Rubber • Urethane Sheet

Sheeting made from urethane, a highly versatile, corrosion-resistant material that can be used in a wide range of demanding applications, including: sports, industrial, medical, etc.

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  • Weaver Industries Inc

    Weaver Industries fabricates and distributes urethane sheeting, available in plain sheet, fabric-back, metal back and expanded metal back. Both plain sheet and fabric back are flexible, and designed for systems with curved surfaces, fabric back is cast on a poly/cotton blend. Solid metal back sheeting is designed for systems that need more structural strength than the fabric back sheets, and expanded metal back sheeting is rigid, but designed for easy installation.

  • Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp.

    Dunham Rubber & Belting offers urethane sheet products in a variety of thicknesses, hardness, durometers and colors.

  • Marian, Inc.

    Marian has urethane foam sheeting, designed for electrical insulators and barriers. In addition, urethane sheeting provides a high degree of temperature, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

  • Plas-Tech Inc

    Plas-Tech has an extensive line of urethane sheeting, in a variety of sizes and shapes, including sheets, angles, channels and beams.

  • Weir Minerals

    Weir Minerals has a vast array of urethane and polyurethane screening sheets. Most notably, Lunatex polyurethane screening have molded screens with larger, relief-tapered openings to maximize throughput while minimizing plugging.

  • Grotenrath Rubber Products Co., Inc.

    Grotenrath Rubber Products have a variety of urethane products including o-rings and flat rings.