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An airflow sensor measures the actual speed of the air flowing through a tube in a defined time segment.

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  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Digi-Key is a supplier of airflow sensors in over two dozen types. Manufacturers include Omron, Honeywell and SMC Corp. Just some of the airflow sensors available include 10MBAR, 50-500L/MIN PNP, 200 SCCM, Amp 0-20 SLPM, Amp 5.0 MBAR, Amp 15.0 SLPM, 0-1LTR PLST, and many more.

  • Measurement Specialties, Inc.

    Measurement Specialties offers piezo film airflow sensors in both transmitter/receiver and transducer configurations. They also offer digitial pressure sensors for airflow measurement, and mV Output pressure sensors for airflow management and HVAC air duct flow applications.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls offers three series' of piston type alloy airflow switches. The FS-925 ensures proper airflow in water and waste systems. The FS-926 features a low-flow piston that allows the detection down to 50 cc/min. The FS-10798 Series airflow switches are externally adjustable. They offer an infinite number of flow settings at pressures up to 1000 psig (69 bar), with low pressure drop and precise repeatability.

  • Degree Controls Inc.

    DegreeC provides  airflow sensors for both embedded and development applications. These airflow sensors are for measurement of air velocities from 30 fpm and up to 4000 fpm. Industries served include telecommunications, medical, electronics, HVAC, cleanrooms and more.

  • Radiodetection

    Radiodetection offers there Warren G-V brand of airflow sensors in solid state and electromechanical designs. Designed to monitor for positive presence of cooling airflow, their solid state velocity sensors operate on 5V DC. The Warren G-V electromechanical airflow sensors can operate at -55°C if continuously energized.

  • Sensocon, Inc.

    Sensocon offers different technologies to measure airflow and velocity. AirFlow Meassuring Probes provide measurement of air movement in HVAC ducts.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell's microbridge mass airflow sensors are sensitive to low flows - 0.1 sccm to 20 SLPM, adaptable for use with higher flows, offer fast response time and repeatable response, and provide accurate sensing of low pressure 0.001 in to 4.0 in H2O (0.003 to 10 mbar).

  • Paragon Controls, Inc.

    PCI designs and manufactures airflow and pressure sensing elements. The FE-1000 is an insertion type of airflow measuring element. The FE-1500 is a flow measurement station. There is an FE-1500-FX measurement station available with straightener for use in systems having a highly turbulent condition at the point of measurement. Other airflow sensors are available as well.

  • Intek, Inc.

    Intek provides Rheotherm flow sensing probes for air ducts. Outputs can be in mass, standard volume or velocity units.  Options for intrinsically safe/explosion-proof units are available. These airflow sensors offer flow velocity limits of 5-25,000 SFPM (0.025-127 meter/sec).

  • Hampshire Controls Corp.

    Hampshire Controls offers the AFM airflow monitor and alarm that uses a single probe instrument to detect mass airflow in air ducts. A 5/16" diameter probe is inserted into the airflow and a set point is established just above the desired alarm threshold.

  • Sensata Technologies, Industrial Sensors Group

    Sensata offers Klixon solid state airflow sensors that feature SPST or SPDT configuration, normally open or closed, and commercial or military grades. These airflow sensors are designed to recognize loss of airflow in power supplies, data processing units, commercial electronic equipment, and military electronic equipment.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics is a supplier of Honeywell Zephyr digital and analog airflow sensors that provide high sensitivity and accuracy (2.5%) for medical and industrial applications. Honeywell airflow sensors meet ISO 9001 standards.

  • Turck, Inc.

    TURCK is a supplier of automation products to the factory and process automation markets. They offer self-contained and remote airflow sensors with many connection options.

  • Harco Laboratories, Inc.

    HARCO offers airflow sensors that can be customized for your application. Their Electronic Flow Sensor is primarily used in avionics cooling systems for low airflow detection.