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Sensors for measuring the distance between two objects.

Sensors for measuring the distance between two objects.

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  • Balluff, Inc.

    Balluff have to types of distance sensors: inductive and photoelectric. Balluff's photoelectric distance sensors use a "time of flight" system to find targets from 1mm to 6m, or can employ visible red laser optics to identify targets at 20µm at ranges under 85mm. Balluff inductive analog sensors use Ultralinear technology to achieve precise measurements in aggressive or harmful environments.

  • MaxBotix Inc

    MaxBotix Inc. has a range of distance sensors, such as the LV-MaxSonar, XL-MaxSonar-EZ, XL-MaxSonar-AE, XL-MaxSonar-WR, XL-MaxSonar-WRC as well as a series of accessories for mounting, resisting and shielding. The XL-MaxSonar-EZ sensor line is RoHS  compliant, and uses a 42kHz pulse to measure distance to objects, with a resolution of 1cm. The XL-MaxSonar-WR sensor line is an industrial outdoor sensor component module that is also RoHS compliant, reads from 3 of 4 sensor outputs with a maximum range of 300 inches.

  • Senix Corp.

    Senix Corp. offers ToughSonic "TSPC" Ultrasonic Distance Sensors and Ultra "U" Family, Universal Ultrasonic Distance Sensors. TSPC sensors are offered in three sizes, measure distances up to 50 ft., function in extreme temperatures and humidities, can be submerged and feature SenixVIEW for easy setup, viewing, analysis and maintenance. The Ultra "U" family of sensors are clamp/flange mounted, measure at short or long range and feature SoftSpan technology for project flexibility and visibility.

  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Campbell Scientific Inc. has the SR50A-L rugged sonic range sensor for testing water and precipitation depth in harsh environments. The SR50A uses a multiple echo process algorithm and measure ranges from 1.6 to 32.8 ft.

  • Pololu Corp

    Pololu Corp. offers infrared distance sensors by Sharp and ultrasonic distance sensors by Maxbotix. The infrared distance sensors are available in analog, which function between 4 and 150cm  as well as digital, which can function between 5 and 10cm. Ultrasonic distance sensors are available in ranges from 0 to 7.65m with a resolution of 1cm over distances beyond 20cm. Pololu also offers Parallax Ultrasonic Sensors to detect objects from 2cm to 3m.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK Inc. has a variety of distance sensors from short-, mid- and long-range for precision measuring; ultrasonic for non-contact measurement, linear measurement for absolute position using a mounted strip; and optical data transmission for wireless data transmission along a light beam. Ultrasonic sensors are immune to dust, dirt and fog, and have an operational sensing range up to 6000mm.  Long-range distance sensors, such as the DME3000 can measure ranges up to 500m when reflected. In addition, SICK also offers DMP position finders for millimeter-accurate positioning for the storage/conveyor industry.

  • Parallax, Inc.

    Parallax Inc.'s Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor is a low-cost, multi-use sensor. The Ping))) sensor utilizes sonar, and the output is a variable-width pulse that corresponds to the distance to the target, within 2cm to 3m range. It also features a 3-pin header for easy, solderless installation with a servo extension cable.

  • Futurlec

    Futurlec features ultrasonic range finders that measure from 3cm to 3m with an accuracy of 2cm. Predominant uses are robots and stationary security systems, and a single trigger pulse can measure distance from the unit to the target. Futurlec ultrasonic range finder uses a standard TTL 5V power supply and can be used in conjunction with many microcontrollers.

  • TR Electronic, Inc.

    TR Electronics feature infrared distance measuring sensors (OAA) with a large operating distance while maintaining a strong color independence with a hardy metal casing. TR OAA are often used in the concrete/gravel works industry, brickyards and lumber mills.The OAA features two independently adjustable thresholds, with analog outputs 20mA.

  • Micro Epsilon

    Micro Epsilon feature laser distance measuring sensors for precise distance and positions between 6 and 3000m. Laser distance sensors are designed for compact settings and non-contacting gap/distance measurements and have a high repeatability with a short response time. Micro Epsilon's compact laser distance sensor has a response time of 10ms, while the high-performance distance sensor has a response time of 0.5s.

  • Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc.

    Pepperl+Fuchs Inc. have a variety of distance measurement sensors that utilize pulse ranging technology to deliver accurate readings over long ranges at a lower price. The compact VDM28 distance sensor has a wide array of industrial uses, while the VDM100 is better suited for distances up to 300m, and can be used to center stock feeders within a millimeter.

  • Keyence Corp. of America

    Keyence Corp. have a variety of laser sensors for long and short distance measuring. Available series include LV-N, IL, IA, IB and GV. The LV-N series offers long distance detection with a single focused beam, and conforms to all Class 1 laser requirements. The GV series digital CMOS laser sensor allows for stable detection of metal, black, rubber and opaque targets, with a range up to 1m.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control offers a line of ultrasonic & linear distance positional sensors.  The SMART positional sensors can function in digital or analog settings, and are designed for use in extreme/harsh climates. Linear distance sensors feature PFTE bearings and potentiometer sensors for rotary position, linear or displacement measurement. Ultrasonic sensors are used for measuring time delay during echo pulses and are available in analog and digital styles for distance and presence sensing.