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Rubber bellows and boots act as expansion joints in certain applications.

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    The offers rubber bellows and dust boots that are used to seal out dust and environmental elements. Straight and tapered bellow designs are offered in 1-20 mm, 21-40 mm, 41-60 mm, and 61+ mm connector sizes. Custom designs are also offered.

  • Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc.

    Columbia's TM brand of rubber bellows and convoluted dust boots are used in applications to seal dust and other elements in applications with a stroke or designed range of motion. Rubber bellows can be custom designed for specific applications and are available in EPDM, TPE, and silicone.

  • Custom Quality Mfg., Inc.

    CQM designs and manufactures rubber bellows to protect against dust, water, grease, acids, oil, bleaches and spatter. Molded rubber bellows are available in natural rubber (NR), chloroprene rubber (CR), silicone rubber (Si), and in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Minor Rubber Co., Inc.

    Minor Rubber manufactures bellows and boots in many configurations, sizes and materials to protect against dust, oils, chemicals, moisture, and UV. Conventional molding, latex dip molding, and RF welded bellows from thin urethane or vinyl films are just a few of the techniques employed. Minor also offers a line of sewn bellows produced from a rubber coated fabric material.

  • Crushproof Tubing Co.

    Crushproof Tubing offers rubber bellows, boots and sleeves from their ISO 9001:2008 Certified facility. These bellows have a 1:4 stretch ratio and provide heat, chemical and oil resistance. Crushproof brand containment boots are typically used in old oil tanks.

  • GORTITE, A & A Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Gortite offers bellows, way and linear rail covers. Types include bus and light rail, folded, molded, sewn, sewn folded, and welded bellows, as well as co-extruded and vulcanized protective covers.

  • Buckhorn Rubber Products, Inc.

    Buckhorn offers rubber boots, bellows, dust seals and grommets designed from a wide range of materials and configurations. Products can be ordered in a variety of elastomer types and hardnesses for any range of operating conditions.

  • Custom Gasket Manufacturing

    Custom Gasket manufactures rubber bellows and boots to protect against dust, oil, water, grease, bleach, moisture, splatter, chemicals, UV and other elements. Convoluted rubber bellows and boots are also available.

  • Ameropean Corp.

    Ameropean Corp. offers bellows type rubber protectors made of single piece construction without joins. They can be made to any shape or size and can be made from mineral oil and emulsion resistant synthetic rubber, natural rubber, neoprene, and silicone.

  • Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc.

    Mid-States offers rubber bellows, air ducts and boots for the automotive and other industries. Many parts are designed for under the hood applications and are resistant to fuels, oils, ozone, and high/low temperatures.

  • Senior Flexonics Pathway Inc.

    Senior Flexonics Pathway offers rubber bellows for expansion joints fitted to the pipes and duct work on HVAC systems. Rubber bellows are used on many different types of expansion joints, including rectangular designs in some cases. They are also used in piping systems to provide the flexibility for hard usage.

  • James Walker Mfg. Co.

    James Walker offers Comflex rubber bellows in a variety of materials and temperature/pressure ranges. Standard sizes are available but custom configurations up to 2500NB are available. Their Series 115 are molded pipe joints with swivel flanges in sizes from 25NB to 400NB.

  • ENA - Advanced Rubber Technologies

    ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies produces boots and bellows in many sizes, types, durometers, and different rubber compounds. They specialize in complex shapes and styles, and hard-to-produce boots and bellows. Typical applications include motorcycles and motor scooters.

  • Centryco

    Centryco rubber bellows are produced in a variety of sizes. Sewn construction (BS) designs are utilized for their general purpose bellows to protect moving rods, screws, shafts, or other mechanisms. Molded (BM) or RF welded (BW) bellows are available for watertight, strict compression, and other applications.

  • Harman Corporation

    Harman Corp. produces rubber bellows to protect against dust, oils, moisture, chemicals, and many other contaminants. These rubber bellows are used in the automotive industry, as well as for fluid filling systems, adjustments in duct lines, and in chemical plants.