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  • Georg Fischer Piping Systems

    Georg Fischer offers liquid flow sensors in a variety of configurations, including: 7000/7001 vortex flow sensors, 515 Rotor-X paddlewheel flow sensors, 2100 turbine flow sensors, 2000 MicroFlow rotor sensors, and 3300/3500 ultrasonic flow monitor systems. 700/7001 Vortex flow sensors have pressure ratings up to 232 PSI, operating temperatures up to 149 pF, and NEMA 4X/IP65 ratings. Georg Fischer also offers digital display instruments, needle dial/LCD display instruments, in-line rotor flow sensors, etc.

  • Thomas Products, Ltd., Flow Switch Div.

    Thomas Products, Ltd. offers flow indicators, fixed set points, adjustable set points, and associated accessories. 5200 Series flow switches have 3/4" NPT mounting sizes, flow indicators ranging from 1.5 to 5 GPM, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 225°F, and operating pressures up to 400 PSI.

  • Harwil

    Harwil Corp. offers Q Series fluid flow switches in the following configurations: Model Q-8N, Model Q-5, Model Q-12CR, Model Q-10VCR, and Model Q-1. These switches have flow rates ranging from 0.4 to 102,000 GPM, they come in pipe sizes ranging from 3/4" to 48", pressure ratings up to 300 PSI, and electrical ratings up to 250 VAC. These switches are constructed from the following wetted materials: Noryl, Fortron, Hastelloy C-276, 316 stainless steel, and red brass.

  • Clark Solutions

    Clark Solutions offers variable area flowmeters in the following configurations: MR3000 Molded, FR5500 Acrylic, FR5000 Acrylic, FR4800 Acrylic, R2000 Acrylic, 4000 Acrylic, and 4500 Acrylic. MR3000 molded variable area flowmeters have air ranges from 50 to 100 CCM, water ranges from 4 CCM to 40 GPH, temperatures to 150°F, and pressures to 100 PSIG. These flowmeters are constructed from stainless steel, Viton, Buna-N, and brass materials. Clark Solutions also offers a variety of sensors, switches, and monitoring instruments.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls offers TurboFlow turbine and RotorFlow flow sensors. TurboFlow turbine flow sensors have flow rates ranging from 0.1 to 8 GPM, and ±2-3% accuracy readings. RotorFlow sensors feature flow ranges from 0.1 to 60 GPM, compact inline housings, and bright visual indications. These sensors are available in high performance stainless steel, brass, and plastic housings.

  • McMillan Flow Products

    McMillan Flow Products offers the following liquid flow sensors: Model U801 Ultra-High-Purity flo-controllers, Model U707 Ultra-High-Purity flo-sensors, Model U701 Ultra-High-Purity flo-sensors, Model 107 microturbine flo-sensors, and Model 101 low cost microturbine flo-sensors. Model 101 sensors have an external display module, a full scale accuracy of ±1.0%, liquid flow rates from 13 mL/minute to 10 L/minute, operating ranges from 5 to 55°C, and pressure ratings up to 100 PSIG. These sensors have the following applications: deionized water, mild acids, pesticides, coolant, solvents, light oils, fuels, etc.

  • Sensirion Inc.

    Sensirion Inc. offers SLQ-QT105 Photoresist flow meters, LG16/LG216 OEM liquid flow sensors, and Customized OEM liquid flow sensor solutions for the following applications: coating systems, vaporizers, high-end semiconductor process control, fast dosing operations, etc. LG16/LG216 OEM liquid flow sensors have flow rates up to 20 ml/min, high speed 40 ms response times, analog outputs ranging from 0 to 5V, and supply voltages ranging from 3.3 to 12V. They are bio compatible, they have glass flow channels, sub nl-range resolutions, and a non-invasive sensing principle.

  • Futurlec

    Futurlec offers 0.8 to 8.0 L/min flow sensors. These sensors have supply voltages ranging from 2.4 to 26V, they can fit 1/4" pipes, and can handle water temperatures ranging from 0 to 40C. They feature digital/open collector outputs, and they are ideal for the following applications: irrigation systems, water recycling, storage tanks, water conservation systems, water treatment systems, etc.

  • Innovative Sensor Technology

    Innovative Sensor Technology offers liquid and gas flow sensors. These sensors have a measuring range from 0 to 10 m/s, a temperature range from -30 to 250C, a 0.01 sensitivity, and a <100 ms response time.

  • Malema Sensors

    Malema Sensors offers VF-2200 Vortex Flowmeters. These sensors have current outputs ranging from 250 to 600 Ohms @ 24 VDC, flow ranges from 10 to 150 L/min, and fluid pressures ranging from 0 to 0.98 MPa. They are available in 1" threaded, socket, or flanged connections.