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Foam rubber has been acted upon by a foaming agent and is also known as cellular or sponge rubber

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  • Chicago Wilcox Mfg. Co. Inc.

    Chicago-Wilcox offers open and closed cell sponge and foam rubber that can be die cut, extruded, and fitted with pressure sensitive adhesives. Materials used include silicone, EPDM, urethane, PVC, polyester, polyurethane, synthetic rubbers, PTFE, and others.

  • Foam Rubber Sponge

    Foam Rubber Sponge offers many different thicknesses, cut to length/width, and in different densities and firmness. Products include foam rubber, sponge rubber, open and closed cell foam, silicone sponge, nitrile sponge, neoprene sponge, SBR sponge, blended sponge, and expanded foam rubber.

  • Rogers Foam Corp.

    Rogers is a provider of urethane and Olefin foams, as well as elastomeric foam rubber. Applications include filtration, acoustics, gaskets and seals, thermal management, surface protection, specialty packaging, and comfort and support.

  • Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

    Stockwell Elastomerics are fabricators of closed sponge rubber, silicone sponge, silicone foam, and many other rubber products. Their closed cell sponge rubber is available in neoprene, blended, EPDM, ECH (epichlorohydrin), and vinyl nitrile. Their silicone foam rubber is used for gaskets, tape, and cushioning pads.

  • All Seals, Inc.

    All Seals offers rubber and foam is sheets, bars, strips, cubes, rods, cords, discs, cord stock, balls, tubes, egg crates and mesh. Backing options include adhesive, laminate, or no backing. Materials available include Buna-N, silicone, neoprene, EPDM, natural gum, polyurethane, SBR, viton, santoprene, ECH, vinyl, EVA, polyimide, polyethylene, and ionomer.

  • Rubber-Cal, Inc.

    Rubber-Cal offers sponge rubber products, such as mats, flooring, sheet rubber, natural rubber, playground surfacing, and custom fabrication. Materials used include open cell neoprene and SBR, closed cell EPDM and nitrile, and others.

  • American Foam Rubber, LP

    American Foam Rubber are fabricators of foam rolls, strips, and sheet cut foam. Foam strips come in medium, soft, and super soft in 1" through 5" thicknesses. Foam rolls and sheet cut foam come in a wide range of cuts.

  • Foam Rubber LLC

    FRP is a provider of foam rubber for applications such as school transportation seating, commercial/transit automotive seating, recreational vehicle seating and furniture, office furniture, upholstered furniture, high impact protective materials, packaging, and specialty products.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint-Gobain offers their COHRlastic F-12 and F-20 silicone foam rubber for flame retardance (UL 94 V-0) with low toxicity. This expanded cellular material is designed for light gasketing and insulation applications.

  • Adams Foam Rubber Company, Inc.

    Adams Foam offers polyurethane foam sheets, rolls, slabs and buns, as well as polyethylene foam planks, rolls and slabs. Other products available include crosslink polyethylene foam planks and rolls, polystyrene sheets and buns, colored flocked foam, and biodegradable foam.

  • Rubber Flooring, Inc.

    Rubber Flooring Inc. offers a dozen foam rubber products, including 1/2" Eco-Soft tiles, 1/2" designer soft tiles, 1" MMA mats, 3/8" life floor rustic board tiles, soft shapes, reversible soft tiles, jumbo soft tiles, and more.

  • Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    Monmouth offers Durafoam closed cell and Airaflex open cell sponge rubber and plastic foam made from neoprene, natural rubber, SBR, butyl, nitrile, and many other materials.

  • Smooth-On, Inc.

    Smooth-On foams, rubbers, epoxies, plastics, Matrix products and other materials have properties that make them suitable for industrial and military applications. Rigid foams are designed for lightweight reinforcement, industrial rigid cast foam parts, and industrial adhesive.

  • Frost King

    Frost King offers foam rubber weatherseal products. You can use their Rubber Foam Weatherseal as a weatherstrip, a gasket or to cushion major appliances. Other applications include cars, trucks and boats.

  • Colonial Diversified Polymer Products Div., LLC

    Colonial Diversified produces molded sponge, foam, and cellular rubber seals and gaskets. Molded cellular rubber is formulated for open or closed cell applications. Foam rubber creates a leak-proof barrier against vibration, noise, dust, water and other fluids or chemicals.

  • Metro Industries, Inc.

    Metro Industries serves OEM's with a variety of neoprene, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC and other foam rubber products. Open-cell sponge is also available.

  • McMaster-Carr

    McMaster-Carr offers vinyl and natural gum foam adhesive back and NSF certified adhesive back strips. Other foam products available include quick-recovery natural gum foam sheeting and back strips.

  • Ace Hose & Rubber Co.

    Ace foam tubing is made from nitrile rubber. EPDM foam tubing is available for high UV outdoor use. Products meet or exceed ASTM D1056 specifications and can be cut to length or by the foot.

  • North Coast Medical, Inc.

    North Coast Medical offers Komprex foam rubber made of synthetic latex foam permeable to water and air. Products can be cut to create customized applications and are autoclavable at 250 F (121 C).

  • Desco Industries, Inc.

    Desco Industries offers Statfree J dissipative shock resistant foam rubber mats and rolls for ESD protective work surfaces.