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  • ENMET Corporation

    ENMET Corp. produces infrared hydrocarbon sensors that can be calibrated to monitor specific gases including methane. These methane-detecting sensors operate on 24 VDC and feature three LED alarm point indictors and output of 4-20 mA.

  • General Monitors

    General Monitors Inc.'s S800 sensor is designed for underground mine methane monitoring. Features of the sensor include digital display for indication of gas concentrations in percent gas by volume or percent LEL, fault codes, and calibration cues.

  • 3M

    3M produces replacement explosive smart sensors used to detect methane gas. The sensors are calibrated to 10 percent LEL methane.

  • Parallax, Inc.

    Parallax Inc.'s methane gas sensor modules feature an operating temperature range of 32F to 158F, and power requirements of 5VDC @ 165 m. Used for sensing high methane gas concentration and stand/alone/background sensing, the sensors have an easy SIP interface and are compatible with most microcontrollers

  • Sensit Technologies

    Portable methane detector designed by Sensit Technologies feature high sensitivity of 1 PPM and a detection range of 0-100 percent volume. Used in outdoor and indoor applications, the sensors are equipped with a 1.5 Lpm pump, tick-style leak detection, and adjustable PPM and LEL alarms.

  • Pro-Oceanus Systems

    Pro-Oceanus Systems produces Mini-Pro methane sensors that feature a calibration range of 0-100 percent methane and a temperature range of 0-35C. The sensors are used in applications involving immersion in water, oil or water with dispersed oil.

  • Ocean Marine Industries Inc

    Ocean Marine Industries Inc. design and manufactures METS methane sensors for underwater-related applications. The sensors feature a power supply of 9.36 VDC and a typical temperature range of 2-20C. Other sensor features include: concentration ranges from 50 nanomol/l to 150 millimol/l, no internal moving parts or pumps, and reaction time of a few seconds.

  • Bascom-Turner Instruments, Inc.

    Bascom Turner Instruments produces a family of methane sensors for gas sentry, CGC-300 and CGC-310, gas ranger, gas explorer, and gas rover.

  • Figaro U.S.A., Inc.

    Figaro USA Inc. manufactures natural gas/methane sensors that feature a detection range of 500-10000 ppm. The sensors also feature resistance at 3500 ppm of methane. The company also produces a methane and carbon monoxide sensor that is miniature in size, has low power consumption, and a typical methane detection range of 500-12500 ppm.

  • Cea Instruments, Inc.

    CEA Instruments offers a line of portable and wall mounted methane monitors. The various sensors feature detection ranges of 0-100 percent LEL and 0-100 percent volume, 0-10,000 ppm, 0-50 percent LEL, 0-1,000 ppm, 0-1 percent to 0-100 percent volume, and 0-30 ppm to 100 percent volume.