Rubber • Silicone Molding

Molding made from silicone, an extremely flexible and easily prepared/removed material that is excellent for gum paste modeling applications.

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  • Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

    Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. offers liquid and custom silicone molding for the following applications: cushioning pads, devices, seals, gaskets, rugged electronics, sensing instruments, portable communications devices, etc. Stockwell also offers cryogenic de-flashing systems for removing parting line flash from hard to reach areas on complex or simply-molded parts. These systems are capable of reducing flash conditions from 0.005" to 0.015" long.

  • Meere Industries

    Meere Industries offers durable, strong, and flexible silicone molding. These molds can be extruded, compression molded, or injection molded for high, low, seal, and gasket applications. They are colorless, stable, odorless, un-reactive, and not easily boiled or melted.

  • Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers silicone rubber molding for the aerospace, electronics, industrial, and medical industries. These rubber molds can operatte safely in temperatures ranging from -55 to +300°F, and it is typically used in high temperature sterilization or high altitude environments. They are high in tear, compression, mechanical, elongation, and tensile strength.

  • Qualiform, Inc.

    Qualiform, Inc. offers temperature resistant silicone molding for aerospace, electronic, appliance, and automotive applications.