RVL002H, and ends with the 710 CFM, 40HP RVL700, while the wet service subtype goes up to 70 CFM and 4HP. The oil-free pumps range from the 2CFM, 0.25HP RVD002L to the 100 CFM, 7.5HP RVD100L. Finally, the high vacuum rotary vane pumps provide capacity and power up to 12 CFM and 1.25 HP.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pump & Supply is a Michigan-based supplier of Busch rotary vane vacuum pumps. The R5 is a modular, air-cooled, single-stage, direct-driven pump that recirculates oil; it is meant for the packaging, food processing, and pneumatic conveying industries, among others. The Seco, by contrast, is an oil-less unit that uses self-lubricating, dry carbon composite vanes and sealed-for-life ball bearings. Next, the Huckepack Mark 4 vacuum pump is a two-stage pump with a once-through-sealing rotary valve design that gives it added flexibility. The company also carries the Travaini PVL Series of air-cooled and direct-coupled, monoblock design rotary vane pumps.

  • Scales Industrial Technologies

    Scales Industrial Technologies distributes rotary vane vacuum pumps in sizes up to 30HP, with both duplex and triplex arrangements available. These pumps trap, compress, and discharge air vapor into exhaust boxes, which are able to remove 99.9% of lubricating oil from the exhaust in order to maximize the amount of oil returned to the reservoir. The company carries a number of brands, including Airtech, Busch, Gardner Denver, Nash Elmo, Quincy, and Travaini.

  • Westmoor Ltd., Industrial Div.

    Westmoor, Ltd., makes a variety of Conde rotary vane positive displacement vacuum pumps and compressors in bare or complete pump unit configurations. Dry air pumps are made to air flows 7 to 140 CFM, vacuums from 0 to 20 in.Hg continuous or 24 in.Hg intermittent, and pressures from 0 to 12 psi continuous or 15 psi intermittent.  Vapor oil pumps are available from 7 to 230 CFM, with vacuums to 20 in.Hg continuous or 26 in.Hg intermittent.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    ANVER offers three series of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The AFM12 and 21 Series of lubricated pumps are made from composite vane material and TEFC tri-voltage motors, offering free air displacement between 7 and 15 SCFM at 60 Hz, while the AFM25 and 40 provide 21 to 31 SCFM. By contrast, the PMP Series are oil-free and fumeless; they create a maximum vacuum of 20 in.Hg continuous or 25 in.Hg intermittent, and a maximum pressure of 10 psi continuous or 14 psi intermittent. Finally, the AFM63, 100, 160, and 230 Series single-stage, air-cooled, direct-driven pumps offer maximum displacements of 45 to 460 SCFM, depending on the chosen model.

  • Becker Pumps Corp.

    Becker Pumps offers three rotary vane options. The first is the oil-flooded vacuum pump, which offers a max vacuum of 29.84 in.Hg and CFM range from 4.6 to 440, depending on the selected model. The oil-less pumps provide open flows from 2.8 up to 353, and vacuum between 22.5 and 27 in.Hg. Last is the Variair rotary vane pump, which has an intelligent variable speed controller, is oil-less, and provides a 2:1 flow ratio. Four models are available; the smallest is the VAU VT 4.4, which has an open flow range between 12 and 28 CFM, and the VAU VTLF 250, which provides 73-173 CFM.

  • Ohio Medical Corp.

    Squire-Cogswell sells three types of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The SelecTORR rotary vane comes in medium and large sizes; within them, S models are engineered for medium vacuum and SD models for deeper vacuum. The dry rotary vanes are divided by horsepower, from the D1/D15/D2 (1-2 Hp), to the D3/D5L/D5/D75 (3-7.5 Hp), to the D10 (10 Hp); each is a direct drive pump supplied by a flange mounted electric motor. Lastly, the Squire-Cogswell-brand rotary vane vacuum pumps come in four sizes (3 Hp, 5 Hp, 7.5 Hp, and 10 Hp); these separate drive pumps are oil-sealed and operate at 1200 RPM.

  • Tuthill Corp.

    Tuthill offers Kinney rotary vane vacuum pumps for clean or filtered processes. The KVAC Series two-stage pump is rated to 0.0015 Torr, flow to 42 CFM, and vacuum to 1.5 microns (0.02 Pa). It features KF flanges and gas ballast valves (built in) , and can be used in freeze drying, filtering, tube evacuation, vacuum coating, or vapor deposition. The KVA-KVAH Series is oil-flooded, multi-vane, single-stage, air-cool, and direct-driven. With ultimate pressures to 0.5 Torr and full pumping speed from atmospheric pressure down to 7.5 Torr, it can be used for vacuum packaging, meat packing, central vacuum systems, electronic assembly, etc.

  • Ulvac Technologies, Inc.

    ULVAC Technologies offers a host of different rotary vane vacuum pumps, from belt-driven units to direct-driven. The PKS, PVD, and DK Series pumps are all belt-driven, and feature pumping speed ranges of 56.5 to 247 CFM, 6.5 to 13 CFM, and 11 to 34 CFM. There are nine direct drive options, including the VD Series (21-28 CFM), D-DK (11-33 CFM), EC (28-57 CFM), VS (106-170 CFM), G (6-120 LPM), GHD (30-144 LPM), GVD/GLS/GLD (60 LPM), GLD (48-336 LPM), and GCD (60-240 LPM).

  • Kurt J. Lesker Co.

    Kurt J. Lesker Co. is a distributor of rotary vane pumps from Adixen, Edwards, Oerlikon Leybold, ULVAC, and other major manufacturers. The Adixen Pascal Series pumps are divided according to application (standard, analytical, chemical, hermetic), while the Edwards EM Series pumps are offered in small, large, and RV Series. Both the Trivac and Sogevac Series are available from Leybold, while the GLD Series, with gas ballasting and forced oil supply, is offered by ULVAC. The company also supplies the Pfeiffer HenaLine Series, Welch Standard and Chemstar Series, and Varian rotary vane pumps.

  • Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems

    Busch offers both oil-lubricated, once-through, and dry rotary vane vacuum pumps. The oil-lubricated R5 provides pumping speeds up to 1,030 CFM and vacuum to 29.9 in.Hg. The Huckepack once-through sealing pump has a two-stage design and high vapor tolerance, with either radiator or direct cooling. Appropriate for demanding process applications (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical), the unit provides pumping speeds to 390 CFM and vacuum to 29.9 in.Hg. Lastly, the Seco oil-free rotary vane pump, with self-lubricating carbon composite vanes and sealed-for-life bearings, offers pumping speeds to 88 CFM and vacuum to 27 in.Hg.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

    Pfeiffer Vacuum provides four lines of rotary vane vacuum pumps with a variety of options. Both single- and two-stage models are available with pumping speeds from as low as 2.5 m3/h to as high as 1,000 m3/h.  For low and medium vacuum applications, the company sells the single-stage HenaLine and the two-stage PentaLine. For harsh industrial usage, there is the water-cooled UnoLine Plus and hermetically-sealed DuoLine. All vacuums are made from non-ferrous metal for additional reliability; corrosive gas versions are also available.