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Rubber stoppers are conical or truncated cylindrical closures that are inserted into containers for sealing purposes.

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  • Allstates Rubber & Tool Corp.

    Allstates Rubber & Tool Corp. offers rubber stoppers in the following configurations: two-hole laboratory, solid laboratory, rubber bottle cork, and one-hole laboratory. 2-hole and solid laboratory rubber stoppers come in sizes ranging from 00 to 15, Top A sizes ranging from 9/16 to 2-3/16, bottom B sizes ranging from 3/8 to 2-7/8, and hole diameter sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1/4.

  • Sigma Aldrich Corp.

    Sigma-Aldrich offers rubber stoppers in sizes ranging from 000 to 14. These stoppers come in a wide range of configurations, including: Twistit four-in-one, red rubber micro, green neoprene laboratory, black rubber laboratory, cork-borer, etc.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. offers tapered rubber stoppers. These stoppers feature hardness ratings ranging from 38 to 48, 13/64" hole sizes, and end diameters ranging from 5/8" to 25/32".

  • U.S. Rubber Supply Co.

    U.S. Rubber Supply Co. offers solid, two-hole, and one-hole stoppers constructed from rubber, urethane, pure gum, or neoprene materials. These stoppers are available in extra-long or regular lengths.

  • Lexco Cable Manufacturers

    Lexco Cable Manufacturers offers rubber stoppers in 1/4" ID sizes that will fit onto any cable.

  • Minor Rubber Co., Inc.

    Minor Rubber Co., Inc. offers rubber stoppers and plugs for off-road vehicle, defense, transportation, construction, health care, aerospace, and electronics applications.