Rubber • Rubber Extrusions

The process of forming rubber parts and/or components via forcing malleable rubber material through a die of the required shape after which it is commonly cured or hardened.

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  • Minor Rubber Co., Inc.

    Minor Rubber Co., Inc. offers a wide range of rubber extrusion products, including: refrigerator door seals, extruded U-channels, extruded P-strips, extruded D-strips, and angle extrusions. Type I refrigerator door seals come in form-cured lengths, long straight lengths, coil form, or cut pieces. These seals can be vulcanized and extruded into a Special Shape Gasket or an Endless Ring. They feature widths/heights up to 1/4", groove widths up to 1/16", and a black neoprene construction. Minor Rubber Co. also offers bumper strips, H-strips, angle extrusions, special extruded tubing/seals, and solid strips/cords.

  • Ames Rubber Manufacturing Company

    Ames Rubber Manufacturing Company offers rubber extrusions in a variety of configurations, including: O-ring cords, P/D/T seals, tank O-rings, automotive window seals, custom profiles, light lens gaskets, etc. Ames tubing/profiles can be extruded up to 8", and their extrusion process can be combined with a wide range of other post-cure processes. These rubber extrusions are typically used for the following industries: food/beverage, fluid power, EMI/RFI, automotive, apparel, agriculture, aerospace, military, power transmission, transportation, etc.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises offers U-channel rubber extrusions constructed from all organic or non-organic (e.g. silicone) compounds. These extrusions come in widths ranging from 3/32" to 1-1/4" and depths ranging from 5/32" to 7/8".

  • Meccom Industrial Products Co.

    Meccom Industrial Products Co. offers ISO 9001:2000 certified rubber extrusions in a variety of shapes/configurations, including: AI-X0541, QEI-X0758, AI-X0181, Al-X0892, QEI-X0843, KPI-X0211, etc.

  • Thomas A. Caserta, Inc.

    Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. offers custom rubber extrusions for the following industries: plumbing, OEM, fastening, electrical, automotive, appliance, aerospace, and construction. These extrusions are constructed from EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, SBR, silicone, and Viton materials. Silicone rubber extrusions have temperature ranges from -150 to 500°F, and they provide excellent resistance to high analine point oils, brake fluids, low temperatures, and dry heat.

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Co., Inc. offers rubber and plastic extrusions in "D", "P", Tube, or "U" shapes. These extrusions come in the following types: viton, urethanes, silicones, nitriles, neoprenes, natural rubber, hydrin, fluorocarbons, EPDMs, custom compounds, and butyl. They come in durometer hardness ratings ranging from 45 to 65, and they have the following certifications: UL 746 compliance, ISO/TS 16949:2002 registered, and ISO 9001:2000 registered.

  • J.W. Industries

    J.W. Industries offers a wide range of SBR, neoprene, and EPDM rubber extrusions, including: gaskets, seals, tubular gaskets, O-rings, colored products, sheets, rubber-to-metal products, etc.

  • Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc.

    Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc. offers rubber extrusions for the following industries: material handling, industrial equipment, fitness, electrical, caster wheels, automotive, and appliance. These extrusions range in size from 3-1/2" to 6", and they are TS 16949 compliant. Material speficiation options include: SBR, reclaim, PBR, neoprene, nitrile, natural, hypalon, EPDM, and butyl.

  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. offers rubber and silicone extrusions for a wide range of applications, including: plastic case seals, diary seals, aerospace/military gaskets, medical equipment tubing, outdoor cellular telecommunications enclosures, fiberoptic sheathes, architectural/window seals, industrial/commercial food oven/cart seals, etc. These extrusions have single, co-extrusion, or tri-extrusion capabilities; they feature multiple hardness and color options; and can be custom formulated for chemical resistance, mechanical properties, color matching, and temperature resistance.

  • The D.S. Brown Company, Engineered Rubber Products Div.

    The D.S. Brown Company offers custom rubber extrusion products in a variety of configurations, including: tubing, toy parts, sponges, seals, lighting, insulation, flanges, edgings, connectors, channels, angles, etc. These extrusions come in ±0.001" tolerances, 15" extrusion profile widths, and continuous extrusion lengths. They are typically used in transportation, electrical, construction, industrial, and commercial industry applications.

  • S & H Rubber, Inc.

    S & H Rubber, Inc. offers rubber extrusions and profiles in the following configurations: extruded solid bumpers, wing bumpers, P-strips, U-channels. circular channels, rectangular bumpers, half rounds, bumper strips, seals, U-channels with bulbs, etc.

  • Timco Rubber Products, Inc.

    Timco Rubber Products, Inc. offers rubber extrusion products in the following configurations: connectors, pump discharge hoses, pressure switch tubing, cabinet seals, exhaust collars, door/window seals, square tubing, mandrel formed hoses, vibration reducers, connectors, and drain tubes. These extruded products are available in a wide range of compounds, including: silicone, PVC, polyisoprene, nitrile rubber, neoprene, FKM, EPDM, etc.

  • Robinson Rubber Co.

    Robinson Rubber Co. offers extruded rubber profiles in the following shapes: mandrel hose, mandrel elbow, rectangular strip, square strip, full/half round cord, I/L/P/T-shaped strip, D/E/H/U-channel, etc. These profiles feature external identification printing, cut-to-length/continuous length options, and microwave/autoclave (steam) vulcanization. They come in 0.060" wall thicknesses and sizes ranging from +0.250" to +2.500".

  • CGR Products, Inc.

    CGR Products, Inc. offers custom extruded rubber shapes for the following applications: lighting, industrial sealing, HVAC, heavy equipment, generators, filters, elevators, escalators, RV, small engine, power tools, mining, military, marine, etc. These shapes are available in a wide range of materials, including: viton, thermoplastics, SBR, red rubber, PVC foam, EVA rubber, closed cell sponge, neoprene, etc.

  • Lauren Manufacturing Co.

    Lauren Manufacturing Co. offers extruded rubber parts in various colors, shapes, and lengths. These rubber parts have the following benefits: angle/linear cutting, splicing for continuous seal applications, multiple curing systems, TPE capabilities, dual durometer extrusions, color-matching services, a wide variety of compounds, etc.

  • Thermoprene Molded

    Thermoprene Molded offers rubber extrusions constructed from silicone, nitrile, viton, polyurethane, natural rubber, polyisoprene, neoprene, and EPDM materials. These extrusions have the following capabilities: custom protective/retail packaging, extrusion, molding, custom compounding, vulcanizing, splicing, adhesive application, corner molding, etc.

  • Reed Rubber Co.

    Reed Rubber Co. offers rubber extrusions in a variety of configurations. Reed's capabilities include: printing, notching, hole punching, custom packaging, stamping sheet stock, in-line laser measurement, co/tri-extrusions, large profiles, splicing, etc.

  • Mid-Atlantic Rubber

    Mid-Atlantic Rubber offers a wide range of rubber extrusion products, including: impact, profile, high temperature, door gasket/seal U channel, etc. These products come in widths ranging from 3/32" to 1-7/8", depths ranging from 7/32" to 1-3/16", slot widths ranging from 1/32" to 1-1/8", and slot depths ranging from 3/16" to 1".

  • SAS Rubber Co.

    SAS Rubber Co. offers a variety of extruded rubber products, including custom extrusions, window gaskets, sensitized door edges, etc. SAS also provides the following value added services: water jet cutting, drilling, punching, and notching.