Rubber • Rubber-To-Metal Bonding

Process in which a rubber material is permanently adhered to a metal material.

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  • C & M Rubber Co.

    C & M Rubber can bond silicone to metal, via compression and transfer, in single or multiple cavities.  Silicone bonding resists temperature extremes, from -130F to 600F, as well as a strong resistance against compression, fire, radiation and electrical systems. They offer silicone elastomers from Momentive, Dow and Shin-Etsu, flourosilicone from Dow and Neoprene custom mixes from Valley Rubber.


  • International Rubber Products (IRP)

    IRP features a range of custom fabricated rubber, plastic and fabric reinforced components. Materials include aluminum, butyl, fluorosilicone, hypalon, silicone, urethane and viton. IRP products have certification for AS9100B, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485 and ITAR.

  • Robinson Rubber Co.

    Robinson Rubber has more than1,500 formulations of molded rubber components, in 20 engineering-grade polymers.  Available metal materials include aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, ductile iron, PFTE and stainless steel. Robinson can also bond to multiple substrates, including die castings, machined systems, stampings and injection molded thermosets.

  • ENA - Advanced Rubber Technologies

    ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies has been offering custom OEM metal-to-rubber parts for nearly 30 years. In addition to custom cutting and processing of metal systems, ENA has staff of chemists that meticulously blend polymerics to fit the needs of nearly every system.

  • Qualiform, Inc.

    Qualiform offers custom rubber to metal bonding for gear, shaft and industrial roller systems, in steel, aluminum and brass.

  • Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Rubber offers custom rubber to metal bonding by chemical/mechanical bonding and vulcanization. Major industries served include aerospace, medical, industrial and electronics, and an on-site team of chemists and engineers means that each custom piece will meet consistent performance requirements.

  • Meere Industries

    Meere Industries has a range of rubber bonded metal products for vibration dampening, noise reduction, and friction resistance. Meere fabricates a range of metal substrate objects, and then bonds the rubber/synthetic to it by either chemical or heating.

  • Eutsler Technical Products Inc.

    Eutsler Technical Products fabricates steel-based elastomeric products  for industries including automotive, engineering and construction. In addition to rubber, Eutsler utilizes a range of synthetics, including nitriles, silicone, acrylics, fluroelastomers, butyl, EPDM and urethane.

  • Timco Rubber Products, Inc.

    Timco Rubber creates custom injection molds for mechanically bonding rubber to metal. The process involves creating an insert, applying heat activated adhesive to the insert, then seating the inset on the metal. Timco can also create molds that encapsulate the metal object in rubber, if needed.

  • Star-Glo Industries, Inc.

    In addition of offering rubber to metal bonding, Star-Glo Industries also has custom rubber/plastic molding and plastic injection molding. They have a precision custom molding system that utilizes thermosetting, as well as an on-site CNC turning and milling machine shop for short runs. There are also a team of on-site chemists and designers to create systems from concept to finished product.

  • The Flexan Corp.

    Flexan Corp offers rubber-to-metal bonding, as well as insert molding, specializing in projects for the hydraulic, pneumatic, medical and automotive industries. In addition to fabrication, Flexan also offers prep for existing metal components, including degreasing, abrading, chemical etching and application of a bonding agent.

  • Ace Rubber Products

    Ace Rubber specializes in precision-molded parts and bonding metal to rubber, as well as other materials, including SBR, neoprene, silicon, hypalon, butyl, fluorosilicone and nitrile.

  • Parco, Inc.

    Parco fabricates rubber-to-metal bonded parts from 0.500 to 10 inches, with thicknesses from 0.050 to 2 inches, in nitrile, HNBR and fluorocarbon. Nitrile and HNBR elastomers are available in 70-durometer, and Fluorocarbon are available in 75 and 95-durometer.

  • Mason Rubber Co., Inc.

    Mason Rubber has custom products made from homogeneous and synthetic rubber molded to metal. Mason utilizes the newest transfer, compression and injection molding techniques to create products in various sizes and complexities.